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I found a piece I really like, that will inspire what I wear tomorrow. It's not really the kind of palette that fits my complexion best, but I'll go with it anyway for the sake of the FC.
Do it!
Great summer casual stuff! The horsebit loafers work great in this setting, no matter the aversion the forum holds to them.
I want to see this one interpreted by an SF guy. Does anybody own a leisure suit?
I placed my 3rd order with Luxire today. I went with the same style pants I did last time. [[SPOILER]] But in this fabric:Thistle-Grey ChambrayAnd a semi-spread collar shirt with 3.9" collar points in this fabric:Linen-Cotton: Blue Knitted PiqueI did some small changes to the measurements. I'm quite positive they will turn out great, especially considering the fact that Luxire have re-cut their pattern for pants (to avoid the dreaded bunching/wedgie problem) since my last...
I like the idea and hope I'll find something suiting.
Perfect way of doing patterned odd pants.
You would have been in there if it had been a multi vote as I thought it was though. That was an awesome fit that hasn't gotten enough votes imho.
This is what happened, I clicked 4-5 fits and then submitted. No harm done though, my vote landed on Shen, who really deserved more votes anyway. It was an overall great framing of a soporific tie.
Y no multi vote?
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