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Hahaha, no. I was never in his league, and I lived in another town when I was active. I was mainly into it because of the great workout. Since I really hate any other form of workout besides going to the gym, this was a good way to sneak some cardio into my routines while doing something that's fun enough to take my mind off the fact that I was doing cardio .
Ever thought of taking up MMA? I use to do this a couple of years ago & it was among the most fun training forms I've tried so far. Never got any real injuries from it either, and I was probably somewhere around your age when I was active.I've been meaning to take it up again myself, to complement gym exercise (lifting and machines). I don't want any real gain though, so you'd probably have to keep a stricter diet (more carbs) than me.
This thread should be revived, it brought a few lulz.
Might enter.
For some reason I always pictured you as Telly from "Kids". [[SPOILER]]
I like the idea of a FFA, Clag's version that is. It's actually a good FC idea: Progress challenge: from train wreck to baller (or at least passable).
Great haul!
AJL, I've done this, but the other way around. I lengthened a jacket. It was a pretty big operation, since I also had to move the patch pockets to keep the balance. It ended up looking great though, so it's not impossible. Find the right tailor to do it before cutting into it. Also, Ed's comment about the buttoning point is something you seriously want to consider.
I can appreciate a good looking tie clip in itself, just not when it's worn (I actually own a couple of tie clips that sit at the bottom of my accessory drawer).For some reason, and this is coming from someone who doesn't mind a bit of peacocking, they make an outfit look a bit fussy IMHO.I'm fully aware that this is a question of personal taste though, and not the general SF approved "good taste". It's unfortunate in many ways that I don't like them, since many of my...
Lol, I wore a jacket with a collar gap and too narrow trousers. Colour wise it wasn't all that bad though. Unfortunately, I don't think I've saved those pics.
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