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B lue brogues w/ a rubber sole
Reviving the thread...judging from the title i thought i'm in the right place instead of starting anther one
Hi guys, what do u think?
Independent. but i kinda like them, with some blue jeans and a blazer they'll look awesome
What do u think of the bordo tribe? worth getting or sole too chunky?
Italy (Milan) or france (Paris)
PS "Tribe" bordo color
Here they're (with the Borgioli's double monk straps i just got)
Update: i end up getting these (in dark blue with the black buckle, and a few more! couldn't help myself! 1 PS mainline bill (black leather and suede) and the new PS loafers tan called casey Pics coming up next
in my experience, big difference (construction, leather used..) , u can tell the difference. again, the Berties look like they could belong to the mainline quality wise (judging from the picture), they look a lot like the "burton" a good old mainline offering
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