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^ QFT, tchoy is extremely consistent.
Blue trousers are not optional.
Tie is optional, but I'd really like to see at least one all blue outfit, from head to toe.
I will allow it. As I said earlier, old fits are allowed, but it's more fun if you post something fairly recent.
This jacket used to have a softer roll, but the damned dry cleaner pressed the lapels to a hard three. I've tried to iron them into a roll again, but I really need a heavier iron for this. As for the clumpy shoes, I agree, but they're my only pair of black oxfords (Church's). I bought them (quite overpriced) before joining SF.
No white shirts, blue stripes or checks are a minimum. Weird. You're the second person to see a purple tie. There is nothing even remotely purple irl. I'll have to check the colours before posting next time.I'll allow older fits, but it's more fun if they, at least, are from August.
That fabric
I think it's ~ 8 inches.
He's easily bored, but on the other hand he's just gotten a walk, so he's pretty content. The tie is blue, but the contrast to the suit may have it looking a bit purple-ish.
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