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Thank you, she's a lovely little dog. She's a staffy though (Irish lines), a smaller breed. They were originally bred for bull baiting, but nowadays the "gameness" (the will to fight) has been bred out of them, so they're appreciated for their social abilities, loyalty and willingness to please (making them exceptional family dogs and also quite good agility dogs).
A blast from the past:
Well, I thought because of the boot´s inherently practical nature that they would naturally rank lower on the formality scale than, let's say oxford shoes. As I said though, I'm no shoe guy.Edit. I found the answer to my original question (They linked Manton's book BTW). I really need to read more on shoes/boots.
A good alterations tailor can get the hand stitching just right, mine did this to a hand sewn piece and I couldn't tell the difference between his work and the original tailor's.
I agree, so does Erica (my fiancée). She actually pointed out that they were too close in shade to be a really good match. There's slightly more contrast between the pieces irl, but still not enough imo.What won't you do for the FC though?
Always, but that's why I love her.
From the FC, breaking some rules:
I probably broke more rules, but the most obvious are:- Shirt darker than jacket.- SC and pants are too close in color (to my defense the jacket has a POW pattern).- formality clash: denim shirt, tie and jacket. [[SPOILER]]
I've been thinking about getting a pair of balmoral boots for a while, since I really like the look of them. Admittedly, I'm no shoe guy, but the thing that's kept me on the fence is the area of use for such a boot. They're not really formal, since they are boots. But they're not sturdy enough to use as casual rough weather shoes either. Semi-formal/casual is generally where it's at for me, so I guess they have their place within this spectrum. Anyone care to elaborate on...
Vurr nice Derk! Is that an SS suit or just a jacket/SC?
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