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Choose A Decade Challenge? Every participant is free to choose one of the decades in the 1900's from which he draws inspiration for his fit. It doesn't have to be an entire ensemble, but a small detail like wide lapels (e.g. 40's, 70's), a lower buttoning point (e.g. 80's), a slim tie and narrow lapels (e.g. 60's) et c. I kinda got the idea when seeing this picture that a friend posted on instagram, it's of his uncle + a friend in the 1920's (but they could just as well...
Cheers Broseph!Thank you Noodles!Cheers! It is, I really love this town.
WIWT. I've probably posted this exact outfit before, but I wear it every now and then: [[SPOILER]]
To be perfectly clear, I don't condone the drop kicking of females (or men for that matter).
The winner will be awarded this gif.
Does anybody have pictures of ladies clothes from Luxire? My fiancée is thinking about getting some shirts from Luxire, after seeing how well mine turned out. She's also thinking about getting a suit done.
Yeah, I mean they're all kinda creepy, but that child-molester-looking dude adds 1000 extra creep points to the picture.
Love everything about this pic.
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