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Tyler Brûlé recommended it once but he didn´t go into the details. If someone bought something from this brand, post! I believe it´s from North America.
to be honest, that logo is huge and hideous.
Burberry was selected as one of the top 10 tacky brands in this forum. Do not forget it.
there is always someone obsessed about language correctness instead of grasping the main ideas of what is being discussed. Usually young and adults cannot stand might like men wearing only some kind of ascots... or haven´t made up your mind.
some things look good, others aren´t really for me. What about you?
this is not a new thread, it just happened yesterday and it was a reminder of this thread. Next time you are at the airport look, you will see!
any examples, pictures, that prove this claims?
Yesterday I saw a very well dressed pilot at the airport staring at himself on a small mirror he was carrying in his suitcase. Quite usual this days, mostly stewards, pilots as well.
why is that?
what items?
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