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You can always send Luxire a mail and ask them where they are in the progress. I wanted a rough estimate of my last order and received information that they were making the pattern. By their estimation it will arrive next week (after ~6 weeks). I'm really looking forward to seeing the results.
@Anden - Welcome back! Looking tanned and well rested! @timotune - Always great! @CesarRenuan - I like that tie, I've got something similar in my collection. @Uunottaja - I always enjoy your posts on tumblr and IG, good to have you back here as well! @Cleav - Impeccable as always + I love the pictures of the English countryside!
Wow MF! I second Noodles statement, it's very nice seeing someone's progress. Is there a "progress thread" anywhere on SF? I couldn't find one.
Very good first post!Yeah sure, I'm not crazy about silk knot in the lapel button hole, or the contrasting colour of said buttonhole.All-in-all though, it's better than 90% of all first posters.
Yeah, single pleats is probably the way to go, especially if you haven't worn pleated trousers before. I prefer reversed pleats like MF wears in the picture above, but you should go with what you think looks best.
2 weeks to shorten the pants?! Had I lived in DC I would have done it for you in an hour, free of charge. I always shorten my pants myself + do cuffs, it hardly takes any time at all and is a good way of winding down after a stressful day.
Even if you're slim they serve a function. They make your pants more comfortable when you sit down and they increase overall mobility.TBH though, I like flat fronts just as much as I like pleated pants.
Well actually, even if you're more fashion oriented, pleats are back in a big way. 9/10 guys I met at Pitti had pleated pants, big fashion houses are beginning to bring them back into their collections et c. You can dislike them sure, but not claim that they only exist in the sartorial elephant's graveyard. [[SPOILER]] @DarkDestiny is right about the point that the pants should still sit flat whether you've got pleats or not.
It's down to that one or the second from the right (actually one of my favourite ties).
Thisoryou know where to look, what you should be looking for and how to convey what you're looking for.
New Posts  All Forums: