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don´t be fooled by marketing trickery. Don´t buy from Burberry, it´s an overpriced pseudo luxury brand. You are in the UK, get some nice fabric and get your trench coat custom made. 500 pounds for a factory made pseudo crap is not worth it! One day you will understand, the sooner the better.
what do you mean? he looks full of it.
this should be a poll, don´t wait for me to make it...
no clue?
I read this on a forum: "I saw a holder thing that held a shaving foam can in place, and in the upside down position ready to use. Has anyone got any ideas where I might be able to find one" I´m looking for a wall mounted shaving lather dispenser holder, not a hot lather or hot gel shaving dispenser. Something like this, to hold the aerosol straw lather a stainless steel wall mount spray bottle holder.
do you have fun doing this? sad.
same here.
it´s time consuming...
great answer, thanks
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