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I take your word for it
If you're going to keep posting stuff like this, you can't keep claiming that you're not one of the best dressers on SF.
Before I accept these. Are you guys wearing blue pants (or at least pants with some blue in them)?
You can post a new outfit if you want to, but you have to choose one outfit to go with for the challenge.
Not even...THIS??
I think you are as humble as you're wrong about this. There may be a few that are on par, but I can't think of one poster that's a "way better" dresser. This is all IMHO, YMMV et c.
Better use your spam gun @in stitches.
^ QFT, tchoy is extremely consistent.
Blue trousers are not optional.
Tie is optional, but I'd really like to see at least one all blue outfit, from head to toe.
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