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Ok, I'll try:
Quoted with pictures in proper size, because they deserve it.
So, kind of like Dutronc?
Ah, now I understand what you mean. Yes, it's different from the jacket in your picture. It's not exactly uncommon though. You can read about it here:http://dieworkwear.com/post/149422410184/the-extended-shoulder
Hmm, not sure I understand what you mean. The shoulders on my jacket are obviously too wide, but I think the other jackets have quite regular looking shoulders.
Thank you for keeping this thread alive!
My favourite challenge for quite a while! Looks like Shen gets a well deserved win, but I'm curious as to how SVB hasn't got more votes. That shot was gold IMHO.
Just came back from my 1st fitting with Ashish at Hotel Riddargatan in Stockholm. Just as last time he was very amiable, and since I was the last customer of the day to visit the trunk show, we had more time to talk about the menswear business in general and Luxire's vision in particular. Since I'm quite invested in the clothing business myself, it's always interesting to hear about the visionary's of different companies. As most of you know, Luxire has a very ambitious...
Iso, as sugarbutch noted, the trousers are too long. Also, I agree with DavidLane, the pockets look a bit unbalanced. I also think this is due to them being too far from the hem. For patch pockets to look balanced I think they should also be in line (approximately) with the bottom button. This means that you should either increase the height of the pockets, or (which I would prefer) move all the buttons down a bit and also increase the distance between the buttons just a...
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