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Was just curious, mate. Didn't know if you were inferring from the fits or if you'd seen it in action. I don't see many people wearing EG outside of this thread, so I didn't know if there were pics here. No need to assume the worst out of people.
@habitant Thank you for the very thoughtful apology and response. Wholeheartedly accepted and much respect.
Have you actually seen someone with an XY build wear FWK?
Went to NNY – they've posted most everything on Tumblr now. The only thing that stuck out to me that wasn't on Tumblr were a few pairs of fatigue pants: looks like they remade the grey brushed micro herringbone from last FW (edit: turns out they were FWK, just dropped on the NNY tumblr). I didn't try them on, so no idea about the fit. Typical FW cuts – things are pretty roomy. Workshirt: I went with a M workshirt, but the S fit better except for the sleeve...
They recut the pattern every season. Last FW, the moleskin was slimmer than the wool versions by a bit - made them on the smaller side of TTS. That doesn't mean a lot for this season, though.
Really beautiful comparison between Murakami and Lynch – two points on the same dream-like gradient.Murakami typically pulls off the subtle hints of the surreal with some more vivid flourishes of it, but I really felt like Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki didn't have enough of it. There was – for me – very little drive in finishing it. I kept hoping for the complexities of the world to unfurl, but it was almost monastic through and through.
@HelloFello – No, I read and just don't post much anymore.
@BlakeRVA - Telling someone they "look like a lesbian" to deride them conflates your perception of the group's appearance with your judgment of them. That's one issue, which is - denotatively - homophobic. The other issue is that there is no one way to look like a lesbian, nor does dressing in any particular way denote that you are a lesbian. Literally not how things work.
I'm telling you the way you addressed MoK was homophobic. You're within your right to say as many homophobic things as you'd like, and I'm free to apply social pressure to you to either not speak like that or to adjust your perceptions of other people.@HelloFello - Casual, off-handed homophobia deserves the attention it calls to itself. If the forum would like people like me to spend less time discussing the offensive rhetoric of its users, it's very free to simply avoid...
What the hell does "looking like a lesbian" even mean? You're making an implicit statement here that "looking like a lesbian" is somehow pejorative which is doubly problematic:1) Lesbians don't look a particular way. You're limiting the range of possible experiessions of a group of people you don't belong to by dictating what they can or can't do. That's textbook homophobia and I think you should spend some critical time evaluating your feelings toward groups of people who...
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