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Sorry, lame joke (check out #thedress on tumblr/twitter/Instagram/FB) Really love that suit, best use of fish mouth notch I've seen.
So, I've been planning on getting a new windowpane SC made. Would you guys go for an off white SC with gold WP, or a blue with black WP?
Is that the Cro-Mags logo you're using as an avatar?
Sweet challenge. I've been doing a bit of closet cleaning though, so there are not many WP jackets left, and the ones I've kept have been posted quite a few times.
I wouldn't pair it with cream, it's too close color wise IMHO. The other colors you mentioned could probably work, but rather as wool trousers. I could also see it work with bottle green cords (if it's a f/w sc) or chocolate brown trousers. For $75 I'd get it, and if I ended up not liking it that much I'd pass it on. You could probably sell it for at least the same amount on eBay. Edit. Oh yeah, it's a big no to Nantucket reds with this one.
I like it, but it's a a very limiting color, pairing wise.
Awesome Sander! What's the next challenge?
What about now?
So, I don't think I'll be wearing a suit tomorrow. Therefore I'd have to choose between my three most recent fits. While I personally liked today's fit most, it doesn't seem to get much SF love, if thumb count is to be trusted. Therefore I'll enter with my first outfit (may change if I choose to do suit sans tie tomorrow as well). It's a brown corduroy suit with navy turtleneck, green PS, grey/brown herringbone cap and brown boots: [[SPOILER]]
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