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@Thanks SF (a new me) – easiest way to wear it is treat it like a casual navy jacket: not a sportcoat. Easy combinations: easy: MC stapes (light blue or white shirt, khaki or grey pants – lighter material for SS) intermediate: checked shirt (slightly larger than gingham preferable, like tattersal), textured pants or shorts (summer cords, chambray pants, sateen fatigues) hard: one large-scale print (e.g. paisley or floral all-over) and one geometric print in a different...
Thanks for the intel.Reggie ships directly to US with no proxy. I also believes silver and gold does.From Japan also has a relatively small proxy fee.
http://nepenthesny.com/dhmc/ Damn – I love Engineered Garments. This shit looks so good. The guy in the shoot was in a Gentry editorial, as well. Wonder who he is. He's a great-looking guy, but I don't assume he's a model.
@superego Shorts have been dropping at JP stock lists and The Bureau, but haven't seen them in that print anywhere yet.
Sorry. I have the jacket and the vest and got them mixed up in my subsequent replies. The vest fit me TTS. It's boxy (not like a suit vest). Fits sweaters under it. Not as boxy as the jacket, though – nor are there buttons. Sorry about that confusion.
I tried the size down in a different material – the shoulders were too tight. I also like bigger, boxier fits, so a little oversized is preferable to me. There are also some cinch buttons near the hem that let you take it in ~2".
@Shirts Anderson – Fit me TTS. It's cut really boxy. I've only tried layering a sweatshirt under it (which worked fine) because mine is lined in Primaloft, so it's sufficiently warm down to under 40 degrees. I imagine you could fit a chunky sweater under it, as well.
@Thanks SF (a new me) – Depends on a little on your height, but I'm the same size, 6' and wear a M. A few other guys in the thread have told me they're also about the same size and wear a L. If you live in Chicago, you should stop by Independence (http://independencechicago.com/) and try them on.
@lgeicher @ManofKent The fatigues go up to 38! I feel like some kind of evangelist. I'll stop.
I think the hem measurement's a little deceiving because you don't know where the taper starts. The fatigues really aren't that slim, even though the ankle is a little narrow – seems like they don't taper at all until the knee.
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