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This will be fun.
Aha, mine hadn't reached 20 when I last checked (in all honesty, the thread would not suffer had it not been included), but I noticed that Cleavs excellent post had not been posted, hence my post up thread. Good thing we've got Cleav himself keeping everything in order.
No doubt about that!
Thanks for posting! I think there's merit to keeping this thread ~ 1 week behind the WAYWRN though, due to uneven streams of visitors. The last batch skipped past posts that probably will/has since hit 20+ thumbs (no, I'm not referring to my own post ).
Sorry, I don't really know more than what I've posted. I asked him today if I could do an interview with him for my blog though, and I'll be sure to ask him all the questions that might be of interest to potential buyers. It will be one in a series of interviews with people I met during last Pitti. They will then be collected and posted in a thread here on SF, under the #pitti88 tag.
Hey guys, I had a conversation with Robin about his BnT prices today. He said they're the same as for the HK trunk shows. N.B. Just to be clear, I do know him. He hasn't asked me to write about him though, nor do I get special favors for doing so. I just think it's information that belongs in this thread.
You mean I have no idea.
Cheers, I don't have my tripod at home atm, so unfortunately I can't get wider shots right now. OTOH, I think I managed to capture some nice textures in this picture.
X-post from FC, but in colour:
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