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Iso, I wouldn't touch the waist. Looks great as is. Also, I only think you should extend your right sleeve (and only 1 cm at most), the other one seems good from this pic.
Rekommenderas starkt! Denna används verkligen flitigt under de kallare månaderna. Från J. Lindeberg förresten, om du vill ha fler uppslag.
Today in iPhone pics:
Nice one!
Well deserved win Cleav! Also, thank you everyone who cast a vote on me.
BTW, Cleav, I love that you're wearing Chelsea's. Keeping The Look alive.
If you want versatility, grey is hard to beat. I think a pair of grey fresco trousers for spring/summer, and a pair of grey flannels for autumn/winter, will take you a long way.
Cheers! It's their most basic flannel. I wanted to experiment with some details and measurements, but for the money, these are pretty brilliant.
New Luxire trousers in action:
New Posts  All Forums: