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Our web shop will be up by August, since we start out with a A/W collection. You can check out our website though, I'm pretty happy with it: http://e-f-v.comI hope it's ok for me to post that here, but I'd rather like it if I could get some thoughts on the site in general. i'm not trying to push our clothes on the forum (yet ).
You mean our suits? Yeah, I think so. I mean, I talked to a lot of people, handed out a bunch of cards and we got pictures of the suit I wore on a lot of well visited blogs and magazines. With a small start up budget it's hard getting good exposure like that elsewhere. This year was mainly a re-con mission though.
Very nice meeting you and Niels as well. Unless something unforeseen happens we'll be back in January. I hope to see you and a bunch of other SF guys there then.
Not the best pictures, as I didn't snap pics of everything folded/unpacked, hence pics of me wearing stuff. Linen jacket: Linen SC + linen pants: OCBD: Denim shirt: Sunglasses:
Hey, maybe you've already seen this in the Pitti picture thread, but my fiancée snapped a pic of you last week:
Cheers! The jacket is linen and the pants are cotton duck canvas.
@Cleav killing it, as per usual.
^ This. For most outside of the US, Texas is the very epitome of the south.
He might have had a bad day at work. I try to be gracious about stuff like that. On the other hand, he's got one job while being there, and that's tending to whatever the customer wants. If they haven't got what's requested, he should just say so in a polite manner.I don't expect SA's to know what's SF approved. I do expect them to be, if not super nice, at least civil. In the best of all possible worlds, they should also have some knowledge about what a conservatively cut...
Awesome security guard getup + cute kid = Win!
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