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Yep, far too few, but give it a couple of days and he might be in the 20+ thread.
well, you can, but I wouldn't recommend it.
I'm really sorry to hear about your loss @NOBD. You have my condolences.
Spring has arrived in Stockholm. I didn't realise, so I slightly overdid the layering.
Boom! Creepiest yet?
Best pic I've seen here for a while. Very well coordinated colours/textures + great fit.Malmö?
I think this goes for everyone posting in WAYWRN. Not all are successful in their endeavour though. What I like about UC is consistency. He knows what he likes and sticks to it.
Wow! We've missed some real peacocks here for a while, but damn Shoe artist, that's some real peacocking!
The jacket is actually the reason I placed myself on the dad side of the sprezz/dad spectrum, it's Orvis.
Where I live they do, anything looser would be considered baggy.
New Posts  All Forums: