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Tyler Brûlé has seen it all. It could be next Monocle: the most stylish cities... He would say Tokyo, Venice, London, Stockholm and Beirut.
if you buy the best quality you can find for each of those leather types, you should be able to rank them in price. +price=+exclusive
ok, for wallets.
Why would Smythson, a high-end brand, use pigskin for making wallets?
Tokyo is way more stylish than Seoul... Most of the stylish people you see in HK are there on transit!
from most exclusive to least and from highest quality to least. Calfskin, Goatskin, Lambskin and Pigskin.
I know there are many other high quality brands out there. My question here is only about three. If I offer you a free wallet for you to use, what brand would you pick? Why? If you know about this three brands, can you rank them?
is it English leather from Northampton or they source it elsewhere. How is the quality of the leather and how is it compared to other brands at the same level...
a lost warrant or a mistake?
my wife likes Notify, is it good?
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