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New Friday Challenge
Thank you for all the votes guys! New Friday Challenge
New Friday Challenge
Last week was all about the uniform. This week we're gonna go to a place where less of us are as comfortable.This week it's all about denim.The rules are simple:Wear something in denim, be it a garment or an accessory. That means that anything from denim suit to denim tie, a shirt, or a regular pair of jeans will qualify you.Keep it CM compatible. This is a pretty loose definition, but when in doubt, ask yourself "could I post this in either regular or MC casual WAYWRN?"...
I disagree with SB, I think the trouser color is great with that SC.
Cheers guys! It's not over yet though.
Boots seem to have been way more popular in the early 1900's than they are today. If you live in a colder climate, and like to spend a lot of your spare time outdoors, wearing boots makes all kind of sense. For people who wear them in warmer places, I guess it's for aesthetic reasons. I certainly like the look of a pair of boots with no/little break trousers.
Are you guys hiring?
DonC, great suit! Cleav, hahaha, that's gold!
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