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I like wider knits. They should be more narrow at the area where the knot is tied though, IMHO.
Robin's not Korean though. He takes measurements for them. In Sweden, he also offers his own tailoring services, shirts from D'Avino and takes measurements for Edesim Napoli (at least he used to). Don't know if he'll only offer BnT when going to London.
Zr3rs, very nice! Hope to see more from you here.
Great challenge! Looking forward to the next one.
Maybe not for the SWD crowd, but I wear pools all the time. I guess the trick is not to wear it like a golf playing dad (I know several golf playing dads, and they're awesome, but they're not good examples on how to wear pools): [[SPOILER]] A good example of making a polo looking good: [[SPOILER]]
On the sockless look, Antonio of Eidos does it quite well (I just can't recall his SF handle ATM):
Just like chelseas are classics in the UK, France and a bunch of other countries.
While I don't personally have a favourite between loafers and chelseas, I think you're way more likely to get laid in a pair of chelseas. Don't take my word for it, ask these guys:
Have you really been a member since 2012? Nothing divides CM like loafers.Personally, I love them, for the reasons you posted.
I often wear a black velvet blazer when going to clubs and such, paired with black jeans (oh the horror!), a white shirt and black Chelsea's. It's a pretty good look for the occasion IMHO. Not something I would post on SF though.
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