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I would be afraid to try it. Then again, I'm not a big fan of stretching any shoes.
I can't for the life of me figure out who these are made by. Any ideas?
It's worth mentioning, if you own any shell cordovan, Venetian Cream is good to have.
My favorites are probably my old Polos in shell cordovan (black and burg).
As an ebay seller, I can tell you that unless you can prove the buyer wrong, you're screwed. It's almost always hard to prove them wrong, too. Ebay seems to have lost touch of who THEIR true customer is. It's the seller. The buyer is not their customer.
Quote: Originally Posted by toslat 1. It might be possible to use the IP address(es) the guy was been posting from to help track/localize him. Volunteers living in the area can then follow up physically. 2. I dont think being a new poster or old poster is necessary or sufficient for suspicion. Going forward, SF might consider setting up an informal escrow system e.g. in the case where one party (seller or buyer) does not trust the other, they have an...
I carry a small folding Kershaw. Nothing fancy, but if it gets damaged from daily use, or even lost it's not a huge deal as it's easily replaced.
I have yet to plant this year. Tilled the garden up a couple days ago, then a strom rolled in (wtf? in Arizona??). This year, I think I'm just going to stick with lettuce, different types of peppers and maybe cantaloupe. Last year, I planted wayyy too many different things, and the only things that produced were those mentioned above.
duct taped a busted radiator hose on my truck, so i could make it to the auto parts house to purchase a new one. F walking.
I vote Costa Rica (that's where I tell everybody they should go on vaction). Oh yeah, and be a pal, and book an extra suite, and invite me and the gf to tag along! (also what I tell everybody who is going on vacation)
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