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I've got crap gimp, but I'm meeting a friend on Tuesday after work who's got some of the good stuff. Looking forward to using it.
^ Hands down. As i said in WAYWRN, that is one of the best fits I've seen on SF. No flash, just perfect fit and colour combination. I almost never save pics on my computer for future inspiration, but I had to save that one. As for my own fit. I mostly wanted to try out my new camera, so we took it for a spin in one of the most beautiful spots near our apartment. I suspect the setting was the reason for the many thumbs, but I also quite enjoyed that fit and will probably...
^ He's got a limited budget. The sensible thing is going for the cheapest one. Both to get the sizing right and to save money. Once he's landed his first job he can start stocking up on higher quality shirts. A student doesn't need to start investing seriously in his wardrobe if he doesn't have the money to do so. No one expects him to wear expensive, high quality stuff anyway. Save your money to take a nice girl out on a date - that's an investment.
I'd go with the cheapest Poplin. No one outside of SF is gonna see that big of a difference. I wore a shirt from H&M for my first interviews (in finance), and I never got the impression that anyone thought less of me for it. It won't work that well in casual settings though. For that I'd get a blue OCBD.
Practice cloth. I don't want to spoil a jacket until it's perfected (or at least decent).My guess: Over priced for what you get. If you want good leather products, go to someone making exclusively leather products and you'll get most bang for the buck. With that said, they look really nice.
Thank you!I have also followed his progress. But he mainly seems to be doing regular buttonholes, which I find slightly harder to get right (might just be me though).Edit. Also, thanks for that very interesting article!
This is the most "catch 'em all" thread in SF MC right now, so I'll post this here. I'm making a jacket, as some may have seen in other threads. I'm currently training on doing Milanese buttonholes. On the right is my first try and on the left is my second try, what do you guys think? [[SPOILER]]
Don't know anything about him, but if he'd put on slightly wider/longer pants he'd be fine by me.
This is good and all, but I'm quite ambivalent about you attaching that picture of me in the right bottom corner. It's both flattering and weirding me out at the same time.
Too bad I'm not working today and decided not to go out to dinner. No reason to get dressed up, and I can't really bring myself to do it just for the FC. Sorry. Some nice fits here though. Would probably have gone with something like this though: [[SPOILER]]
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