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Will enjoy watching this one from the sidelines, since I haven't gotten any white jackets, and have grown out of my only cream colored one.
Earlier today:
I see nothing wrong, except buttoning the bottom vest button. 3 pc with patches is awesome, and is not exactly uncommon in the history of coat and tie.
Looks like a navy knit. Most tie makers carry some versions of this tie.
Yup, I'm in there somewhere as well.Oh btw, you're welcome for the Nature channel idea, Mr. Porter
This will be fun.
Aha, mine hadn't reached 20 when I last checked (in all honesty, the thread would not suffer had it not been included), but I noticed that Cleavs excellent post had not been posted, hence my post up thread. Good thing we've got Cleav himself keeping everything in order.
No doubt about that!
Thanks for posting! I think there's merit to keeping this thread ~ 1 week behind the WAYWRN though, due to uneven streams of visitors. The last batch skipped past posts that probably will/has since hit 20+ thumbs (no, I'm not referring to my own post ).
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