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What's OTJ?And btw, no, don't follow her advice in menswear. She likes that GQ look, am I right?
Where to buy? I think Erica would look great in that! Edit. NVM, I just realized she's got one.
A pink umbrella with rabbits on it. I was caught by a surprise rain and a friend lent it to me. Got some funny stares when I was walking home with it.
Indeed, and I know beforehand what kind of combos I usually feel at home in, what colours I like together etc. It gets a whole lot easier then. Then again, sometimes it's fun to try out stuff I wouldn't have thought would go together and see how it lands.Above outfit is pretty safe though.
Lol, cheers man! Usually I actually just throw stuff on. Today I was trying to DTO (the top half) of one of Clag's outfits for the FC though.
That shirt collar peaking over the lapel is so affected! What profination of classic style!
Linen + a day at the office = rumples.
Hahaha, hardly, it's hard to tell from this pic, but it's starting to look a bit unkempt.
My entry: Inspiration: Yeah, I should have worn a cotton shirt instead to get that special brand of Clags crispness.
Damn you guys for leading me to that farfetch site. Now I ended up ordering a pair of awesome Burgundy PTB's. Anyway, if anyone else is ordering from them, feel free to use my name as a code to get 10% off the price: ERIK MANNBY
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