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Just a PSA, the Ippudo jacket has their logo screen printed on it on the back. Kind of kills it for me.
yeah dudes with hand tats are more likely to wear EG than Drie$, as well, because of employment discrimination
@thatoneguy If you contact Nepenthes, they'll probably sell you extras.
@Journeyman @wogbog Vineland is definitely my least favorite Pynchon novel (haven't read Mason & Dixon yet), but it's still great. Lighter fare than most of his other work (maybe his lightest?) but still interrogates the repercussions of the 60's idealism giving way to the Nixonian 80's, which isn't quite the same level of airiness of someone like Danielle Steele or Dave Eggers. I have a pet theory about 49 that it's Pynchon's semiotic schematic for paranoia: myriad...
@DLester Their EG stock is pilfered at this point so I would expect some disappointment. This season, the only blazer cut that wasn't boxy was the Andover, which is short and flared. Everyone else is spot on with the Baker, though. There are also a ton of different jackets – none of which are "slim" in the SF sense, but things like the aviators (or jackets with shawl collars) are the least boxy in my experience.
@wogbog I hadn't really thought about the variety in Pynchon's work explicitly, but yeah – he does everything he does well. I always think of his more felicitous California-based novels in opposition to the grander works and divide his output that way, but to be honest there are nearly all the elements of either type of work in the other. Bleeding Edge was a fantastic bridge between the two, if you haven't considered reading it. Fucking laugh out loud funny, noir-ish,...
Yeah – a pretty typical CM problem, especially with tropical wools. I just get them patched at the tailor.
@Jagger_On Most people had had to size down one. Only person I can think of that has them is @habitant
@accordion Working Title has it too: http://workingtitleshop.com/collections/engineered-garments/products/engineered-garments-reversible-coat-floral-wool-jacquard-dark-navy-cotton-linen-coated-canvas
@thekunk07 Looks like Thom Browne in the best way, but it does look a little small. If you crossed your arms, it looks like the back would rip like Hulk Hogan tearing off his shirt. @accordion I have a vest in the floral jacquard and the coat itself with a different backing. I could answer whatever you wanted to know, I assume. I will tell you it's a $900+ jacket, which is why I got the significantly less expensive grey HB backing instead.
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