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No, I have not joined the sprezz team. Was at a trunk show and changing spaces were sparse, so I tried out this turtleneck on top of my shirt. Ended up buying it, but in another colour:
I think Luxire make good shirts if you know your measurements, and they have some denims and chambrays.Mine are from Profuomo and Shirtonomy: [[SPOILER]]
Well, I've had the pleasure of meeting @Butler quite a few times.See that back blade of the tie hanging out? That's one of the reasons I usually tuck my tie (even better if I cover it up with a waistcoat or vest)..
I had the pleasure of meeting up with @Anden for lunch today. He's just as nice a guy as you'd expect. So, not what I was wearing, but was he was wearing today. Picture taken in Skoaktiebolaget's new store in Stockholm: More pictures will show up on my blog about well dressed Swedes further on.
The second one looks a lot like one of my jackets (actually part of a suit but gets a lot of wear as a SC), I think it's very versatile. I wear it at least once a week and it easily pair with a variety of colours and patterns. Of course, no 1 is not bad either, would look good with grey, brown, green and fawn trousers, and probably with light blue and pink shirts. I'd say get both.
This was from a Swedish brick and mortar shop, but I think Kent Wang has one.
It was actually raining quite a lot when I was taking my picture, but I folded the umbrella just for the picture. That's how dedicated I am to the Friday challenge people! Now, the question is, what's sillier? Having an umbrella when it's not raining or not using your umbrella when it's actually raining?
Since umbrellas were allowed, and since it's actually umbrella weather in Stockholm today:
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