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Thank you Andy! Unfortunately she won't be able to join me there, because of work
Happy holidays!
I actually found something even worse. [[SPOILER]] Sorry for derailing, back to good examples now.
Have you tried talking to him about it? I think something that tasteless could reflect badly on the whole company if he meets a client with any kind of standards. We actually turned down a real estate agent to sell our apartment because he had a shirt that was way too tight. It may sound overzealous, but if people are investing in something of significant magnitude I think an unproffessional appearance can be a bit deterring.
Cashmere. A quite lovely tie, though slightly too light in colour for most of my winter wardrobe (it actually appears darker in this picture for some reason).
Also a fit issue. Shoulders are too narrow. Needs adjusting for asymmetrical shoulders + increased width (especially more width on your right shoulder). Front/back balance also seems off. The front piece should probably be cut a bit wider over the chest (you can see some straining over the chest), whilst the back piece should be cut slightly narrower just above your waist (where the fabric is bunching up). About the armholes, do they feel like they creep up into your...
This is a MTM shirt that I hadn't washed enough for the collar to shrink to fit, therefore I almost "strangle" the roll of the collar. By now it looks fantastic with a tie though. It has slightly less than a cm of tie space, which is ideal IMHO. It's sufficient for a 4ih with most ties. Shirt is from Swedish brand Shirtonomy, tie from Finnish brand Herrainpukkimo.
Mr Miyahira is a brave man. I have heard of several tailors who refuse to make women's garments due to the level of difficulty tailoring clothing that flatters the female physique.
Picture I took a while ago but didn't post [[SPOILER]]
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