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I won't argue with you, the collar points look too short. It's going to the bin.
Instagram pics of today's ensemble (my fiancée's iPhone camera). Pant's are awfully office "wrinkled".
I disagree as well. I usually don't get into these type of discussions because I don't wanna sound like a know-it-all when I'm decades behind some of the guys hanging out here.1. This is really just opinion, if you look at some of the classic style icons such as Agnelli, Grant and Astaire they were all fans of DB + BD. In Europe we tend to avoid BD when going for formal business wear, but it's not an overall "rule".2. This I agree on, shirt sleeves would look nice if they...
Det var ruggigt tidigare idag men nu har det spruckit upp.
Went to watch an exhibition today.
I don't care either way. I just think we should keep it moving, as long as it stays great. If it goes sub-Zegna (quality wise) it should be hell of a great looking tie.
We bought a skateboard for one of our dogs to practice her skills on. I tried it out first. I usuallt don't tuck my gloves in that "sprezz" way, but my fiancée thought it looked nice so I went with it. Edit: Thank you again for these pants inlandisland.
WTF? I was wondering where he went. To jail obviously, and hell eventually.
A transatlantic tie box works for me. So, anyone else in on this one from this side of the pond?
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