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I think you should look into pants with a slightly higher rise. This low rise model will never flatter your build. And yes, the hip measurements need to be wider as well.
Cheers! I don't think you should accept deviations. Rules are rules after all, otherwise it's not a challenge. If I have some spare time I'll snap pics of wiwt at lunch time, since I tried putting together another sans-blue outfit today.
Thank you FM! I was quite pleased myself that the weather allowed me to bring out this SC again. Unfortunately the blue window panes DQ'ed med from the FC though You are correct gentlemen, this is one of my no-name guitars. I'll probably get a Gibson one day, but for now I'm pretty set.
Ah, damnit! We'll see if I have time to post another this week.
The tie is straight up green irl, no blue whatsoever. I'm afraid you're right about the window pane though. I totally missed that little detail. If it helps I could remove the close up pic, which is the only one that actually shows the blue.
Of course, I always mix those up. It's an acoustic-electric guitar. My best guitar is probably an old Fender Stratocaster from the 60's (I've just promised to sell it to an old friend who is more likely to play on it though). I mostly play on my no-brand acoustic guitars nowadays. That Taylor is a really nice guitar! My brother in law has one and I've tried it out at his place a couple of times.
Damnit, you're right! How could I miss that. I hope it will slide, because I don't have time to take any more FC pics this week.Thank you!Hmm, I actually can't remember the brand atm. It's a semi acoustic, pretty nice to play on, but not one of my best guitars though.Cheers man!
Wow guys! So many good fits since I checked in here yesterday. X-post from the FC:
Wow! So many great entries, I feel unworthy
Priorities = straight
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