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@mbaum – I like orSlow a lot – that's what I bought. Visvim and RRL also make really nice washed denim. penance has some really beautiful stuff from a Japanese brand called Thoroughly Denim, but I haven't seen it in real life.
Nephew – I'm worried about you wearing EG in good health. Did you not see how easily you could wear that jacket with staple olive and navy EG trou?
Barneys has the SS EGxGolden Bear collab – first place I've seen it: http://www.barneys.com/search?q=engineered%20garments
They're an Arrow Moccasin collab with Nepenthes. They stock them pretty regularly at NNY. They're about $200. Sizing for the ones with crepe soles (those in the photo) is your Vans size (if you're in between sizes, err on sizing down). For the brown leather ones – which I don't have – the advice is half-a-size down because they stretch out because they're just leather.
@Thanks SF (a new me) – easiest way to wear it is treat it like a casual navy jacket: not a sportcoat. Easy combinations: easy: MC stapes (light blue or white shirt, khaki or grey pants – lighter material for SS) intermediate: checked shirt (slightly larger than gingham preferable, like tattersal), textured pants or shorts (summer cords, chambray pants, sateen fatigues) hard: one large-scale print (e.g. paisley or floral all-over) and one geometric print in a different...
Thanks for the intel.Reggie ships directly to US with no proxy. I also believes silver and gold does.From Japan also has a relatively small proxy fee.
http://nepenthesny.com/dhmc/ Damn – I love Engineered Garments. This shit looks so good. The guy in the shoot was in a Gentry editorial, as well. Wonder who he is. He's a great-looking guy, but I don't assume he's a model.
@superego Shorts have been dropping at JP stock lists and The Bureau, but haven't seen them in that print anywhere yet.
Sorry. I have the jacket and the vest and got them mixed up in my subsequent replies. The vest fit me TTS. It's boxy (not like a suit vest). Fits sweaters under it. Not as boxy as the jacket, though – nor are there buttons. Sorry about that confusion.
I tried the size down in a different material – the shoulders were too tight. I also like bigger, boxier fits, so a little oversized is preferable to me. There are also some cinch buttons near the hem that let you take it in ~2".
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