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I love Needles; I have a Rebuild jacket and pair of fatigues. I have the embroidered cowboy shirt from last season. I have some really short short wool glen plaid shorts. Huge fan of what they do. However, those shirts (along with the ribbons) are too weird for me. Seems like a really challenging thing to wear.@habitant just north of the U district
@in stitches I think the Highland pant is actually slimmer than the cinch, which is why mbaum had to size up. The cinch is pretty slim, though. If you're interested in a 36, make sure you can return.navy cotton bedford, fatigue in denim and olive, orange shawl, white round collar, blue (I think) dobby – forget if it's round collar or 19th centuryWinn Perry also started stocking EG: calvary bedford, the boring jacket in navy nyco reversed sateen, highland parka in...
Yeah! That would be great. I'll hit you up once I'm actually up there and figure something out.
Just picked up the Dayton from Woodlands OR - looks like we're going to be twins, uncle. Went TTS - good call. For pants, I say khakis or olive. Looks OK with jeans.
MAC in SF.The shirt is light/medium outerwear, kind of like a light parka. Difference being that it looks like a shirt (and is made from shirting) so I think it's a little awkward as an outer-most layer, but looked good under a Bedford. Like all EG, the hood was basically constructed and felt a little floppy but whatever.My only gripe is that between the two vertical-access chest pockets there's a pocket about 3" long starting at the bottom of your sternum. It's was...
Stopped by a few stores and tried on a bunch of EG; here's the sizing situation I experienced. I'm 6' ~175lbs, usually wear a M in tops, 32 in bottoms. Workshirt – size down to S Tab collar – size up to L due to sleeve length Spread collar – tts Lafayette – size up to L due to body length, though tts would be fine if you wore it as a midlayer Bush shirt – tts Bedford – tts Highland pants – size up to 34 otherwise they fit like tights but without any lycra. These also...
I'm moving from PHX to SEA and decided to stop in LA. I pieced together from the EG threads that @Cotton Dockers and @mbaum both lived in the LA area. So I was über gauche and asked them if they wanted to watch me try on some pants and we had a "Meet Up." I don't know if 3 forum members classifies as a "Meet Up" or just "people from the Internet," but here it is.Here's the fit pic:Cotton Dockers wears Liberty London x Unionmade / orSlow / Conseluther wears EG / Post O'alls...
On ~pg 100. – very classic Murakami. Interested to hear someone else's thoughts on it.
Black moleskin would be easy with the SLP you wear – probably a little better than the grey herringbone (though the black moleskin's less versatile overall; there's a reason you don't see a lot of black blazers).
If you were a S in last season's fatigues, you would've been a M in the E-1 Pants; so sizing down is why they're slimmer. Look forward to the pics.
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