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If you didn't play Shining Force, maybe you're just too young?Also, Breath of Fire and Lufia II if we're name dropping.@nicelynice Xenogears was the first game that scratched the itch for mech combat I had as a kid. Haven't thought about it in 10 years.
With black dye it's straightforward. I've had it where I didn't add enough dye and it ended up one shade lighter than black, which still looked good. Olive works well with it because the stitching won't take the dye and it's not very pronounced.
Nepenthes.co.jp has a new editorial up. Feels more Needles than anything else: http://nepenthes.co.jp/remix/OVERVIEW/r25.html
@mbaum It's actually a different fabric. The Andover's a floral printed 100% wool. The other is a geometric jacquard (wool/poly textured blend). They read similarly from a distance, though.
@nickp if you quote a post with a tagged user, you can see the structure. It's: [ @ ] username [ / @ ] without any of the spaces. @Shingles You could always do a black overdye.
@AlexanderTG First, I'm very sorry to hear about the number of funerals you have to attend. Second, I would just buy a dark grey suit. Something legitimately boring but nicely made. PTO is the domain of this kind of thing: http://putthison.com/tagged/Where-to-Buy-A-Suit I'll also stop buggering up the thread with unsolicited advice. And that Andover's available stateside at Gentry:...
Because I can't stop/won't stop, here's Jack Straw styling it as a 3-piece suit:@mbaum Danke. Always those one-off pieces at Japanese stock lists. Jacket looks extra short there.@SirMeowly Did you buy the size 32 from Jack Straw?! I went in there to buy them because I'd picked up the M jacket and they were gone.
@AlexanderTG I picked it up and it's a great jacket but not anything I'd call incredibly special, unless you have a really soft spot for darker green flannel. The sleeves are actually shorter than the Bedford by a significant amount, so I don't know if you'd have to have it shortened. For sizing, I took a M in the Bedfords this season and the M fit well. It fits more like a traditional suit jacket than the Bedford, but feels the same size to me. Lots of folks also...
What does "Australian" mean here?
I'm not a big fan of straight chambray/denim with fatigues. The colors are too saturated to be next to one another like that. I think that look would be fine if you added a dark jacket over the top, though.For what I do think would work well in this context: I don't think you own the pieces, but I think the Needles printed chambray shirts would work well – the floral/cheetah print "peaked pocket" shirts. That or a printed EG chambray. Or anything with a really large print...
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