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So when will the next FC be up? I have a special piece that will be perfect for this one.
I wear a brown belt with my blue loafers. I don't like to matchy-match things too much, especially when it's such a bold colour as blue. Of course black belt goes with black shoes, but when it comes to browns I don't like to match in the exact same shade of brown. There are probably "rules" for this, but I mostly care about what I think looks good.
I don't think so. It's not necessarily a political statement in any case. As you can see here the Pickelhaube has been worn by military, police and fire fighters not only in Germany. Versions of it has even been worn by US Marine Corps.
Ah, haha, English is not my first language, so I get some things wrong. No, I went with one of our standard sizes, they fit me pretty well. The fabric is not one of our standard fabrics though, I shipped it there for this suit. Unfortunately I now realise I should have ordered a jacket a size bigger, since I've got a bigger torso than legs, but it looks quite alright anyway.
Indeed it is, or rather, I'm currently starting it up with a friend/business partner.
Not exactly a new 'purchase', since it's my own brand. But it's a special suit made just for Pitti and is not included in our regular payments to the tailors, so it kinda qualifies for the thread anyway. A 3 piece blue linen suit.
Ok, so if I get a decent price we're looking at something like this? [[SPOILER]]
I talked to the SA (possibly owner) of the store I went to yesterday and he showed me some pictures of coming ties etc and he told me a great deal about their tie makers in Milan. Their shirts are maid in Hungary though (with Italian fabrics).
We have them in Stockholm as well. I bought a shirt there yesterday. As for the quality, I guess time will tell. I mostly bought it because I liked the shape + feel of the collar, and it's linen: [[SPOILER]] Edit: Nice to see your face CP. Also, I like the new pants DonC
I don't think any of the ties are ugly. The 3rd one from left is the weakest one though (imho of course).
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