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Bumping this thread because it's an interesting subject.Going back through the (now widely available thanks to Google pic search) centuries of menswear you can find what people have considered silly fads in each era. It's best illustrated by actually posting pictures of the good and the bad of each era, by a highly personal sense of taste of course. Let's start from the 40's:40'sHasn't aged with grace: [[SPOILER]] Good: [[SPOILER]] 50'sHasn't aged with grace: [[SPOILER]]...
Yes, we like to call it "holding a neutral stance".
I like it. It's interesting to see what pictures people will pick out as their best. I made a compilation in 2 parts on my tumblr of the fits I have posted that have gotten most positive feedback here (1, 2). I will pick one of them and re-shoot it if the picture quality is too poor.
Great outfit, I also love the wall of framed dog pictures!
Love the idea Stitchy! Also, +1 Pingson .
Yes, but they pretty much appeal to the SF audience by adhering to already established criteria for what makes up a good outfit (plus the quality of the pictures were great). Robs89 caught some critique due to more youthful fit (i.e. tighter & shorter than SF average), but all the other elements were SF darlings (flannel pants, blue SC, brown tie et c). It was quite another story when, for example, Tira started posting IIRC. It took some time for everyone to warm to his...
I haven't seen any really shitty outfits in this thread. Really shitty is a completely different thing. There are some fits that are just "decent" though (I may or may not be among those myself).I do agree however, that there are great ones that are overlooked. Sometimes there are new posters that are on a very high level from the start but doesn't get much love, mainly because they're new.
Either way, I put my vote on a winner!
Nah, I posted an awesome fit.Seriously though, there has been some serious trolling the past week or so.
Hard choice this time, so I broke my own record in number of votes. 3 of them have most votes atm.
New Posts  All Forums: