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Nah, not me. SB's entry is really badass though!
Well, if I saw iGents hanging around outside my house, I'd be sure to put an extra lock on my wardrobe.
Well, we do live in the fancy part of town Don't know if wearing an orange jacket would be the best idea when going scouting for such a thing though. Dressing CBD would probably be a great idea.
Funny little anecdote. Putting up a camera to take pictures of oneself wearing clothes, to show other men on the Internet, is perhaps not something you want to be caught doing in public. Therefore, I have found a few places pretty close to where I live, where I can do this without disturbance from prying eyes. Or so I though... Today I went to a newly found location, behind a school that's closed for the summer, and where no one goes. I set up my camera, but get the...
I never post brands, neither here or when I, sparsely, post in SWD. I've gotten a decent amount of thumbs on both sides. I mean, I'm no Parker, but I think I do decently...Generally, I think people just like what they like on both sides, without brand naming. Of course the brand worship exists, but it does so on both sides of the forum.
This single monk from Edward Green (it is in fact not a single monk, but a pair): http://www.farfetch.com/se/shopping/men/edward-green-falmouth-monk-shoes-item-10696067.aspx?storeid=9661&ffref=lp_45_0_ I can send whomever wants to buy it a code for an extra 10% off (until recently they had another code for 20% so maybe they have these kinds of discounts all the time).
I'll try and contribute further on.
Yeah, he does that. A lovely guy!
We need to see pictures of last night Upr (or anyone else who was present)!
Certainly would! On chambray: There is chambray that's very similar to denim. If you couldn't tell from looking at it, it's allowed.
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