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I usually like the DTO challenges. Because they often take you out of your sartorial comfort zone and may even give you a few new ideas as to what fits you. My idea for a challenge: Everybody DTO Claghorn. - Why? Because Clags usually posts solid stuff, like blue jackets and grey pants, solid suits and ties etc. Even though we might not have stuff of the same cut or the exact same colour/fabric, I think most of us could find a Clags fit we could (probably with less...
Beautiful suit! What kind of pockets does it have?
I'd like to see an Ultimate Tag Team Challengeā„¢.
Nice! I'll have to try that fabric for a future order.
Awesome! Where are the pants from?
Sorry if I misinterpreted the gist of your post. In my defence: English is not my first language.
No serious dry cleaner would ever tumble dry your clothes."They're shirts, for chrissakes. Life's short. If they wear out buy new ones."Not trying to be a dick but I can't get behind that kind of throwaway attitude. / End of derailing the thread.
Has this been posted before?
This!Tumble drying is good if you hate your shirts and want to kill them.
These beauties should definitely help all memories of that other, unfortunate, tie situation fade away.+ true story: I wore a Star Wars tie for my high school graduation.
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