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Do you have a link? Maybe a GNAT team effort is needed.BTW, is Ssex Fifth the name of a store? Edit. Just realized you probably mean Saks. Wow, that site sure packs some overpriced crap.
Nice one!
I have in fact not managed to shake my cold yet. The cold from hell indeed.However, I've enjoyed following the discussions in this thread, even if there has been a lot of pointless whining.I do think there are quite a few things that deserve to be criticized about Pitti, and I enjoy discussions about individual outfits, both positive and negative. And I do think there actually were a lot of well dressed men and women there, and I've managed to capture a few of them in some...
The thing is, a good looking woman has so much more leeway than any guy would ever get. She could show up wearing a clown nose and people be all like: "bold fashion statement!" The outfit SB posted is awesome though.
Since this, after all, is a picture thread. Taken from Braddock's Instagram:
Personal preference of course, but I'd say if there are pants that really need a cuff, it's summer weight trousers. The cuff brings just a small amount of extra weight at the bottom, which helps them drape better imho.
Ah, I misread, thinking he was responsible for making Braddock's pants into shorts material.
Just got a pair of corduroy trousers, won't be cuffing them. That's probably the only kind of CM trouser I don't prefer cuffed though.
I think his name is Gennaro Annunziato, if you wanna search out and destroy his pants as retribution.
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