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Have this season's Baker (unworn) in navy, L (fits M) that I'll off-load for $400 shipped. I took the tags off when I got it and it's outside the return window; some shakeups at my job obviate the need for any kind of blazer – figured I'd offer it here first before throwing it up on eBay.
@mbaum – Really wanted one, but went with the Ground Jacket instead. Is this what breaks up the band? Is the Shop Coat our Yoko?
@m4gdelen4 - Trying to help out some family members.
@m4gdelen4 – Appreciate the concern, but I was just being a dick.
Probably Old Navy.
I'm going to throw this here until I take pictures and make a dedicated post over in the marketplace. Everything is size M, most of it from this last season. Everything is in fantastic condition: no holes, stains, tears, or smells. Prices are firm (I'm losing a grip of money on all of these) and if it's over $200, I'll include shipping. Willing to Engineered Garments Expedition Jacket | Brown homespun | $350 Shawl collar cardigan | orange/brown knit | $350 Over Parka |...
@mbaum – I didn't see the shirt listed on the NNY Tumblr – there are a few things I'm looking for that they're the only NA stocklist of, been stalking their drops. How'd you find out they had the shirt in stock?
I think the third pocket on the Mil shirt is like the elbow patches from last season: looks obvious isolated in product shots, but is inconspicuous in real life. Mike, did you go TTS on the Willy Post pants?
Half the time, Bene wears something slouchy and the peanut gallery says, "Your pants are too structured." The other half of the time, they say, "Have you considered structured pants?" It's like watching ping pong.
The handkerchief fabric is really light 100% cotton - different from the C/L of the Explorer.I have a Chauncey shirt from a previous season that's "handkerchief" that's 100% cotton. Wrong about this season's: it's C/L. Derp.In my defense, the Explorer's C/L is described as sheeting, so it is a different material.
New Posts  All Forums: