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Posts by DunderMifflin Anyone see this David Letterman video? I found it on Bud.TV and thought it was hilarious!
A red volvo 850 that ended up catching on fire. I loved that car
I dont know about alcohol, but a gift might be better than money.
Happy Bday!!!
Pete Rose- Yes Barry Bonds- NO
Anyone hear about Vince Vaughn's comedy tour? Apparently he's doing 30 shows in 30 nights around the country with a bunch of other comics. I'm a big fan of Vince and think it could be funny. I found this trailer: You have to sign up to see it, but I think the movie could be pretty good (similar to Tourgasm)
Quote: Originally Posted by G79 boxers all the way .. though i am tempted to try out those puma trunks.. puma trunks? why have I never heard of those?
I aim for around 10:30, but it usually ends up being closer to 11:30.
Quote: Originally Posted by rubylith BS Architecture, Catholic University Damn, they were so preppy. Not that there's anything wrong with it. DC! Holla!!! How'd you like Brookland?
I found this pretty funny Rolling Rock Video and though it was worth sharing. I knew foul balls were dangerous at baseball games, but I didn't know they were this dangerous!!!
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