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I second the Jojoba recommendation. A bit of coconut oil is excellent, as well.
Seven months later and I've managed to drop a few more pounds while meeting my goal of 7% bodyfat. Size 30 NFxBJ collab still fits excellently, but it's more roomy and relaxed that I prefer. Normally this isn't too big an issue, but my fading throughout has been odd and inconsistent due to the fluctuations in measurements all around. I'm looking to pickup a new pair of jeans, and the Elephant 2 seems to be the most attractive choice in the
If you aren't against it- getting rid of, or trimming your underarm hair will do wonders for the amount of perspiration in the region. Also, look into getting a clinical deodorant that shrinks your pores instead of just clogging them. Personally, I've been using this for the past month, and after a day or two of applying, haven't sweated at all. http://www.certaindri.com/Pages/CD_Home I'm fairly active, and still don't sweat under my arms even after an hour of strength...
This just in from N&F on facebook: Super jealous. I want some free denim origami.
Button fly fades. Mmm.
I prefer to shave during my shower block. Shampoo with hot water, soften up my face, then hop out and shave. Cleaner, simpler process, then onto conditioning and exfoliating.
As awesome as the Big Boss doo can look in person, I don't think it'd do well for your face.
I can't speak for their effectiveness, personally, but these are highly regarded in the gaming world and might do the trick. http://www.gunnars.com/ Quality seems to be decent, and they shouldn't be too difficult to find in a store.
I can't forsee you spending less than $200 on the EG chambrays listed on eBay. They're located overseas, so shipping is high. Although I haven't personally seen the EP chambrays, the greycast looks excellent online. White/red are available, as well, if you want something non-traditional. $120 shipped isn't a bad price either.
Varies per store. Call ahead.
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