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I'm not so sure about that, at least not here in Europe, where ticket pockets are quite usual. Also, I don't think random people walking down the streets look at what people are wearing, unless they A) wear something that looks nice or B) wear something outlandish (which, honestly, ticket pockets don't qualify as).
From Instagram:
^ considering the outfits we usually see from you, I think it would pair well with a lot of your existing wardrobe.
Choc gets my vote.
Unfortunately, I don't have any saved, and it was harder than I'd thought finding by googling.
Your posts never disappoint.
I seem to remember Victor saying something about having a separate apartment for his clothes.
X-post from FC:
Well, I'm not disputing you there.My humble contribution to the challenge:
Off white trousers + light blue OCBD & mid brown loafers - so simple and yet so elegant.
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