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I've haunted this thread every year when I get a new pair of glasses, so I figured I'd give back a bit. For folks in Seattle, Ottica is having a Francis Klein trunk show on March 26. Custom orders available. Everything 20% off. I'd dismissed the brand as kooky/mid-century try-hard/face furniture, but among the loud femme designs, Francis Klein has some really solid/classic/masculine choices. All of the frames are handmade in France, as well, so it's got that whole...
Hilariously, if he "grew a pair of nuts" (your inference), they'd be sensitive. Having testicles doesn't make you stronger, nor immune you to either:Having your feeling hurt by things people sayDisliking someone's manner of speech or how they've addressed youSo, nomed, if you're going to bandy around dated, patriarchal, myopic ideas of "strength," I'd at least ask you to develop a stronger understanding of synecdoche so your arguments are at least kind of tenable.
@Knight – Into it. I would pinroll/peg the pants, but maybe that's just my preference for everything these days. Regardless, though – looks fantastic.
@ManofKent – I picked up a pair of the MIE DMs after seeing yours all the time and was surprised by how absolutely atrocious the leather was. I can only assume it's corrected grain or "genuine leather" or something equally as untoward. But, even still, love them for thinking of my halcyon days as a punk kid.
@flowcharts – Needs pants with a little more room in the top block/thighs and I'd go with more substantial footwear.
The Cinch pants are on the more formal end of EG pants. If you're into the more workwear aesthetic, you're better off focusing on something more "rugged." I saw you ask in WAYWT for how to make things more interesting and the person recommended something looser in wool, which you took to mean something like Cinches. To be frank, I don't think their suggestion was anything like EG Cinches, which are not "flowy" whatsoever. While you could certainly wear a pair of slim wool...
Quoting for emphasis for @modual's benefit. I don't understand wanting to buy something you don't like. EG is maybe a "cool" brand, but you should find pieces that you like the look of (tons of stockists post fit photos) instead of just trying to find some EG pieces you like. Seems very backward to me.Pretty much everything besides the 19th Century BDs and workshirts are "slim," but nothing EG makes is "slim and tapered." Nothing fits like it has darts in it, nor do they...
Just a follow-on for this: I stopped by this Nordstroms today to scope any pre-Black Friday potential and no one that worked in the men's department had even heard of Engineered Garments and they had no indication/record of plans to stock it this season.
Directorial choice to characterize him as also "not dad enough."
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