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@Beedub I don't know if you've actually tried pinrolling them yet, but the material on mine is far too soft to pinroll. When I do, I literally have to pin the roll together on the inside so it doesn't fall out after 5 minutes.
Sateens have a little bit of shine to them, as opposed to the totally flat, but slightly textured ripstop. Really just depends on the rest of our wardrobe. I also have a hard time finding interesting fits with navy pants (c4est from NMWA doesn't have this problem and he's much more apt at dressing than I am), as to where I could wear olive pants 7 days a week.
I'm 6', ~175 and sized a S on the parka and can fit 5 layers under it. Just get something with the right sleeve length and you'll be fine.
@Loop Skywalker Always leave the bottom button on vests undone. The way a fully buttoned vest bisects people always look out of place to me. That said, welcome.
@Cotton Dockers – I'm either a create of habit (read: ASD ) or parochial, but I think you can wear suede Aldens with every variety of Bureau/Inventory stick. Milkshake suede for something more whimsical like penanceroyaltea, snuff suede Indys for advanced lumbersexual shit like lawlercon, kudu LWBs a la mbaum... etc., etc. 2/3 of my Aldens are suede and they get a lot more wear than anything else I own. @Dino19 – Not that you asked me, but I don't. CPOs not really a shirt...
Excited to be able to wear more than one layer occasionally in the summer. The batik, paisley, and large-scale floral prints are all A+.
The jacket @xander_horst posted is similar to the knit blazers from this season. Light knit material, no canvas structure, short (although EG's much shorter), same pocket configuration, 3 roll 2 configuration. Nothing like a Bedford, though. Agree it's something more like Barena, which is another designer J. Crew would gladly undercut. @thehaven22 – Like @ConcreteFiction said, the shape of the lapel is shitty. They've done it completely wrong. My guess is that they choose...
@nagoya If they're sewn-on buttons, I second Gary's advice to just learn to sew them on. Buttons fall of. It happens. If they're donut (i.e. metal) buttons that are pressed on, I'd contact the shop or Nepenthes New York.
@Steel28 The Ls are huge on me in the shoulders and the sleeves come down onto my hands. Not really a matter of preference – the L just doesn't fit me.
I'm 6' 175lbs 40" chest, not built whatsoever and the M in every Bedford I tried on fit me well even with another layer under it.
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