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Lolz, I'm a pretty cheerful guy irl, but I couldn't do a genuine smile for a picture if my life depended on it. Someone has to catch me off guard with a camera.
Pretty standard for Fedex imho. We've used them for our company as well and they're always very fast.
Thank you! Yes it is!
Cheers!It felt kinda chilly this morning, and I was stupid enough not to check the forecast. 19 degrees C here, which is still too warm for flannel.
From the FC: [[SPOILER]]
I went with one of my favourite ties: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, I was actually thinking of doing a welted chest pocket instead, for this exact reason. The anatomical differences present a bit of a challenge when cutting clothes for women. Erica prefers clothes that are more like menswear adapted to female forms. On the other hand, she recently got a promotion (she works as a lawyer/legal advisor at a government authority) and wants to wear stuff that projects a bit of authority. So it's a tricky design. But, if this turns out...
I mean lighter. On the other hand, that's usually with S/S jackets, and this looks to be more of an A/W jacket.
Very late to the party. This is a great thread though. As some of you may know, I like to make stuff. This is my next DIY project, a suit for the missus. Seems sort of appropriate for this thread. Thoughts on the cut? Forgive my crappy drawing skills.
I have a few jackets in similar pattern/colours. I combine it with medium brown, very light grey or charcoal trousers.
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