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Pio, back when I first tried getting educated about spirits I was researching if making my own rum was feasible. To find out the options out there were the equivalent of adding a flavor packet to ever clear.. I was very sad that day, LoL. Sent from my iPhone 6 Devkit (A1723)
So, Styleforum is two for two on calling me out on that lol. I figured, if people can say they're sending their messages from the death star I can send from a fictitious phone, LoL. Sent from my iPhone 6 Devkit (A1723)
Guilty on the 'sent from' bit, lol. Across multiple forums that I use tapatalk with, you're the first to call me on it. As for the post itself, no trolling intended.I really did enjoy this wine but wanted to make it clear that from what I've read, people whole are regular wine drinkers hated it because of the sugar content.I was actually very excited to finally have a pic and an experience to share in this thread, as I've been subscribed and following it for a long...
As I posted in the what are you drinking now thread.. I just moved to Saint Augustine, Florida and this is made by the local winery. Supposedly, because many are not familiar with the Muscadine grape, people assume that the very undry and sweet nature of this grape assume it is just tourist swill. All I can say is: I LIKE IT! I would nt take this recommendation anywhere near the same level as some of the experts on here, but I think I've finally found a wine I would...
I just moved to St Augustine, Fl so that my daughter can attend to Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. The local winery has this red and here are my neophyte notes on it: This is the first red wine I've tasted that is sweet enough for me to enjoy without just tasting like alcoholic grape juice. Definitely NOT dry. Many reviews complain that it tastes like grape jungle juice but from the responses I've read, it's because these people aren't familiar with this kind of...
Which begs the question, what makes it so they can pull it off but Joe Citizen cannot? Not trying to be argumentative, just learn. Thanks.
The majority no. But at least two I found on here regarding Kanye wearing nike bball shoes.
Then I've confused myself. I've seen several threads where people are posting pics of celebs and others wearing basketball shoes like these, saying that they were done justice.
Are you telling me you cannot wear sneakers with jeans and a nice shirt?
I'm thinking dark wash jeans, white or black button up shirt. Also shorts and a grey T. I'm new to the upscale casual scene. I've wanted these shoes for a long time (ever since the original XIs came out. I started this thread just to get feedback and see what others would put together with them. Thanks!
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