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Hmm, I don't own any lapel ornaments. I'll enjoy watching this one though.
Cheers, they are! But they're both hooded, so I guess I'll keep this one, for versatility.
Bought this Belstaff off a friend. Not sure if I'll keep it or sell it, since I already have 2 waxed jackets in my wardrobe.
Very nice first WAYWRN, but I have to ask, is there no breast pocket on your jacket?
Oh come on, stop teasing!
Cheers, it was actually more about showing the video itself than the clothes. We will definitely want to be on board come next season (if nothing unforeseen happens).
I wish I had your beard game Murl, mine isn't half as dense.
I've been trying to learn since I was 8 (35 now), and I still can't do all of those tricks. It's a bit like CM though, you can become pretty good by just being tenacious and learn by mistakes, while others are naturals.
It is! But you'll have to make the choice if you want something you can wear almost daily, or something you look awesome in every other week. Also, both the other suits are, in fact, awesome.
Noodles, the flannel or shark skin will be easiest to wear fairly often.
New Posts  All Forums: