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You guys tumble shirts?!
Stitchy is not happy with this post.
Got any earlier posts with this SC/Suit? Looks like a good combo.
The good thing about bespoke items is that they often leave a good deal of fabric for future alterations. Hopefully this is the case here as well.
I like the idea Ac, but I think most of our wardrobes lack English summer clothes (or is it just mine?). I've got loads of English tweeds if anyone like to do that FC in the fall though. I think linen/cotton and striped ties are good ideas.
The irony I do agree it's idiotic though.
Love those D'Avenza trousers. Any chance of getting a fit pic?
Yay Stitch! (And yay me for not having to host the next FC )
I must say that my preferences differ from jedward's. Staged professional photoshoots leave me completely uninspired, since they often lack a personal touch. We can all agree that toilet selfies also are lacking in inspiration, but generally I've gotten way more out of WAYWRN pics than any look books.
You guys have got me trying to convince my better half to go to South Korea for our next vacation, to try out BnT.
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