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There really doesn't seem to be sidebars in this thread, and it's basically your thread anyway. PM gdl?
Alright, so: [[SPOILER]] If anyone else is interested, let me know.
We've already got a problem, the right one of those is the one I really want to keep.
If I buy used (not often) or deadstock garments I usually dry clean them. I trust my dry cleaner with my life (almost), he's never let me down so far.
Alright, I've really got all the ties I need so I'm willing to just keep one if I win the auction, and share the rest with you guys (of course with no profit). I'm mostly interested in the second one from the right: Tell me which ones you're interested in and we'll divide them if I win. Also, are all of you US residents? If so, you can share the price for the shipping to the US and it will probably be next to nothing (i.e. I send them to one of you and he ships them to...
^ Wow, those are brilliant. I bet the linen chambray will only look better and better with wear.
Burn them and post a video of it here Honestly though, send them to the dry cleaner and wear them in good health, not at the same time though. Edit: Might share if anyone's interested?
I'm currently the highest bidder
Ok TTO, what's the next one? Has there been a linen challenge yet?
Did you do something about the padding in the shoulders? Because they look really good from these pics. If not, I think you should leave them as is.
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