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From the FC:
Ok then:
^ this. I mean, my personal definition of drunk is pretty far from blacking out or doing something I regret.Good on you for quitting Noodles. Sounds like you were in the risk zone of becoming an alcoholic.
i tried making egg rolls from scratch last week, and they turned out scrumptious. Totally unrelated. I'm drunk.
OTOH, she buys purses at several $1000 a pop, so she obviously has some appreciation for the luxury market (which, tbh, suits >$1000 are a part of).
Yup. I was just wondering what's worse (in a general SF consensus kind of way), darker elbows or patches?I think that by just writing this out, I've come to the conclusion that keeping the patches is the lesser evil.
I always take my jacket off while playing. If you want to recolour a pair of shoes, it's better to do it with Saphir's leather dye.
Quick question to all Noodlers. I recently ordered a navy SC, since I really liked the finish and model (3r2, 2 patch pockets, washed mohair/wool mix + all the usual stuff). It's from LBM 1911, who's jackets I know fit me well. What I hadn't noticed before ordering though, was that it had elbow patches. Now, I kinda like elbow patches on tweeds, but never on navy SC's, and certainly not in summer weight SC's. The problem is that if I remove them, there will most likely...
Late to the thread, will read through it and perhaps contribute with a few brands.
Kent Wang perhaps?
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