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@Holdfast Buttoned, with a Nehru jacket @KylertonDouble vents, usually.
Nope, Meermin.
Already ordered one, should arrive from Ecuador this week. Also, @thebrownman, looks like you'll win this one. If so, a very well deserved victory. Once again proof that SF rules are not rules, navy pants can indeed look awesome!
Yes, but only slightly. They still look pretty great imho. I started looking through this thread and realised this was a common problem with many dress pants posted here. It will be more or less prominent due to build and posture of course. Pleats can probably have some effect on this as well.You can see the difference if you lay dress pants and jeans out flat on the ground though. I mean, dress pants should still look a bit /\ (so you have some mobility), but less so than...
As someone has pointed out earlier in this thread, it looks like the problem is that the pants are cut like /\ instead of more like II. Cutting the pants like this is great for jeans and casual pants, but looks pretty off on dress pants, and creates these kind of creases/bulges of excess fabric both at the front and back.
What Stitchy said. What Levi's model is that BTW?
Wow @Claghorn, that's beautiful! Everything I've seen from BnT looks amazing, their tumblr is one of my favourite sources of sartorial inspiration (despite their fascination for ridiculously long back tie blades). Thanks guys for the comments and thumbs BTW.
The long hairs are much less of a hassle than the short ones, they're bloody hopeless getting out of almost any types of fabrics.
It's an enamel badge.Let's see those dogs.
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