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Quote: Originally Posted by racknac just got by Burnt Orange MAC jacket. wow. Photos? Debating on getting me one.
Please describe the process on finding that graphic tee. Your Google skills are top notch.
Roden Gray just got a whole new set of Gitmans including the camo.
There is a 6-page spread that features the owner of Imogene + Willie, Matt in the March edition of Free and Easy.
nicelynice, what size SS coat is that and how tall are you? I was thinking about getting a jacket from them from South Willard but I have no idea on their sizing. Hoping they have a decent XS fit.
That's such a great looking shirt. Thanks for the photos s3lam. I've been eyeing that shirt for a while and I just may have to purchase them now.
Got my first pair of raws from them the a month back and they feel and fit great wtih very minimal indigo bleed with no bleed after a few wears. I just bought a pair of Barton Naturals from their new collection that will be perfect for the summer. If you ever come by Nashville and need some denim, you should stop in their store.
Quote: Originally Posted by jwkicks junebug - where are pics from? Looks like South Willard.
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