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On ~pg 100. – very classic Murakami. Interested to hear someone else's thoughts on it.
Black moleskin would be easy with the SLP you wear – probably a little better than the grey herringbone (though the black moleskin's less versatile overall; there's a reason you don't see a lot of black blazers).
If you were a S in last season's fatigues, you would've been a M in the E-1 Pants; so sizing down is why they're slimmer. Look forward to the pics.
Nepenthes Japan posted the majority of the shirting for FW: http://nepenthes.co.jp/topics/305/j305.html
If you see how the Ghurka pants fit in the lookbook, they definitely sized up in the waist. (I think this is the right picture; if not, the lookbook fit is similar):Unless you plan on tucking something into them, it could work. Just a thought.
Very true. I've also never seen someone wear all the way through an EG or a Gitman shirt, so I was speaking in terms of "quality of construction for what they are." You make much more salient points, though the triple needling stitching and bar tacking are overkill for what most of us actually do in our clothes.
I added that line after @habitant's initial comment. But yeah – in Phoenix, it's inconceivable owning a parka.
@habitant No – I just had no idea what a parka entailed and I'm assuming they're supposed to fit pretty large.
@El QUaG – I'm typically a M, sized down to a S. As for Haven's fit pic, I'm 6" and the length of the sleeves on my S are long enough that I don't have any exposed cuff. No idea what's going on there, unless he's actually wearing the XS. @goldenbear – I basically second @tjonesd2's comment, but EG is a lot more likely to have errant threads than GBV or Flathead. It absolutely makes no impact on the clothing itself, but there are occasionally people who get rankled that a...
Rather than dumping a review of the Highland Parka in here, I put it up on my Tumblr – A Semiotic Quandary
New Posts  All Forums: