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I think it has already been established that great photography often plays a part in both thumb count in the WAYWRN thread, and in the FC's. OTOH, with B/W photography, I think you can get away with poorer picture quality, since it always looks a bit more "arty".
Probably in.
This guy is actually trying to sell this SC:
I see I accidentally "thumbed" Noodle's last post. I really didn't mean to, not because I take any sides in this whole Formosa/Noodles debacle, it's just I don't care. Wanna go for SS? Let's see some models on, and get on with the GNA.
I've seen BnT commissioned through @RobinPettersson now. Awesome stuff! Pretty great having a BnT agent so close. Will probably place my first bespoke order with him.
Wow, had never seen that picture before. Going into the inspiration bank.
It's interesting reading about the theorization of shoe vs tie shade. Am I the only one who has never given this a thought before?
^ needs matching shirt.
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