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Late to the thread, will read through it and perhaps contribute with a few brands.
Kent Wang perhaps?
Kent, I love that suit! Is it 2 buttoned?
Fun idea! I'll see if I can come up with something.
Blue, grey and brown challenge? I'd just like to see a challenge where everybody can participate and where we're likely to see a lot of really magnificent outfits.
Yes, restrained AAS -> pretty damn hard to beat. OTOH, I really like some of his more adventurous outfits as well.
I had to go back and actually look at your jacket dazedstate. I think that beyond what UC listed above, the shoulders are a bit wide/strong. Nothing wrong with structured shoulders, but in this instance it adds to the suit jacket look. Do you still have the option of returning it? Otherwise I'd probably cut my losses and sell it on eBay and use the proceeds towards a new sport coat with these details: - 3 roll 2 or 2 buttons - Patch pockets - Natural shoulders In a...
I really like this last:http://www.carminashoemaker.com/mens-derby-shoes/plain-toe-blucher-531-brownI would prefer a rubber sole though. Leather soles are not really congruent with the typical Swedish weather. Also, I think PTB:s look really good with dainite soles.
I often wear mine with chocolate brown trousers. I quite like that combo. Worth a try dazedstate?Hmm, I'll have to revisit this picture. I've been contemplating PTB:s from Carmina. their price point is very nice as well. I found a model I really liked on their website, but they didn't have my size and where selling out the few they had left on discount. You never get the best deals if you're a sz 9 (UK8).
There are certainly stores selling PTB:s, but they're always either too blobby or too sleek IMHO. I haven't found any stores selling Alden's though.
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