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Nope, they have some similarities, but the one I made is more of a sport coat with safari pockets really, while this one is more jacket, sorta. Thank you though!
Don't know how well this works on the SWD side, but I thought I'd post it here to see what you'd have to say: [[SPOILER]]
This.Doesn't mean you should stop doing CM, just keep doing it until you do it with the same ease as this.
Welcome @Kylerton! Even if we do have a great width of variety in dressing among the existing members it's always interesting with more of the sort. I'll give my fiancée a tip about your site, as she usually works in a suit, and sometimes like to combine it with typical menswear accessories: [[SPOILER]]
I like it when the FC takes me out of my comfort zone. This one certainly did. [[SPOILER]]
^ Proper creepy.
Vox's Vanity Fair shenanigans were actually my inspiration.
Bonus score if I can work this into a fit?
They're buried in his backyard.
It is tempting, mostly due to the great looking collars. I have zeroed in on the measurements I want at Luxire though. Since they haven't let me down yet I think I'll just keep on using them. They can make a collar following my exact demands.
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