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Happy New Year gentlemen. Not sure if anyone has posted this yet but Bill Amberg ( is having 40% off on all sale items.
Hi chrisRVA, I'm interested in the Quoddy Dublin Tan Chukka but am afraid that my size (US 8.5) is out of stock. Any chance you guys gonna re-stock on the said shoes anytime soon? Cheers and have a Merry Christmas!
Guys, hope to get some sizing assistance here. I intend to buy a C&J Audley (last 337) online but am unsure of whether to get UK7.5 or UK8. My feet is a little wide at the front. I previously bought a pair of EG 888 size 7.5E and it fit well when i tried it in the store, however, after wearing it proper for a whole day, i realise that the shoe fits rather tight at the vamp area and my third toe starts hurting after a full-day's wear cause it has been pressing against the...
This MO is now closed. For those that have indicated interest or have yet to confirm, i have sent you a PM with the approx price estimates. Please confirm by tomorrow (or latest Mon) as i intend to order in the course of next week. After i have place the order, i will provide you with the exact costs and will be happy to share a copy of the invoice with you.
I emailed Cedarville for their shipping prices to Singapore, and was given a rather high price: 1 pair - $23.58USD 5 pair - $67.97USD 10 pair - $135.97USD Was told that this is due to USPS increasing their prices. In light of the expensive shipping rates, i'll be ordering from Bexeley instead. Let me know by the end of the week if you're interested.
BE2 - thanks for the headsup. Didn't know that Knightsbridge Hourglass carries Saphir products; but will be ordering from Valmour in any case since i'm getting the Renovateur in any case (and from Verniza's post, it seems like they only carry the creams in colours that would match the funky corthay shoes that they are selling).
Sorry for the tardy reply pownager, have replied to your PM already. Will order sometime towards the end of next week.
Gentlemen, I'm interested in getting some shoetrees from Cedarvillestore. Anyone consolidating a mass order soon? If not, i'll do the honours and start one. Will check back in a few days. On a separate note, for those that are interested in getting Saphir shoe care products, i'm ordering from Valmour soon and if you're interested, you may refer to my other post at:
Hi guys, I'm going to order some Saphir shoe care products from Valmour soon. Do let me know if you would like to piggy-back and we can share the shipping costs. You may check it out at
Other than supply factors, I understand that thick MOP buttons are generally more expensive than Trochas buttons because (i) MOP shells are generally thinner than Trochas shells; (ii) due to the brittleness of MOP shells, higher QC is required in the blank creation process (i.e. punching out the round button blocks) and the finishing process (i.e. shaping and "hole-ing"); and (iii) due to the irregular iridescence of MOP, it is harder to get a consistent batch of blanks...
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