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Still tweed weather here, otherwise that's a challenge I would love to participate in.
Hilditch & Key - Striped Shirt w. French Cuffs & Spread Collar Sz 16.5 Hackett - Yellow tie with neat pattern Charvet - Vintage Tie ~1930's Facconable - Blue, White and Red Striped Tie
If you're a 38, be sure to PM me first Always looking for a great deal.
Hahaha, Stitches FTW!
Thank you Gianni!
I hear you, and would usually agree. 9 out of 10 times, the difference in formality between jeans & tie is too great to combine them in a congruent way. I'd usually go for a knit tie, which I think works just fine. They're as informal as ties go.Yesterday I went with a pretty casual wool tie instead. Did it work? Well, I wanted to try it at least, and I kinda liked it.
Nah, where we live it's not that uncommon. "The woods" are actually just a few minutes from central Stockholm.
Another jeans fit from me. RL Polo BD shirt collars doesn't roll very good, so I kept it unbuttoned:
Even if the percentage of great fits was equally great in in each block, we win by numbers (25 furriners vs 20 Muricans). If we had picked out the greatest fit from each team I think it would have been more even.
Understated perfection (a white linen PS in a TV fold would have looked smashing with this).
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