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I have in fact not managed to shake my cold yet. The cold from hell indeed.However, I've enjoyed following the discussions in this thread, even if there has been a lot of pointless whining.I do think there are quite a few things that deserve to be criticized about Pitti, and I enjoy discussions about individual outfits, both positive and negative. And I do think there actually were a lot of well dressed men and women there, and I've managed to capture a few of them in some...
The thing is, a good looking woman has so much more leeway than any guy would ever get. She could show up wearing a clown nose and people be all like: "bold fashion statement!" The outfit SB posted is awesome though.
Since this, after all, is a picture thread. Taken from Braddock's Instagram:
Personal preference of course, but I'd say if there are pants that really need a cuff, it's summer weight trousers. The cuff brings just a small amount of extra weight at the bottom, which helps them drape better imho.
Ah, I misread, thinking he was responsible for making Braddock's pants into shorts material.
Just got a pair of corduroy trousers, won't be cuffing them. That's probably the only kind of CM trouser I don't prefer cuffed though.
I think his name is Gennaro Annunziato, if you wanna search out and destroy his pants as retribution.
Good buy! Both the jacket and the square.
May not be obvious in those cities, but if you walk around the central parts of other European cities I think it's quite obvious. I see a big change in Scandinavia, Germany, England, Netherlands, France et c. All of a sudden people actually care about tailored clothes again. Only a couple of years ago, the only suits you saw were black Hugo Boss suits, or something similar, worn by bankers who'd rather be in jeans and t-shirt.E.g. Why do you think Suit Supply is such a...
And I prefer it at the middle of the buckle
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