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I've never heard about the label checking either. I have to check with friends if they've been subjected to it. Sounds like an awfully rude thing to do, and is probably not practiced in Sweden.
Traditionally, my family on my mother's side, used to be farmers. This was way back, when this was how a lot of farmers would look: My homage - not exactly what they would have worn, more like a current interpretation:
For fit. I had my best result with double forward pleats though.
@JIMB yup, they're Luxire. My first Luxire trousers actually. [[SPOILER]] N.B. I've changed the measurements very much for later orders.Edit. Order #6560
Chocosa is a very tall man. I'd guess this is his only option if he buys RTW.Agree about it looking lovely!
Love them Superga's. I got another pair while in Florence, in black. Don't know if I'll get as much wear out of them as my white ones though.
This. Do you know how many calories those bad boys contain? It's pretty much like eating an extra meal.
I think it's safe to say "Congrats Gerry!"
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