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Great start! Hopefully I'll be receiving a very interesting delivery before this challenge is over.
AJL, those look really good for RTW. I have a few MTM pieces (pre-SF) that aren't as clean in the back. From these pictures, I'd say the plaid jacket looks great. With some small nips and shortening of the sleeves it will fit beautifully.'
Both CT and TM Lewin are ok shirts (especially considering the price), but their collars are usually very stiff.
Andrew's ties, they've got some really nice stuff.
I've been on the fence about grenadines, but finally decided to get one:
Yes! Got confirmation that my jacket is being shipped today.
Well deserved victory Tchoy! That fit deserves a place in SF hall of fame. Also, thanks for all the votes guys! Really looking forward to the next one. If it is the "vs. challenge", can it go on for 2 weeks? Since we're starting a bit late.
^ not really creepy, just pitti.
AJL, any chance of 360 pictures? It's hard to assess fit by only looking at the front. They all look good from the front though, and will probably be great with a slight bit of alteration in sleeve length.
All round great entries, both Tchoy and Stitchy really got me aching for more DB suits.
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