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Cheers, I don't have my tripod at home atm, so unfortunately I can't get wider shots right now. OTOH, I think I managed to capture some nice textures in this picture.
X-post from FC, but in colour:
I second Sander's answer. Of course I write in hyperbole. You look better than 99% of the people I see on a daily basis. I just suppose you want to look even better, that's why I commented on some of the details of your jacket. Also, I really think the buttoning point looks perfectly placed as is.
I don't really know what they charge at their trunk shows in HK.
Well, some of us actually prefer the look of a blazer suit to a CBD suit, so it's not really a compromise.
Would be fun. Send me a PM with the time and I'll see if I'm available.
Ok, a pretty bad iPhone picture I took ~ a month ago, when a friend had a party in his store:
Don't move the buttoning point, it's the only detail of this jacket that looks about right IMHO. Instead, let out the waist a bit, make the jacket an inch (at least) longer, get less padded shoulders and slightly wider, more concave lapels, and it will probably look a bit more coherent style wise.Regardless, whichever style you end up going for, the jacket should be slightly longer.
I think mid-brown horn would look pretty great.
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