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do u know that they come on black suede instead of mesh, link below (still ugly though), if they can do that with the stenton Loafers above, i will be definitely be getting them https://www.blueberries-online.com/kanx-store/index.php?page_id=prod&plu=0011948207&name=PAUL%20SMITH%20SHOE%20MENS%20MORRISON%20MAINLINE%20LEATHER%20AND%20SUEDE%20BOOT%20BLACK
more mesh..black Stenton
Morrison boots, not digging the mesh though..
glad i can help, u'r welcome
they 're called "Dust"
AW13 (Riley boots)
There you go buddy
I got 'em in brown suede! moccasin leather sleek sole, they're simply awesome! PS: i went half size down, they fit big
they do have a leather soles with the rubber PS topy at the front (come is handy when it' raining in my opinion)
generally they run true to size, except for certain models mostly boots according to my experience
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