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Look, I have nothing against you personally, but that fit would never get thumbs even if a forum favourite would have posted it.The quality of the picture is horrible due to bad light and mobile camera. You can't really make out any of the details, but from what we can see the shirt collar looks wonky (not in a "sprezz" way either), the PS doesn't seem to match up well with any of the other garments and it's folded in a pretty boring way, the tie could use a good tug and a...
It seems like an almost ideal fabric for SS pants (the light green colour should be able to match with lots of stuff in my wardrobe), but I had hoped someone had a pair of pants they could post pics of. I might just order them anyway.
Anyone tried the apple fresco cotton for pants? I was thinking of placing an order for my first Luxire pants in this fabric. http://luxire.com/collections/pants-sorted-by-price/products/sr_203_apple-fresco-cotton
My first listings on Ebay, decent starting prices: Sartoria Partenopea Napoli - Blue Herringbone Sport Coat Sz US 42 Pal Zileri - Grey Window Pane Sport Coat Sz US 44 Borrelli - Striped Six Fold Tie Ralph Lauren Purple Label - Striped Tie Charvet - Vintage Tie ~1930's
Agreed. The likeness is quite striking. This is one of my favourite fits from Pingson btw, and he's one of my favourite posters.
From my own perspective: Not so much a male model wannabe as someone genuinely interested in visually pleasing photography. I think it's quite natural that you would be interested in both the aesthetics of classic menswear and good photography. How better to present colours, textures etc.And yes, I'm not one of the better photographers here, even though I like playing around with a camera I lack the technical interest for all advanced features of a camera that's required.
I'm a fan of both flat fronts and pleats. Good thing you don't have to chose. I do believe pleats are very much on their way back in the public's eye though.
I will follow this challenge with much interest. Personally, I don't have an occasion which requires CBD this week.
New Posts  All Forums: