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I don't think any of the ties are ugly. The 3rd one from left is the weakest one though (imho of course).
There really doesn't seem to be sidebars in this thread, and it's basically your thread anyway. PM gdl?
Alright, so: [[SPOILER]] If anyone else is interested, let me know.
We've already got a problem, the right one of those is the one I really want to keep.
If I buy used (not often) or deadstock garments I usually dry clean them. I trust my dry cleaner with my life (almost), he's never let me down so far.
Alright, I've really got all the ties I need so I'm willing to just keep one if I win the auction, and share the rest with you guys (of course with no profit). I'm mostly interested in the second one from the right: Tell me which ones you're interested in and we'll divide them if I win. Also, are all of you US residents? If so, you can share the price for the shipping to the US and it will probably be next to nothing (i.e. I send them to one of you and he ships them to...
^ Wow, those are brilliant. I bet the linen chambray will only look better and better with wear.
Burn them and post a video of it here Honestly though, send them to the dry cleaner and wear them in good health, not at the same time though. Edit: Might share if anyone's interested?
I'm currently the highest bidder
Ok TTO, what's the next one? Has there been a linen challenge yet?
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