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Thanks Allen. I'll look for more info on it before I go ahead with the purchase. Random but do you know if they go cheaper than $200?
Wow those are actually really nice..... any idea on the quality?
I actually never considered that, thanks for the suggestions but i'm hoping there is a shoe out there already like this. It can't be that impossible to find..
I've been looking for months for a minimalistic black shoe with white soles. This is the look I'm going for(maybe with a smaller sole). My budget is under $200. Is there anything like this?? (no converse please)
when's that ?
I actually posted there as well. Their taste wasn't what I was looking for. I was getting recommended stan smiths, kent wangs, K-Mart shoes, nike AF1, and some other ones. I'm looking for a more fashionable looksomething like the high tops in the top right of this pic
thanks but I heard from reviews that those have bad quality. Also something just looks a bit off on them. I appreciate the suggestion tho
I've been looking for months for a solid pair of shoes that I can wear with jeans. I can't find anything I really like except Common Projects. Those are obviously too much so I'm looking for other brands that are minimalistic. Any color except white is fine.
thanks for a good reply finally. yea earl thomas is jacked as hell, that's why it looks good on him
last bump. posted a pic in the op for those that don't want to check the vid
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