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I like it Iso. You look like a guy I'd like have playing bass in my band, or something along those lines.
You go get them white pants. YOU GET THEM NOW!There is still a day (and a half, at least) left of posting before the poll goes up.
I'd go with Exhibit B Noodles, the pattern is less busy. Just personal preference though. Just ditch the one you think is too lightweight.
Damn, this was a great idea for a challenge! if only I had come up with it myself...
Cheers, it's from Eleventy. Typical italian stuff, super soft cotton.
I like the pants + sneakers myself, but I can understand if it's not in everyone's taste. You're righht about the trousers, I hiked them up, since they're just half an inch longer than ideal. I am quite certain they will sit just right after a washing though.
There's lots to see for a clothing enthusiast. I don't even know where to start on trying to describe it. There's lots and lots of interesting clothing brands, designers, press, buyers et c, from all around the world. It's a really positive atmosphere and people are generally really glad to be there. It's not open to the public though, so you'll either have to enter as a journalist, blogger or buyer (or exhibitor).
As casual as I get while still wearing an SC and creased trousers:
X-post from FC, probably more CM casual than regular WAYWRN:
Something a bit different for me:
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