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I think there may be some great fits posted in the FC this weekend + there are already some really good entries (Kulata's DB + turtleneck is awesome), so I'm not getting my hopes up yet.
Cheers! Haha, yeah, that thought just popped into my head as well.Hmm, I'll wait and see which one gets most thumbs (so far fit no1 is in the lead).
Very nice CM!Dressing down the suit. Take 3: [[SPOILER]]
I was mainly talking about the fit of the shoulders. They've made them to look like spalla camicia, but the construction is actually not quite accurate. I have no doubt they would get them right if you'd send them a picture of how the seams are supposed to lap. I think their products have evolved immensely since they started up. They're eager to learn and progress. I'm very happy to use them to try out some new design ideas, since their patience for experiments seems...
The good thing about Luxire is that they'll always try to give you the best quality they can manage. What they lack in experience they compensate for in enthusiasm (and they're getting more experienced as we speak). They managed to get the fit spot on, the shoulders are just great, and they made all the details I asked for. The jacket is well constructed. The only things that weren't spot on were the hand sewn button holes, where they didn't seem to use proper button hole...
I can vouch for Luxire's abilities to replicate the fit of an existing jacket. I would start with a cheaper fabric though, just like MF suggested.
Well, you've got the porch though
I try to take pictures when there's still daylight outside. We've got lots of windows that let in quite a bit of light. Otherwise I just turn on all the lamps in the room. I think you can tell a difference in quality between daylight and lamplight pictures though. Its hard getting the colours right when you don't have natural light. [[SPOILER]]
^ your green donegal suit is awesome!
Yup, it's good quality shirts. If you like the design I'd recommend them. There are shirts in the same price ratio with more "artisanal" qualities though. They've done a very interesting colab with Eidos.BTW, met their head designers last month, very nice guys:
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