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^^ I think that small imperfections like that are common. I've had two brand new pairs, one from Revolve and one directly from Wolverine, and both have had slight irregularities in the leather like your pair. Once you start to break them in you won't even be able to notice it anyways.
size down 2 from my measured waist on my wgs
I have a pair of Big Johns. They feel pretty nice, but I don't have any other $100+ pair I can compare them to. The denim is really stiff at first. Also the color is not as dark indigo as the pic in the Barneys description shows. It isn't as dark as the first one. It is closer to the second pic, but not quite that light. One gripe though: the leather patch rubs...
I'm a 9.5 E in dress shoes, 9.5 in Clarks DB, 9 in Converse, and 9.5 in the 1K boots. I think that it'd be helpful if you guys listed your widths in dress shoes.
I got my size 33 N&F x Big John and there is room for about two fingers in the waist (I'm a measured 34), but everywhere else fits nicely. I'm thinking that the 32s would be better, but they might be too tight in the thighs and legs. edit - the denim is also really rigid, so the stacking looks ridiculous. Does it look better over time, or will I have to get them hemmed?
Are the thighs and knees tight, or just the waist? Because my thighs are kinda big and my jeans never stretch much in the thighs. And does anyone know if Barneys online is good with returns? I bought the 33s yesterday (I don't think I'll even get them cause they suck at keeping their website up to date with their stock, so it might be sold out already)
commodore, Have they stretched much over the time you have worn them?
How much does the waist stretch on the SL-100x? According to Self Edge, it stretches up to 1.5", so would that mean that if I am a measured 34, I should get a 32 (since it measures a 33" waist)? Also, I would have to shorten the inseam to about 34.5". Would that make the leg opening even bigger? Blue Owl has the leg opening at 8.25", so if I did get the inseam shortened wouldn't the leg opening be even bigger? My current jeans have a larger leg opening and I'm looking...
I just ordered, hopefully theyre really nice cause these are my first pair of nice jeans, and the best I've had were uniqlo jeans. also, johnnylazar, are you a 35 measured waist or a 35 in other jeans?
Do the Big Johns fit the same as other Weird Guys? I'm a 34 waist, and according to some measurements i should get a 32 and some say a 33. And thanks a lot!
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