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Thanks for the heads up. Total Wine and More is exactly what I was looking for!
I would like to stick with sweeter for now, so that she will hopefully stay open minded. For the most part, I have to drink my wine solo as she rarely has a taste for it and I feel bad.I live in north Florida (St Augustine) and I posted asking for help finding a quality wine/spirits place near here or Jacksonville but I never got any responses, which leaves me only ABC liquors.Thank you for your advice!Sent from my iPhone 6 Devkit (A1723)
Last night my fiancé and I split a bottle of this: I have a limited horizon on wines and have been flamed quite a bit for my posts on here been even compared to my tastes she is not very open to experimenting with new things. I have no experience with sparkling wines really but if anyone could hazard a suggestion on something to try but that might be an upgrade, I'd be grateful. Upper price limit would be $40/bottle. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone 6 Devkit (A1723)
Nothing? Surely someone has some insight and would be willing to share?
Title says it all. I relocated to Florida in July and need a tailor. Thanks. Sent from my iPhone 6 Devkit (A1723)
I was spoiled with Binnys and Friar Tuck back in Illinois. About all I can find down here now is ABC liquors. Any direction would be greatly appreciated. Sent from my iPhone 6 Devkit (A1723)
Sent from my iPhone 6 Devkit (A1723)
Stop what exactly? Sharing my experiences from when I was completely ignorant versus now where I'm only mostly ignorant?I was so excited about participating in this thread finally instead of just lurking... Now it's to the point where I wish I hadn't bothered. It had always seemed like a great place for the uneducated to get guidance, advice and suggestions but that has been far from my experience.Take care and enjoy your beverages.Sent from my iPhone 6 Devkit (A1723)
Pio, back when I first tried getting educated about spirits I was researching if making my own rum was feasible. To find out the options out there were the equivalent of adding a flavor packet to ever clear.. I was very sad that day, LoL. Sent from my iPhone 6 Devkit (A1723)
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