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Rebuild leather jackets (in Japan): https://instagram.com/p/69v3bCSk9Q/ So sick.
Spent the last few weeks catching up on ~200 pages of fits. Like a lot of folks said, much better than summers past. So much variety and so many dope new semi-regular posters. So many white coats and tan suits... @Caustic Man – All of your fits look like they belong in the CM Casual thread. Nothing wrong with that, but you mentioned a few times "upping your SWD game," and you got much better at doing casual shit (aside from those blue tennis shoes which have got to go),...
@ManofKent – They're sure to be the most expensive pieces of the season, but the cable knit pants and all-over floral print wool parka both seem pretty playful. But, you're right – definitely the most somber season so far.
@Beedub – What about when you see people wearing black blazers with CCP boots and linen pants?
@noob in 89 – Read older stuff from different countries in poor translation.
@noob in 89 – wtf, man. Don't tell me I don't get to agree with you! What kind of bullshit is that? Come on. And I do think he fails as a Prosodist of the Highest Order™, but like you said: many rooms, of which this one, and it's one that can even be enjoyed. I hadn't honestly considered the Jamesonian critique buried in American Psycho. That angle resonates with me.
@noob in 89 – OK. You got me. I totally see where you're coming from with it and agree and think your point/conception/understanding/argument is compelling. Grateful for feeling a little small-minded about BEE.
@pe3brain For a very, very long time I was fixated on the idea of using classic combinations but with some kind of interesting detail. Casual navy jackets were what initially drew me to EG because they were safe enough for me to understand what worked with them, while still having some of that elusive "visual interest" everyone clamours for when they're looking for "elevated fits." I might be projecting, but it looks like that might be where you are. Part of that thinking...
As historical documents/artifacts of a zeitgeist, BEE's novels do all right. As a prosodist, he's lacking. As an artist, that makes him somewhere between the two.I get that the characters are supposed to be one-dimensional, lacking in substance, etc. but like – it's possible to transcend that problem. Or speak to something else about what's happening in the culture to provide some greater sense of what it means to have that experience. Feels like the pornography of morals...
That's their military provenance – cheaper to make them that way than sewing in pockets (with the added durability of not worrying about as many seams, etc).@NCowardParody – Ugh! Wool cord. That's so sick. I was thinking about getting the black cords, but I think the wool's insane.
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