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@1969 EG does it in one or two of the flannel shirtings every FW: They barely get stocked anywhere, but Nepenthes New York gets one in in each size in each material it's produced.
Ah – in that photo it looks like it's a green (an avacado-ish color) and not an olive. Maybe I haven't missed out on something unattainable.And I'm a M, strangely. A lot of guys who sound like they're the same size as me wear L :shrug:
I am totally going to postulate and say that the theme for Fw15 is texture – the cable knit 3-piece suit and matching shawl; the faux fur; the coarse denim; the luster of coated canvas. Not that EG doesn't normally do incredible textures, but it seems a lot more apparent highlighted in black and white.
@Oasis – I have been looking for a piece of outerwear in that color for the last two years. Definitely an unattainable grail piece knowing EG made one. Wish it wasn't so long ago so there was a greater likelihood of it popping up on eBay.
@ultronwar @soqueriaterum – People order things besides the NNY master list, which can make things hard to track down. I know that Bureau also had this coat in a L, as I'm sure most other places that stocked it did.
Ayi... Balloon pants.
Also, Mohawk has the navy liner jacket in S, M, L for $300: http://www.mohawkgeneralstore.com/collections/engineered-garments/products/engineered-garments-liner-jacket-in-navy I picked this up for running errands or casual shit when it's 30 degrees in Seattle. Definitely my most worn piece this season. The color of the navy melton is rich, pairs well with everything in the EG wheelhouse (except, to my eye, navy pants). I was apprehensive about Primaloft being like a...
NNY was the only non-JP place to stock it.
@ferrari909 – It's an overcoat (a balmacaan ), so I say TTS because you absolutely, unequivocally want to be able to wear shit like a lighter coat (e.g. a Bedford) under it.
Jackstraw got in their first shipment today. First I've seen of this fabric:
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