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Outlet store in the EU is now closed as of today.. bummer, since I was planning on ordering a couple of 36R / 36S suits... Signed up to their email list so we'll see what happens with it.
I tried on the sz29 and 30 PS today.Could fit into both and button both fully to the top. I have a 32" waist.My thighs measure 22" around.The 29 felt very tight through the thighs - I'd have trouble with a staircase - pretty much skin tight - the 30 was very slightly marginally better but they were almost slightly loose in the waist band - could do with one inch less.Should I go for the 29 and hope the thighs stretch? Or the 30 and hope the waist doesn't stretch?Based on...
Hi, would appreciate a moment of help. I'm looking to get a pair of PS jeans. I'm 5'3 and 146lbs. My true waist measures 32" Thigh circumference around 22" My current jeans that fit are sz32 and measure 15.5" across the waist, 10.5" across thigh (at crotch level) Should I go for a 29 or 28 in the PS? Is there much of a difference?
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    My wrist wrap after, probably 8 months of on-and-off wear.
Hi all, I'm looking for some madras pants.. My waist measures exactly 32" with a tape but my size varies from a 30-32 depending on the brand. Inseam is short (
Can't say a bad thing about this seller, great communication and a top product. I was a little hesitant about buying these internationally, but considering the price and measurements on the UB website I went for it. Really happy with them, looking forward to how they turn out after breaking in!
Wondering, how much do these stretch in the waist? My waist measures 32 inches around, my current jeans are ~15.5 inches measured across when laid flat, should I go for a size 30 tapered or would a 29 be better in the long term? Prefer a slimmer fit than anything baggy.
They age quite nicely, here's a couple of photos of mine - worn for about 2 months
Keen for a sz 30 (usually a 32). Any chance you can help?
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