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i was just wondering what everyones preferred fit of nudies is???? im a stright sven man myself!!!!!!!
sand!!!! i reckon they will be my next footwear purchase!!! just be careful if youre wearing dark denim with them as they will prob go blue wear the jeans rub on them!!!
i like combat shorts just on the knee!!!
adidas forest hills and superga plain white pumps!!!!!!!
GQ and arena!!!!!
the enemy!!!!!
will look bang on with a nice dark pair of jeans like reg ralf or a simple striaght leg but nothing too tight!!!!
a nice old school sergio tacchini track top!!!
lose thoses pumas!!!!! i prefer straight svens but they dont look bad at all!!!!
i like skinny jeans on girls but deffo got to be staright leg for the lads!!!!
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