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Due to a busy schedule this week I just got around to posting it today. The tracking no is RR175680097SE (sent via Swedens postal service: www.posten.se). It's coming your way now SimonC.
I feel that the rest of my outfit hardly does justice to the handmade pants from inlandisland. [[SPOILER]]
I actually chose it with my latest suit aquisition in mind. It will be CBD magic (if the stripes on the suit are not too close in size to the tie pattern)
I don't see why not, you obviously have some great stuff. It's heading for London next, first SimonC, then Ls 7 and then I guess it's due for round 2 (if people are up for it).
Friday night delivers. Getting back from some after work drinks I find that two packages have arrived. One of them is of course the European edition of the tie box:This is what it looked like when I got it: [[SPOILER]] The content: [[SPOILER]] What I'm keeping, 1 Eton, 1 Drakes & 1 PS: [[SPOILER]] What I'm putting in, 1 PS, 1 of my own new models (cotton), 1 Borrelli, 1 Giorgio Redaelli, 1 Zegna, another one of my own(cashmere/wool, hand rolled edges): [[SPOILER]]
I'd say the Baobab tree found in many countries all over Africa is a beautiful thing. I admire it because it's one of the things that made a great impression on me as a kid living in Botswana. I have visited great redwood forrests in California, I have seen rainforrests in Indonesia and I have visited really old forrests in Europe. The Baobab is still my favourite though. It is majestic, quite rightfully considered divine by local folklore and lives for thousands of years...
Yay! I'm up next. Hopefully this will be a week of many sartorially satisfactory deliveries.
Thanks for the thumbs up you guys / Tack!This is probably my favourite jacket, until tomorrow when I pick up a new suit that is Glad that people appreciate the tie as well, it's one of my own (i.e. made by me).
S/S stuff [[SPOILER]]
I buy a lot of old stock (old, like from the 50's, 60's and 70's) from stores here in Sweden. This particular strap is from such a stock. I think you can get a better view in this pic: [[SPOILER]] it's the second one from the right.They're part of this suit, the particualr fabric is unfortunately not available anymore.Also, thanks for the thumbs up guys!
New Posts  All Forums: