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You're right about SZ of course, it's not SF so I shouldn't have brought it up. It's just that many of the posters who are into that sort of aesthetic seem to hang out there as well.I don't agree with the statement about MC casual not being MC though, you can't just exclude a big chunk of what is generally referred to as classic menswear just to make a point.Also, come to think of it, I should have added Sapeur to the different takes on MC.
I think the recent discussion on SZ clearly displays that there are rules within subsets of SWD. Moo's jacket wasn't approved due to it being of a brand with the wrong "values" or some shit like that. You don't wear your Yamamoto garments tight. You strive for certain aesthetics within certain subsets of SWD. That's not really different from MC. Actually, there isn't just one formula for MC either, there is MC casual, which includes all sorts of outfits. A shirt with a...
The waist band is 2 inches.
The guy sounds pretty clueless, even if the gesture of giving you a new tie was nice. I've talked to the guy who owns the Swedish store on several occasions and he's said that he's made his own contacts with suppliers, and that he basically only shares the name with the American stores.Could be either way of course. Few guys in the business are likely to give up exactly who their suppliers/manufacturers are, especially if they're talking to someone who may also start...
A bit of both maybe. The jacket is long enough, in that it covers the seat (lands ~ 1 cm below the seat).I have a slight case of monkey arms though, which can make jackets seem a bit on the short side when viewed from the front. Also, the angle of the phone exaggerates this. The optimal camera positioning would be maybe one more meter back, and slightly higher.
Stitchy is not wrong. I do think there are people who pick stuff like this up easier, usually the kind of people with a higher degree of spatial intelligence. They will do well within both MC and SWD, pretty much from the start (or at least with a much faster learning curve), with less fails. There are probably more people with higher spatial intelligence on this side of the forum. People who are usually working within creative fields tend to have it. From what I've...
iPhone pictures. I tried taking better pictures with my compact camera while I was out walking the dogs, but the battery died
Creepy or just... a bit off?
Oh, I obviously missed that it was Pliny's birthday as well. Have a great one! Edit. Just saw that it was your daughters engagement people were congratulating on. Indeed a cause for celebration.
Too bad! That would definitely have gotten a vote from me.
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