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Wow Pliny! That's a beautiful suit! Are those light gray socks? Worn with light brown socks this would have been a 10/10 IMHO.
I found those in Paris at Rue de Clignancourt. Unfortunately I have no idea where one could find similar prints online (these are actually vintage and not re-prints, the earliest is from the 1920s). My only regret is that I didn't buy more of them, as they had several boxes filled with beautiful apparel art prints.
Cheers! Yup, we have a size guide on the web site. This collection is fused, next year we'll have some canvassed garments as well.
Thank you all for the encouragement!Pics?
Yay, our on-line store went live yesterday evening! Since I'm no AV (yet) I'm not doing this as some kind of marketing post, it's more of a general happy announcement. [[SPOILER]]
More interaction on IG IMHO. Easier to gain a big following by excessive use of hashtags I guess (I haven't really worked so much on that though. Also, it's a bit more personal, not 99% reblogs, as tumblr.
Nice gyasih! Those are some really versatile garments.
I'm no shoe guy, admittedly. I'd never heard of the aversion to suede. Or suede in the summer for that matter (that's just plain silly IMHO).
Damn, I didn't edit that out? It was because at first I had both of your post in there. Well, you can sum up the votes you get
New Posts  All Forums: