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Brough out my Miler tweed cap yesterday, a sure sign that autumn is here:
Just like Clags, I too want to place an additional vote for Mossrocks.
For some reason I didn't end up wearing any brown this week, but I've thoroughly enjoyed following this FC.
Today, damn linen trousers didn't hold a crease for more than a few minutes today (raining - damp air).
Cheers! He's a Miniature American Shepherd.
With my favourite little guy.
I approve of this challenge!
In loving memory of this little rescue mutt, that we got to have for six years, until sickness took her this week. Picture taken during our last walk in the woods
Patterns would work, but I don't think grey would improve anything here. Also, the vest/waistcoat is actually more beige than brown.
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