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Nope, not one of ours. I like to wear stuff from other makers as well. PM sent.
So, I'm lacking a good navy coat atm. What do you guys think of this one?
Orange and green are normally great complements to each other, but I agree with Master-Classter that they're fighting here. A darker/deeper shade of green in the shirt would have looked great IMHO.
Unfortunately not. I've got something quite nice on the way though.
Way to necroquote. BTW, as far as we know, he's not bedding her, they both work for Porsche though. This is his wife: Other than that you're probably right about him not caring. Edit. To be clear, I'm not saying his wife is less of a catch than that model. If she landed an ex-F1 driver she's probably a pretty cool lady.
2014 insights: I realized I can actually make clothes myself. I'm going more and more casual. I don't know anything about shoes and spend very little money on them in comparison to the rest of my wardrobe. I find myself venturing further away from the general SF approved taste in several ways. I've read every book on the history of menswear and tailoring that I've come across, which has only deepened my love for CM. 2015 goals: Get rid of 60% of my current wardrobe. If...
^ did you take these measurements for your wife's shirt? Reason I'm asking is that I didn't do this for my fiancées shirt, and it created a bit of flare in the chest area.
Brilliant in all it's simplicity!
I'll try and get Erica and the dogs to agree taking another picture like this, but I can't promise anything: [[SPOILER]]
And a great mustache. It will be missed.
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