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They are not white, they're beige/off-white, slightly darker than the trousers.
Just realised I missed this one.
My entry:
FC stuff:
The biggest (and only IME) problem with Luxire, the endless options...
Well, I need to figure out exactly what I'd like.
I hope you'll make a post here once it has arrived, because I'd really like to have something made up from it (I'm thinking a bomber, field jacket or just a plain SC would be great in this fabric).
Mine too, and that's no small feat, considering that the SeaJen list is pretty impressive.
Yeah, it's quite hard once you've become accustomed to a certain standard of living. I used to dream of going back to school and get a higher degree in Business/Economics, maybe become a full time academic, but the economic aspect of it scared me off from even trying. As things are right now, I'm happy I didn't follow that path though.
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