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fatigues have waist cinches this season
When you were asking for people's input in this thread, you weren't sure. You didn't know. Some people posting in this thread aren't sure of their own judgement. It's asking for help. You – yourself – have come to a point where you no longer needed help, and that's fantastic.But to act above the influence of seeking others' opinions is – without willfully misinterpreting anything – a common trope of Western masculinity that I don't think helps anyone. To deride or cast...
For a website dedicated to men wearing clothes – usually expensive clothes – that's an awfully high horse you're mounted on. There isn't a moral purity, a Platonic truth, or some higher calling here.There is absolutely, unequivocally nothing wrong with asking others' opinions. That's what socialization is for and – even though this is the Internet and everyone is "anonymous" – it's still a medium for socializing. I think it's a sad trap in Western gender roles for men to...
@CSCoHammers7 @Drinkwaters Same here – also curious if you know of the top of your head if that fabric got made up in anything else. Thanks in advance for the info.
@modual I'd need a fit pic to see why plain toe boots aren't working. That's the exact type of thing I'd recommend. My guess is the way you're hemming/cuffing/stacking your trousers is the issue more than the boots themselves.
@rjbman – Your favorites are among Borges' best work. "Pierre Menard..." and "The Garden of Forking Paths" are both seminal pieces of postmodernism. If you like Borges, you should check out magical realism, a la Gabriel Garcia Marquez. They have similarly mythic qualities while still seeming "realistic." Very different in execution but similar ambiance.
@in stitches eBay, subscribing to every EG stocklist's newsletter – the whole good, fast, cheap triangle. @RegisDB9 When I wrote that I immediately thought that you'd doubtlessly be at the top of that game.
@Cotton Dockers @AlexanderTG @mbaum – Thanks for the kind words.
Appreciate the help! I ended up finding a pair of Kapitals – really similar measurements – those look good, though.x-post from WAYWTpatchwork westernbizarre back pocket/no-outer-seam EG chinos – would love to know what they are if anyone has an idea
eg / eg / gat I'm going to win a challenge some day and the one I create is going to be "no layers / no jackets / 1 blouse / 1 trew / 1 shoe" just so you all know what it's like to have to dress in Phoenix's weather.
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