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Loving this challenge so far! More!
Since I'm not an affiliate vendor, it feels unfair to those who are, to continue this conversation here. I sent you a PM.
It's from my own brand E-F-V.
All depends on the jeans and blazer in question. If you wear a very casual navy blazer, unstructured, maybe washed cotton et c, I think you can easily get away with pairing it with both faded jeans and raw denim. It's not for the board room though.
Cheers E!!
Thank you Cleav!
This was exactly how I reasoned when picking out this outfit: [[SPOILER]] I love this tie, but I think it looks absolutely best when framed with a relatively sedately coloured 3 piece.
These were the kind of pictures I wanted to give as examples, but I couldn't find it in your SF albums.
Yeah, that too.
I've got no dog in this "fight", but if I had a dollar for every tailor I've heard criticising other tailors' work, I'd have, well... at least 20 dollars.
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