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^ Sorry to hear that. Hope you've got some good nutritional food supplement to keep up the energy levels. I just placed an order for these. Not sure about the fit, but I "need" (i.e. want) some more cotton SC:s, so I took a chance anyway.
I second this. I guess you're the best judge atm though, since you're the only one who knows what they feel like when worn.
This is in my top 10 WAYWRN fits of all time. Everything's perfect about it, from colour and texture combinations to cut/fit. BnTailor does some of the most interesting stuff out there atm. I've seen some really great things from other Seoul tailors (e.g. Tailorable) as well. It seems as it's becoming a Naples of North East Asia (minus the Mafia and garbage).
Great challenge! Hard to pick favourites here. I went with Diniro, Parker and 3 Prague winter. For no other reasons than immediate synch with personal aesthetic preferences.
Hear hear.I do both, but rather prefer the sewing.Other recommended hobbies for winding down after long days in the office: Wood work & whiskey, not at the same time though.
Ok, I guess I could go out to dinner on Friday night, so I have a proper reason to dress formal. I will mostly be unpacking boxes of suits & coats on Friday.
She outshines me x 1000 on her worst day.
I've been a bit lazy, but I finally managed to leave my pants at my alterations tailor. He had some ideas on how to fix the bunching. I'll question him more on the subject when I pick my pants up, as he's one of the few non-bespoke tailors I have big confidence in.
Wow! I just went back and looked at the thumb count on my last fit: Cheers guys! Although I'm quite aware my better half, the setting and my new camera might have a great deal to do with it.
Very good work nonetheless! At 2300 AUD it's pretty much a steal compared to European bespoke starting prices.
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