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Ok, a pretty bad iPhone picture I took ~ a month ago, when a friend had a party in his store:
Don't move the buttoning point, it's the only detail of this jacket that looks about right IMHO. Instead, let out the waist a bit, make the jacket an inch (at least) longer, get less padded shoulders and slightly wider, more concave lapels, and it will probably look a bit more coherent style wise.Regardless, whichever style you end up going for, the jacket should be slightly longer.
I think mid-brown horn would look pretty great.
I think another member here bought buttons from Kent Wang.
^ looks like that Viola Milano guy, so it's probably by them.
I think it has already been established that great photography often plays a part in both thumb count in the WAYWRN thread, and in the FC's. OTOH, with B/W photography, I think you can get away with poorer picture quality, since it always looks a bit more "arty".
Probably in.
This guy is actually trying to sell this SC:
I see I accidentally "thumbed" Noodle's last post. I really didn't mean to, not because I take any sides in this whole Formosa/Noodles debacle, it's just I don't care. Wanna go for SS? Let's see some models on, and get on with the GNA.
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