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Cheers! Looks great!
I think both emptym and edmorel make great points. There is however a weird notion on this forum (and others as well), that if you've proven that you've got the right gear you're free to act like an asshole to everyone else (some revered bespoke clad SF posters come to mind). I have zero problem with criticism and think most of us would welcome more of the kind, presented in a decent manner. But, as of lately I really try and follow this rule: If you wouldn't say...
I think most people outside the CM forums have tastes that are very influenced by what is seen in advertising, on TV, in magazines etc (as do a lot of us as well). Even though the tight suits with narrow lapels are no longer heavily promoted by "innovators", they're still the most popular choice with the late majority and even a part of the early majority I suppose. And will probably be around for quite awhile. Unlike seasonal fashion, suit styles hang on a bit longer...
Had you met Claymore, you'd know that there is nobody like him on SF either. We met him in Florence, twice. The second time was like 4.30 in the morning and everybody was in zombie mode, but this guy had such spirit he actually made a grumpy/tired security guard in the airport giggle by being such a funny and cheerful dude.Seriously, awesome guy!
aodimp? Great stuff!
These are the new pants right? I bet this fit looks much better IRL than what we can see here. You should try and take a picture outside, as natural light does wonders for pic quality. In these pictures the pants look almost black, even though I'm pretty sure they're more like chocolate (am I right?).
Well, he came here acting like a troll. Even if he threw down the best stuff this forum had ever seen (which we really can't judge from these pictures). I don't think it would get much love. Yeah, great fabrics and nicely cut shoulders, lapels et c. But just the last days we've seen more impressive stuff from some of the regular posters, e.g. the Shibumi guys, Incontro, Tchoy, NickP, Murl and Stitchy's joined Formosa fits et c. So why exactly should these small pics posted...
Love it!Well, me and L2BR didn't have any exact same items in our wardrobes, but realized we indeed had a few similar garments. Hence: [[SPOILER]]
Cheers! It's this fabric.
WIWT. I changed shoes later on for the FC. Well, you'll see. And a bonus pic from the other day. The blurriness is on par with NickP, even if nothing else is:
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