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All round great entries, both Tchoy and Stitchy really got me aching for more DB suits.
You can always trust the Brits when it comes to great knitwear.
Nice! I need to find me a navy cardigan, it's looks like a good casual alternative to navy SC imho.
X-post from MC casual:
I don't usually post on SF when I'm wearing stuff like this, but today may be an exception:
Brown can look great with grey, green, denim or beige pants. Needs a light blue/pink/lilac shirt (or any of those colours as stripes or checks on a white base) to balance the colours if you've got a darker skin tone IMHO. These are some personal preferences, so take it for what it is.
Now that's some serious GNAT spirit.
RTC, go with tie #1 in the first pic. You will be fine. It's not over the top, and will look sedate enough with the suit + shirt combo you mentioned.
Love the suit Stitchy! Another Panta?
From the FC:
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