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I've seen BnT commissioned through @RobinPettersson now. Awesome stuff! Pretty great having a BnT agent so close. Will probably place my first bespoke order with him.
Wow, had never seen that picture before. Going into the inspiration bank.
It's interesting reading about the theorization of shoe vs tie shade. Am I the only one who has never given this a thought before?
^ needs matching shirt.
Ok, in Technicolor:
There is a local consignment shop here in Stockholm that has a 60/40 deal, i.e. 60% for them... Compared to that I think Spoo's deal is pretty great, considering he seems to get good prices for the stuff he sells, does all the work of taking pictures, measurements, writing a sales pitch et c.
Seriously considering doing something on this: From a current exhibition at the MoMA in NY.
I can certainly appreciate the love for Africa, I used to live in Botswana as a kid.
You mean this one of Maomao? [[SPOILER]]
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