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I can appreciate a good looking tie clip in itself, just not when it's worn (I actually own a couple of tie clips that sit at the bottom of my accessory drawer).For some reason, and this is coming from someone who doesn't mind a bit of peacocking, they make an outfit look a bit fussy IMHO.I'm fully aware that this is a question of personal taste though, and not the general SF approved "good taste". It's unfortunate in many ways that I don't like them, since many of my...
Lol, I wore a jacket with a collar gap and too narrow trousers. Colour wise it wasn't all that bad though. Unfortunately, I don't think I've saved those pics.
My first post was worse.
So, I'm not the only one with tie clips as a pet peeve? I guess it's like all the loafer hating guys here, for me a (visible) tie clip adds nothing of value to a good outfit. I do believe it's something more favored by Americans though, so maybe it's due to my European sensibilities.
Great, for several reasons.
I guess it's obvious it was sort of a half lame pun on my behalf.
What MF said. You're a great guy, but your selfie game sucks (maybe not the worst thing in the world to suck at ).
This is awesome and need more love (guess it's a bit casual for MC and perhaps a bit too MC for SWD though?)! I love that SS x NMWA.
80s Paul Weller in loafers disproves all claims of loafers being lame:
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