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And only after the artisan tie maker has called you an egghead and threatened to sue you for complaining online about his work.
Crappy lighting, with iPhone. You get the picture:
Naturally I have a whole closetfull of them. For this one I'm considering going with the pirate coat.
Ah, so that's where my beard went. Looking good!
I just might enter this one.
Wrinkly casual stuff today:
Love the denim shirt! Is it summer weight?
Cheers, it's a custom piece from E-F-V.
Sartoria Corcos, a very florentine cut. I guess it looks unbalanced if you compare it to very different styles, but I think it does what really good tailoring should always be about: it flatters the wearer. The low buttoning creates a nice V-shape, which is a quite masculine trait. The shoulders are actually probably quite soft (though a bit extended). I think the "strong shoulders" are indeed his own shoulders. The cut away quarters are more about personal taste I guess,...
He is a really nice guy and has a really healthy approach to the whole #menswear thing, even though he's sorta part of it.
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