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I generally don't disagree with what you're saying.But...Dirty sock fetish is pretty creepy by most standards, whether it's straight or gay. It's unsanitary and, imho, sartorially off-putting.+A man with a stocking over his head sitting on a bed in that manner looks pretty menacing by any standards. If you add the story about one of the posters here getting harassed and stalked by a couple of guys, in this particular fetish community, who fantasises about raping suited men...
I miss that thread.
I'm with Anden. Cotton suit/SC would be fun (+ there's really weather for it here right now).
I saw someone complain about the 20+ thread in WAYWRN. I do think there's a significantly higher degree of really good fits in this thread though & I definitely think it serves a purpose (does that sound smug since I made the cut in the latest batch?).
Looks like the perfect length imho. If you're going very casual (like with jeans etc) I think shorter might work, but otherwise this is good.
Is this one of the freaks who stalked you? I found this pic when looking through friend requests on FB from people I don't know.
I really like this, with the exception of that monkey fist of a tie knot.
Sorry to hear about your back injury, but I liked the robo pose. It's harder to get an idea of the fit when you sit down, and one of the things I've really liked about your posts is that you have found a good sense of fit.
Yep, far too few, but give it a couple of days and he might be in the 20+ thread.
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