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Good feedback - thanks.I'll get dark brown and black business pairs - leaning towards cap toe blutchers for both as my workplace isn't extremely formal (engineering & asset management). Should I need them for a formal occasion, it's likely nobody will notice the open laces.And for something less formal, the medium pebble brown longwing is a good option. I'll see if they have a medium brown smooth version of this.
Fantastic feedback, thanks Tt, it's much appreciated.For my next shirt I'll ensure the chest measurement is larger, this should solve the problem.In conjunction with this, do you think making the armhole larger in size would be of any benefit? Or would the larger chest measurement render this unnecessary?
Yes - unfortunately funds are somewhat limited in terms of buying multiple pairs of shoes at once.Basically I'm looking to re-do my wardrobe in a simple, classic manner. Starting with the black captoe oxford.Which other shoes would you recommend as decent business staples in Aus (Melb)? Which would be the best (read: most versatile) to start with?I'm thinking along the lines of:(a) Black captoe oxford(b) Brown RMWilliams Macquarie boot(c) Brown penny loafer(d) Some kind of...
I'm not sure if this is appropriate here - if not, please tell me. Can anybody please provide some feedback on my shirt fit? In particular, the lumping of fabric in front of my left shoulder. What dimensions would you recommend I change for my next order to improve this issue, and the overall fit?
Thanks for the reply, and yes, I'm in Spain (I forgot to mention, my apologies)Meermin and Carmina are commonplace here on SF, agreed, however I am finding I can't quite justify the higher cost of these models as I'm only just now getting into developing my corporate menswear. A&A seem a great deal as a compromise to Meermin and Carmina, and also another shoe brand called Tallsem (though, slightly lower quality again).In case anyone is interested, A&A /...
Australian Members: A question for you. Roughly how much would I expect to pay for an ok quality pair of black leather captoe oxfords in Aus? Reason I ask, is I'm overseas and can get a pair of goodyear welted black oxfords where I am for 105EUR (150AUD). Would prefer to not carry them back with me, but if it's going to be far cheaper than buying in Aus, I'll go for it. Thoughts?
I'm also waiting for the EU outlet to re-open.. was too slow in ordering my suits last time, not too happy!
Just the kind of resource I was hoping for - the assistance is much appreciated
Wondering if SF can please assist me... I'm looking at some budget entry-level options for suiting in Spain to use as daily beaters for my work. In the current sale season I've got an opportunity to buy a 100% wool jacket for a cheap price (100EUR) from an online outlet - it's not fused either. Note: Unfortunately I missed the SuitSupply Outlet when it was open.. kicking myself as they had good options. My issue is - the lapels seem odd to me and I cannot see the jacket...
Outlet store in the EU is now closed as of today.. bummer, since I was planning on ordering a couple of 36R / 36S suits... Signed up to their email list so we'll see what happens with it.
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