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Well, get home and change I'm keeping this thread open for submissions until tomorrow. [[SPOILER]]
Is this going to be an SB or DB jacket? If SB, the lapel width is fine, otherwise it's way too narrow. If this is an SB I'm hoping that you're planning on rounding off the fronts ("quarters"). Judging from the lack of cloth in the buttoning area I'm guessing it will be an SB though?Also, judging from the quoted picture you should definitely NOT shorten the jacket. The pants need hemming (of course) and I would let them out just a smidge (so they don't cling to your legs...
There are a few other Scandinavian posters who are really good, but they post way to seldom. I'm hoping @pingson and @Anden are back soon though, they are such great posters!
I take your word for it
If you're going to keep posting stuff like this, you can't keep claiming that you're not one of the best dressers on SF.
Before I accept these. Are you guys wearing blue pants (or at least pants with some blue in them)?
You can post a new outfit if you want to, but you have to choose one outfit to go with for the challenge.
Not even...THIS??
I think you are as humble as you're wrong about this. There may be a few that are on par, but I can't think of one poster that's a "way better" dresser. This is all IMHO, YMMV et c.
Better use your spam gun @in stitches.
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