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Very fortunate. Killer, regardless.
@ramdomthought Those boots are amazing. How'd you size them in case I ever happen to stumble across a pair?
@in stitches Best. I remember the headless CM-only days, man. You're on another level now.
Wow. No idea they were that much cheaper at Silver and Gold. Ironically, I bought them from Nepenthes because I had seen them at Silver and Gold, but didn't realize they shipped to the U.S. and didn't factor in that they would've been cheaper even with a proxy. Dumb mistake on my behalf. Good call on yours.
my email says you posted a fit! c'mon – let's see it, homie.
Anyone pick up/try on Shooting Pants yet? TTS?
Edit: I'm an idiot.
Happened to me last season with the tunics. Never found one. The Dayton was this season's equivalent piece so I made sure I got one – was fortunate enough to walk into Woodlands in PDX as they were stocking their first delivery.
Disliking anything doesn't make you an anti-intellecutal (which you'd have to be to enjoy Danielle Steel). No harm in that. It is a really compelling book to investigate/interrogate on a literary level, but it's a slog – admittedly.
Only US stocklists were Woodlands and NNY. NNY hasn't posted it on Tumblr, so maybe they haven't put it up yet. As for EU/Asian stocklists, I don't know.I have a FW 10-11? tanker-type jacket with a really amazing sleeve lining. Dark brown paisley jacquard – I think it's rayon. I was thinking the other day that it seems like the lining fabrics are a little less ornate/detailed than they used to be. Don't mistake me; I love this season and have bought way deeper into it than...
New Posts  All Forums: