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Here's my attempt. Now, I've never fathered any children (as far as I know), but on a scale I guess this is where I'm at: [[SPOILER]]
Don't sweat it, I'm normally a lot nicer (I've heard) and usually stay away from posting comments like that. I was having a bad day I guess. I don't think there's such a high degree of conservatism in the outfits that generally gets praise here. @An Acute Style, @Tirailleur1, @TTO (also not active members like @barims & @LabelKing) are usually quite popular, and none of them are particularly conservative. The thing is, if you're gonna go peacock and experiment with...
^What Anden said. Have you still got the receipt? The shoulders + the collar gap are too big problems to have an alterations tailor fix. You'd be doing yourself a favour by just exchanging it for something that sits right in the shoulders.
Money comes and goes. As long as you've got a good wardrobe you're always good to go (and we know you've got one)
You just might be right. It's tiresome though, to see the same thing over and over again. I guess it's one of the reasons long time SF:ers just give up after a while and stop posting here altogether. Seoul would be lovely. I'd love to go there and get some suits done and meet up with you. Alas, this summer will be mostly work and no fun, except for a week in Florence where I hope to see at least a few forumites (and which is also kind of work related).
Yes! In.
I welcome controversy and different opinions, even the occasional train wreck. It's a whole other thing barging into a thread and just acting rude towards all the posters there when they don't love what you post. Mostly, I just wanted an excuse to use that wonderful gif (I know you don't like gif's BTW).
Not to pile on, but that is one ugly ass less attractive tie and it doesn't work with that shirt. A friendly piece of advice: Toss it and start over (the same goes for the horrible attitude).
Agreed, it's a way higher chance of succeeding.
@MonkeyfaceI disagree, but I know I'm in the minority here. I think jeans and chinos do completely different things for an outfit and don't believe one is better than the other. They are different creatures altogether.
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