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Yeah, I've respectfully ignored his wishes of "no thumbs" for that exact reason.
That was awesome! Speaking of awesome, we have seen far too little of @tchoy and @Pingson lately.
Congrats Clags! Some sort of linen challenge perhaps?
Congrats Justin! You guys look awesome together!
You forgot plumbing.
@Emilsingh, very hard giving feedback on your outfit. We need better light + preferably, a better angle. Try using a timer to take your picture. Place the phone at ~waist height, 3-4 meters away. With that said, from what can be seen, those trousers are letting down the entire outfit. It's probably hard to hear, if they're made by a friend of yours, but they're un-salvageable. They look to be made for someone a lot shorter than you + the rise is way too low, by any...
^ Good man, paying it forward. That's one of the things I like about SF in general, lots of great people on here.
That's a great price you're selling it for! I think you could probably list it at $500 and get it sold fast, if also listed on eBay. I'm still trying to sell my Kiton SC for $1000, but haven't had much luck on B&S. It's only been worn by me a few times though.I've made a few purchases lately, but this is the most recent, from a Swedish brand:
Cheers Cleav! So it's das leben. I don't really think I would have stood a chance against some of these stellar entries anyway. Edit. Left out your real name in case you don't want it posted public.
Yeah, I can see why. It's hard getting pictures with accurate colours when using an iPhone camera IMHO, especially when taking pictures indoors or when the light washes out lighter colours.
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