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I understand that you get angry if you feel like someone is criticizing your kids. But I think I speak for everyone when I say that we all assumed that it was you in those pictures. Cox comment was not nasty in any way, it was pretty much standard stuff that everyone should think of when posting here. if you think you got "snotty" comments here I highly suggest against posting in any clothing related forum, because SF is about as friendly as it gets. Also, you can't...
Sorry, lame joke (check out #thedress on tumblr/twitter/Instagram/FB) Really love that suit, best use of fish mouth notch I've seen.
So, I've been planning on getting a new windowpane SC made. Would you guys go for an off white SC with gold WP, or a blue with black WP?
Is that the Cro-Mags logo you're using as an avatar?
Sweet challenge. I've been doing a bit of closet cleaning though, so there are not many WP jackets left, and the ones I've kept have been posted quite a few times.
I wouldn't pair it with cream, it's too close color wise IMHO. The other colors you mentioned could probably work, but rather as wool trousers. I could also see it work with bottle green cords (if it's a f/w sc) or chocolate brown trousers. For $75 I'd get it, and if I ended up not liking it that much I'd pass it on. You could probably sell it for at least the same amount on eBay. Edit. Oh yeah, it's a big no to Nantucket reds with this one.
I like it, but it's a a very limiting color, pairing wise.
Awesome Sander! What's the next challenge?
What about now?
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