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I've been meaning to take a course in photography, since seeing some of @ethandesu's beautiful pictures of menswear. i.e. one interest has spawned another.
Any tips on rust/burnt orange vests or cardigans?
Enough with the bum bashing! We have feelings too.
Another awesome suit Stitchy!
My black shoe game is lacking, but I'll be following with great interest.
+1 on black velvet. I wear this pretty often when I go out. It's not very SF MC compatible, but it looks great.
^ Not a bad fashion role model.
A blue and brown checks, hard to make out the colours in this pic: [[SPOILER]] I actually like them because they remind me of graph papers
Just like Estitchy, my shirt wardrobe mostly consists of light blue and blue stripes. I do own a few shirts with black/grey graph checks though, and one tattersall shirt. I need to stack up on tattersalls though, they are the ultimate tweed shirts IMHO.
Yes, now go collect that buttery scotch fresh GQ cash yo!
New Posts  All Forums: