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I think he can make them to your specifications.
Not from his new stuff, but I used to sell his ties in my old webshop. He's progressed quite a bit since then from what I've seen. There's certainly nothing to complain about when it comes to the handwork, he's very skilled, and still does all the ties himself. I have no clue about the fabrics he uses though, but I'd guess he now uses the same mills as most of the other tie makers.
BTW, if you missed the threads I posted from Pitti 86 & 87, here they are again: http://www.styleforum.net/t/399539/pitti-uomo-86-picture-thread-pic-heavy http://www.styleforum.net/t/449525/pitti-uomo-87-in-pictures
It's a custom built Pilen (classic Swedish bike) from Thomas' custom bikes. Easily mistaken for a Pashley, since the frames are so similar. Edit. It's this bike: http://www.customcyklar.se/cyklar/custom-cyklar/e-f-v-custom-cykel/
Mine (or rather my company's):
Cheers! It's something I found on eBay a year ago. Asian militaria replica or perhaps rebranded surplus. There's tons of great looking field jackets on eBay.
From the FC: [[SPOILER]]
From the FC: [[SPOILER]]
Doisneau: [[SPOILER]]
Crusty, that's a winner for sure! Also, GW, I would never have thought of pairing black loafers (or at least very dark loafers) with white trousers, but it looks very natural with that outfit.
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