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What's happening here? This is turning out to be my favorite FC so far!
I think they hit the sweet spot. These will never be unfashionably high or low.
I would actually have loved to see an SF book printed, with some of the more memorable quotes, fits and members. It could be really hilarious.
Come on Stitchy, you know you want it: http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/clothing/sport-coats/dark-green-plaid-sport-coat-with-terra-cotta-check-11-oz-wool.html
Wow, great pictures and fit Anden! Is that really in Skåne (don't remember seeing actual bark trees there outside of any park)?
This guy sold ties through our old online store a few years ago. I haven't kept in contact with him, but he's done really well and has become a good tie craftsman. Check him out Noodles: http://samanamel.se/products/ties
This looks like a beautiful jacket Cesar, but the picture is really too small and cropped to make out fit/details.
Excellent first post! WTH, this would be a great 1000th post as well. Great use of black Chelsea's!
It actually looks a lot better than last time. The pants are still a big issue, since I'm no tailor I don't know where to start. The jackets look pretty decent compared to the last pics you posted. There are some issues that remain though, such as sleeve pitch. There is bunching in the back of the arm pits/shoulders of the top two jackets because the whole sleeve needs to be loosened and turned backwards. There is also creasing in the back of every jacket (the last one is...
I really like a lot of Attanasio's fits, but he should try wearing socks more often IMHO, at least when wearing a tie.
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