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Are you set on brogue boots? Otherwise, I'd probably go for Carmina's jumper boots if I were you.
It's allowed, but frowned upon
Sorry to hear about that Crusty. SeaJen:
that's one of the best things I've seen on SF Cleav!
Just 2 entries so far, but they've really managed to set the bar high. I like this FC!
Just use the self timer on the phone good people.
New FC is up: FRIDAY CHALLENGE 8 Aug 2014: Action shot
Good ideas, but I think I'm gonna go ahead and copy the idea for this SWD challenge.Rules explained in the new FC thread.FRIDAY CHALLENGE 8 Aug 2014: Action shot
I got this idea from this SWD challenge. The rules are simple:1. You need to be wearing something CM (i.e. something that would be fit to post in the CM WAYWRN thread).2. You need to be doing something. Be creative (just look at Stitchy's contribution to the SWD FC). I know that a lot of the posters here are golfers, some like football etc, so there's probably something you can do.3. Saturday is the last day to enter submissions.The contestants:
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