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Just snagged one of the Saks cashmere coats in 46/48r. It's tough to find a good selection in larger sizes, so I wasn't about to turn this one down. Looking forward to it since this is my first order from Ben & Co.
Another new guy here...I'm having trouble finding a good pair of jeans partly because there aren't stores around me that focus on "good" jeans (The Buckle's paper thin denim ain't cuttin' it) and partly because I'm a bigger guy. * I have a linebacker build (6'1, 250), and a smaller waist than my thighs and ass would dictate. *Shoes I'm wearing are Allen Edmond Aberdeen, and I rotate them with AE Long branch boots and a pair of Mark Nason boots. The jeans don't have to go...
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Man, just noticed classified was closed. I was eyeing those John Varvatos USA black selvedge jeans in 38.
I took the drive to the nearest men's shop that carried AE shoes. I measured in at 11.5 EEE/EEEE, but I'm hoping that a 12 EEE Aberdeen fits. Does anyone have any experience with that particular AE shoe to know if the last is a good one for wide feet? The tailor seemed a bit unsure of it himself.
Good point. I'm new to this, so I don't have experience with the high Super #'s. I did recently pick up a 15milmil15 jacket (which I've heard is roughly equivalent to Super 150 - Super 170) and this fabric doesn't look like it bears any resemblance to it, but I wasn't sure if I was missing anything.Nice catch on the apostrophe, too. I'm still working on developing my eye.
Can I get waist, thigh, and knee measurements (in inches) on #1 and #10? I usually wear a 38 in other pants but I've heard Incotex can run slim. Thanks!
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Great catch mate - if you didn't jump on it, I would've. Congrats! Brioni Super 200's Blazer. Seller feedback is reassuring, but the lack of interior pics is a little concerning.
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