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Go to a military surplus store and pick up a compression bag. That or a briefcase. Or a tote like Epperson Mountaineering, or the million branded totes that brands offer (Engineered Garments, Apolis, etc. I think all have some with their branding along the side)
don't get what's going on with those jeans and shoes. reminds me of skaters in junior high. from the pics they look like baggy volcom jeans on top of some puffy DCs.
fwiw I have ss12 (I think?) cinch pants in heavy olive twill and they're somewhere between slim and skinny. definitely way less baggy than something like fatigues or painters. different season, different fabric, though.
fit me the same as the workshirts from fw12 – wore a medium in both
From the looks of it, you're a slightly older dude (my apologies if I'm mistaken) – that sweatshirt looks very basic, but really nice. It looks like you maybe pulled the hem down, which makes it look a little tighter than it probably is. I don't think there's anything wrong with it at all. Just looks like a comfortable sweatshirt, which isn't a popular aesthetic on a gothninja-leaning forum full of 135lb 22-year-olds.The pants could use a cuff or something, though....
Thanks. Figured it was a pipe dream.
Is it possible to get a metal nose bridge extended by a few mm to increase the overall width of the frame?
handsome men wearing well-made clothes. a beautiful thing.
Yes, really. If you don't want to give the person recommendations or do anything to persuade them, you're better off just ignoring it. It's not a moral affront to you for someone who's not interested in reading but is trying to figure out why others are interested in it to come into a thread on a public forum and ask about it. There's nothing than a desire to be precious about literature compelling you to respond.That attitude also completely overlooks part of what someone...
every book ever written discusses real world themes! they were all written by human being, and as such, are inexorably tied to humans and whatever it is that humans do. think about anything you've ever read and it has something to say about how the world works and what people experience in different times and places.I don't like fighting on the Internet, but this is such a bullshit, sanctimonious attitude. if you don't want people asking about why you like what you like,...
New Posts  All Forums: