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Yes, quite right!
I met this guy at a party tonight & tried to convince him to post more often at SF (drunk posting).
@DonCologne, what kind of weather do you have in Germany? Great outfit, but you would probably die from a heat stroke if you had the same weather as we have up here.
^ True gent right there.
Pediwear has them, but only with rubber soles it seems.
So, I haven't checked into this thread since the very early start of it. Then it was mostly posts with pics/links to ties. I thought I had my tie game covered, so I had no need for this thread. Then I saw Pingson's post about people dissing orange ties in this thread & thought I have to check it out. I mean, who doesn't like orange ties? Reading the last 10 or so pages I realise this is not the thread I left. Baby wipes, plumbing and whatnot. I mean WTF? I need to follow...
I haven't followed that thread closely, but that is a really silly statement. Orange ties can be great and very versatile.
I didn't get the 3 piece linen suit this week, so I'm out. Unfortunately, I haven't got any other vests, sweater vests or waistcoats appropriate for this weather.
Cheers! I bought it from one of the many Ecuadorian companies selling hand made hats on eBay. I bought the last one of this model, so I can't give you a link to it. I must admit I don't know that much about Panama hats either. I found some pages I read through before I made a decision, like this and this page.I searched for "Montecristi" in "Men's accessories" & went by some of the things in the texts I read. Ultimately though, the width of the brim and the height/shape of...
Wow, this is great! Suit?
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