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Happened to me last season with the tunics. Never found one. The Dayton was this season's equivalent piece so I made sure I got one – was fortunate enough to walk into Woodlands in PDX as they were stocking their first delivery.
Disliking anything doesn't make you an anti-intellecutal (which you'd have to be to enjoy Danielle Steel). No harm in that. It is a really compelling book to investigate/interrogate on a literary level, but it's a slog – admittedly.
Only US stocklists were Woodlands and NNY. NNY hasn't posted it on Tumblr, so maybe they haven't put it up yet. As for EU/Asian stocklists, I don't know.I have a FW 10-11? tanker-type jacket with a really amazing sleeve lining. Dark brown paisley jacquard – I think it's rayon. I was thinking the other day that it seems like the lining fabrics are a little less ornate/detailed than they used to be. Don't mistake me; I love this season and have bought way deeper into it than...
+1 to shoreman's comment – previous season, mine fit more "standard" than EG, (i.e. not the A-shaped silhouette) but they're similar
At 6' 175lb, TTS (M) fit well but was
I don't think he was kidding – "liner jackets" as a concept are typically the liner of something else. The EG Liner Jacket this season doesn't appear to have a matching piece it zips into, though.
It's an expensive jacket. There are other alternatives that will keep you just as warm at a significantly lower cost. However, the jacket's well made, well designed and interesting. The material on the navy one that I picked up is similar – one side cotton-based, the other wool – and it's substantial. Barring something unforeseen, it'll definitely last you three years.I wear M in most brands and I took a M in the coat.Sleeves were definitely shortened. You can eye where...
Picked up the Reversible Coat in navy/grey. The raglan sleeve construction's perfect for a slightly oversized jacket. Big enough for one additional layer but in no way voluminous like the Highland Parka.
Moby Dick
were you aware your belt and shoes don't match? or have you forsaken CM all together?
New Posts  All Forums: