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thanks for a good reply finally. yea earl thomas is jacked as hell, that's why it looks good on him
last bump. posted a pic in the op for those that don't want to check the vid
good joke i guess?
http://www.sportsradiokjr.com/pages/softy_page.html?article=11812503 the one that he's wearing in the video. i like how it's pretty slim fitting. you guys know of any brands that have hoodies like these?
random question but what do you guys wear under white dress shirts? i've never found a white dress shirt that was thick enough to not be see-through
Yea that sounds good thanks YRR92. any other colors u suggest? i want more than just 2 colors of dress shirts. also, any brands or stores u suggest that offer a good fit?
Ok i will check those stores out thanks. wut colors of dress shirts should i buy if i'm getting a navy suit and a grey suit? i was thinking of getting at least 5 dress shirts... black, white, wut else? and where should i get nicely fitted dress shirts that aren't too expensive
what's wrong with black suits at an office? just wondering, i've seen ppl say that before. i thought black was the most versatile, i was planning on getting a black, gray, and a navy suit.
oops double post
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