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Quote: Quote: (dusty @ July 10 2005,10:37) I agree with PHV (..) about the voice; it did seem pretty forced. I wonder who they'll get to play Joker (assuming he's in the next one). It will be hard to top Jack Nicholson. It makes no sense... in the very first batman that I saw when I was like 12, the joker was present at the slaying of his parents, and said that rediculous little riddle about dancing with a devil. All there was in...
Starting an NBA team, Who do you choose? A tailor who's competent with five button suits.
I like her better as a brunette also. Although I don't think I'd mind if she dyed her hair blue, as long as the dye didn't come off on my pillow...........I hate that.
Is that you behind the frosted glass Mr. Chirac ?
I use Aramis Lab Series; Close Call Shave, works great.
I only have used two that I can highly reccomend: Silvano Lattanzi Perry Ercolino Others I can't comment on as I don't own their work and haven't even seen them up close.
Welcome to the forum Francesco, enjoy .
Quote: Then the biggest RIP OFF of the movie is that his stupid son survives, when he is CLEARLY a moron and everyone hates him. Wait for the video... (or Armageddon) And what about the daughter? Usually it takes a lot of torture to produce that much nueroses in one so young. Showed great parenting......
Quote: Quote: Originally Posted by esquire.,July 05 2005,01:38 could a openly gay star become a romantic leading figure, who could still maintain a loyal female base? who knows? Rock Hudson? I don't believe Rock Hudson was openly gay, at least not when his career was booming......
Quote: i gotta go alba from that crop Absolutely .
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