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Thank you gentlemen! The FC is really inspiring this week.
Guess this works in this thread as well:
Dressing down the suit. Take 1:
Nah, depends on who enters. We've got some guys with serious "casual suit game" around here. Edit. You know what, I'm gonna wear suits without ties starting from tomorrow until the end of week and see if I come up with anything worthy. I have nothing that warrants me wearing a tie this week.
Damnit Kulata! You can't just show us small teasers like that. That suit demands a full fit pic!
Great idea! Hope to see some great entries. I'll see if I come up with anything worthwhile.
Congrats Elio! We haven't had a MC casual challenge in a while right?
Did someone say creepy?
Yes, it's a great cut for suits. I'd say Liverano's cut is pretty close to my ideal for SC's though: Looks pretty awesome as suit as well:
Well for one, we've got extremely restrictive gun laws in Sweden. I'd take the GT any day though. I don't even care for cars otherwise, but that's an awesome machine.
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