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I received a couple of shirts from Luxire yesterday. I think I've found my new main supplier of shirts.
j011yroger: scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you'll find a choice between mobile & desktop. To see thumbs you chose desktop.
My take on PoW shirt:
Lulwot? Are you referring to the cuffs?
To each his own, I'm fine with the beard. The fact that you also have a good eye for combining colours/patterns makes you a most welcome poster in this thread.
Luxire might be something for you.
Agreed + noone ever sees them except for you (& maybe a spouse).
I may bring this suit out of the closet:
FU I can do.
Well, considering the fact that the winner has to go through all the trouble of putting up next weeks challenge it's kind of a Pyrrhic victory. Speaking of next weeks challenge, I have a great idea for the theme (if the winner can't come up with anything).
New Posts  All Forums: