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I think you get a pretty good idea of the fit from the blue 3 piece suit I wore in my first post in this thread. Then of course, it depends on your build. I'm a pretty slim guy at 80kg/186 cm (roughly 6.1"/176 lbs) and am wearing a size 38 here. The jackets is very lightly structured.
I think, to get an idea of colour matching, look up both the good taste thread and the 20+ thread. Between them you can get some good ideas as to what works. When in doubt, I'd recommend going with the basics: Navy or grey worsted suit (2 or 3 buttons with flap pockets) + black oxfords + light blue or white spread collar shirt + basic tie (check out the soporific tie thread for ideas). Navy non worsted blazer (I prefer patch pockets but YMMV) + light to mid grey non...
Let's hope so. I mean, I haven't particularly enjoyed any of the Doctor's clothes that much since the re-boot of the series, but at least they had the right amount of quirk to not just look like a guy going for "fashion" but totally missing the mark (like Capaldi's outfit). + I liked Matt's Harris Tweed jacket.
I like this quite a lot. Good eye for proportions. When I was your age and had to (and I stress "had to" since I then preferred to dress in clothes with skateboard brands on them ) dress up in a suit I had no clue what I was doing (+ refused to take advice from people who did) and looked like an ass clown.
Oh yeah, forgot to x-post my FC fit:I went with one of Zdzisław Beksiński's less disturbing paintings:My sartorial interpretation: [[SPOILER]]
I'd say that SB's pants are within the range of classic fit (on the looser side of the spectrum though). It's not a particularly #menswear fit, but I think he pulls them off quite well.
I'd like to see a really light blue pique, and Khaki.
Cheers! I actually waited with combing my hair until after I had snapped the picture, in order to stay true to the overall feeling of the painting I chose.
Still waiting for you to post at least one fit that's not right on the money. Doesn't look like that will ever happen.
I went with one of Zdzisław Beksiński's less disturbing paintings:My sartorial interpretation: [[SPOILER]]
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