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Should render some really good entries.
If you're not throwing your shoulders back, this SC needs a slightly fuller chest. I think the lapel width is objectively alright (if there was such a thing as objectivity), but your frame is more flattered by the Formosa lapels, i.e. fuller cut lapels. For RTW though, this is really good.
I've sent them stuff from Sweden, and plan to do so again. I think you can be quite confident in both DHL and Luxire to handle your jacket and bring it back in the same manner you sent it.
Hey Noodles, doesn't your wife have family in South Korea? If so, why not try out BnT when you go to visit them?
Sorry all English speakers, but... Vilken tidning är detta?
Damn I love autumn colours!
I'd thrift if I had them time and energy to do so. I've seen some amazing thrift finds by some of the guys on SF. It's environmentally and economically sound, if you don't count alternative costs due to time spent (but if it's also a hobby I guess it's time well spent). I do love a good bargain though, which means I sometimes have to wait a while for the right piece to come along, but since I'm building a long time wardrobe I'm in no hurry. I'm neither poor nor wealthy,...
I have both rolled and hung my ties, both work just as fine imho. Right now I don't really have any good way of hanging my ties, so they're all rolled up. Rolling actually takes the wrinkles out of most my ties, don't ask me how.
They are straight, but I would probably change this for a slightly concave cut in the future, as I prefer that shape. The gorge is perfect though, came our exactly as I specified it. All in all, as far as online mtm goes, this is great IMHO.
Try the Noodles good natured advice thread, it's really more suited for those types of discussions
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