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^ I think he cut off the last batch earlier than those were posted. BTW, do you guys think this thread might actually influence the overall quality of fits posted in WAYWRN? I mean, people can look at this thread and get a general idea of stuff that seem to work (at least according to SF standards) and then knowingly or subconsciously incorporate that in their own getups
Damn I feel average with my 6'0"
Also, his suits are nowadays made by BnT who are the new internetz-#menswear-darlings (and by the look of their stuff they deserve to be). Edit: Damn Noodles, you're a fast poster!
I like the parallel universe that is SF, where wearing a 3-piece suits is pretty standard.
Perhaps not as much creepy as it's funny, a historical premonition of Pitti style (going there this year BTW): http://publicdomainreview.org/collections/fashions-of-the-future-as-imagined-in-1893/
@TTO shows us how it's done!
Thank you @Beatlegeuse!
I think that if you're gonna go saturated shirt, you've gotta go all the way. Like maomao:
Good ish? Try excellent-ish!
X-post from FC, presenting my view in the DM debate:
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