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price drop
I purchased this sweater on the market place at It has been in my closet ever since I bought it as it doesn't really match with the rest of mywardrobe. I'll sell this beautiful sweater for ]$230 shipped. I will let it go for $215. It's a size Medium.
thanks guys i was having a few second thoughts but i think i'm gonna keep it. it's gonna be great for the upcoming fall/winter months in chicago.
not sure if i want to keep the ndg cardi any opinions?
These are great shoes but they, unfortunately, do not mix well with my wardrobe at the moment and have been collecting dust. They haven't been worn much and have no signs of wear other then the factory distressing. I purchased these off SSENSE.COM about a year ago. price is 220 shipped con. usa
I have a pair of APC's infamous new standards in a size 33 waist. They've been worn sparingly and the only sign of wear that is noticeable is a small tear at the leg opening (pictured above). I bought these about a year ago and they've never fit me too well so I've finally decided to sell them rather then have them sit around my closet any longer. price 115 shipped con. us.
has anyone gotten their hands on the uu wool blended pants? i was thinking of buying them but i wanted to see if anyone had handled them first.
this is completely jelly of whoever owns that house.
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