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With that particular outfit or just with the jacket?With the jacket I think a large scale paisley with green brown and rust in it would look great.Edit: This one could work: [[SPOILER]] With that particular outfit I think cream silk is a good choice. I bought a lot of 10 such squares a year ago with the intent of giving away as gifts or selling them on. I've still got a few. So if you pay for shipping I'll send you one, because the SC deserves it
I'm with Stitchy on this one. It would have looked great with a forest green or dark brown tie IMHO.
Lol. So, when will the new challenge be up?
I guess I'm the odd man out here. I think you should grow it out into a Clark Gable stache.
I think this is one of the most vital threads in the MC forum. Most of my favourite posters hang out in this thread and even though the discussions vary it always circles back to MC. I like the general chat feeling of this thread, but with the MC focus at heart. It has evolved.
Meaningful discussion? In the GNAT?
Lolz ^
Opinions are what makes this forum fun. I totally disagree with you though, and have in fact just bought myself two popovers/long sleeved polo shirts (I'm Swedish so I don't know the distinction between these terms).
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