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Wow, had never seen that picture before. Going into the inspiration bank.
It's interesting reading about the theorization of shoe vs tie shade. Am I the only one who has never given this a thought before?
^ needs matching shirt.
Ok, in Technicolor:
There is a local consignment shop here in Stockholm that has a 60/40 deal, i.e. 60% for them... Compared to that I think Spoo's deal is pretty great, considering he seems to get good prices for the stuff he sells, does all the work of taking pictures, measurements, writing a sales pitch et c.
Seriously considering doing something on this: From a current exhibition at the MoMA in NY.
I can certainly appreciate the love for Africa, I used to live in Botswana as a kid.
You mean this one of Maomao? [[SPOILER]]
LIES! Proof (well, besides the obvious proof in your avatar): [[SPOILER]] Of course, it may take several drinks/beers to get there, as is the case for Scandinavians.
Love it!
New Posts  All Forums: