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Job searching.
I sell stuff on CL all the time. A few times, I've had people contact me wanting me to ship items. Everytime, they've found it using allofcraigslistdotcom or a similar site. I always send a paypal request, and make sure you're shipping to their PayPal confirmed shipping address. This should eliminate people using stolen accounts.
My new daughter. She's one month and one day old today, and gets more and more beautiful every single day!
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Yea, at least dog shit can be cleaned off. I work with 14 year olds every day. At least three times a year (this year two in two weeks) I come home with fruity gum stuck on the bottom of my soles. At least one of them this year was a pair of C&J lol. Try Goo-Gone on the fruit gum. You can pick it up at most hardware stores. You can scrape the majority of the gum off, then rub the GG on the...
I buy things on ebay, as well as sell. My suggestion is to watch feedback ratings. If the seller has low feedback ratings, or more than a few negatives (you have to remember that no matter how hard he/she tries to make everybody happy, sometimes negatives still happen), move on to a different seller. Happy bidding.
Quote: Originally Posted by cpmac7 I just counted my inventory for my next sale and I have 139 items. I was thinking about doing a 10 day auction for all of them. Any thoughtS? CP Initially, I list all my items for 7 days, auction style listing. I usually relist unsold items one time using the auction style listing. If they still don't sell, I relist them using the fixed priced listing, and set it to relist indefinately. I know this may...
Quote: Originally Posted by DandySF With the disappearance of Vox, I'm not apprehensive about posting this video that shows how Allen-Edmonds recrafts a shoe. I love this video. Truely remarkable.
Quote: Originally Posted by sstomcat Guys - I'm looking for a pair of black and brown dress shoes and have been scouting this forum. There are many referencesso I'm little confused. I'm looking for a pair of very good shoes that is quality stuff, long lasting and comfortable. Please provide recommendations. thanks I suggest either a pair of Allen Edmonds if you can shell out $300, or a pair of Cole Haans if you can only afford about half that.
I have about 150 pairs of shoes listed on there. Various brands, sizes, styles and colors. My eBay store.
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