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Well, you've got the porch though
I try to take pictures when there's still daylight outside. We've got lots of windows that let in quite a bit of light. Otherwise I just turn on all the lamps in the room. I think you can tell a difference in quality between daylight and lamplight pictures though. Its hard getting the colours right when you don't have natural light. [[SPOILER]]
^ your green donegal suit is awesome!
Yup, it's good quality shirts. If you like the design I'd recommend them. There are shirts in the same price ratio with more "artisanal" qualities though. They've done a very interesting colab with Eidos.BTW, met their head designers last month, very nice guys:
Yikes! At 25 I was still clubbing every weekend (and sometimes in the middle of the week as well).
Thanks for all the love guys!That's actually a jacket/SC from our brand E-F-V.I look for places with cool lighting. I'm really happy with this location, since it's right in between my office and apartment. It's underneath a bridge in central Stockholm, with some great spotlights giving a pretty cool, dramatic kind of lighting + there's not too much people around either.I've taken notes from the SWD side about framing.Also, I got a great compact camera last year that's very...
Hahaha, that's my "haven't gotten enough sleep in weeks"-stare.
Another take on dressing down the suit:
Goddamnit Braddock! You're posting that awesome green suit right in before I'm posting Anyway... Dressing down the suit. Take 2: [[SPOILER]]
Hey Noodle-man, I don't think your wife is that much of a hard ass. You've bought a whole lot of really expensive suits, ties et c within a relatively short time span. Is it possible she's just worried about you becoming obsessed about this stuff? I mean, you did tell us you checked SF when going out to dinner with her.
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