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Which more surely marks the presence of gentlemen; stylish dress or civil discourse?
Actually, lasbar, just being there is apparently a bit scary. My son commanded convoys. I thought this didn't sound like a "highly dangerous" spot, but that turned out not to be so. Based on press reports, Harry has shown some lapses in judgement, but maybe he will grow wiser with age.
I have to agree with Klobber and Dave-itt. My background is Philosophy, Law and Healthcare. There is an Academia dress code - actually several of them. Some academics have a studied contempt for conventional taste in dress, and looking like a mess is a point of honor for them. it expresses their disgust for the world of mere merchants. On the other extreme, the "rock stars" in a given field sometimes want to make sure everyone knows they have an endowed chair, receive...
I would observe, in Harry's defense, that a lot of young American army officers, like my son, admire his determination to actually serve in a war zone.
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