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Pictures, or a thread? There has certainly been enough good pictures posted post-2010 to make such a thread. Actually some of the people in this thread have posted even better stuff after 2010.
Great job DonC! I was actually meaning to do this myself, but you beat me to it.
Well, You're helping NickP in making his label more visible, which of course is a kind act on your behalf.I'm always fast in removing all brands, pins et. c. on all my newly purchased clothes. The thought of actually purchasing a pin to stick to one's jacket for show, is just bizarre to me.
That is a sweet sport coat, but I'd probably remove the Isaia pin from the lapel button hole before wearing it.Edit. Just realised that I echoed spectre's post.
Has anyone saved enough pictures to start a Hall of Fame: post-2010 thread?
Ok, so I'm necroposting in my own thread. I had forgotten about this one. Thank you for the compliments though!
PM sent, but for anyone interested in the details, the order number is #7756. [[SPOILER]] I sent an email to Theresa about making a matching jacket for the pants today BTW. Eagerly awaiting response as to how to go about it!
No doubt, I wouldn't pretend to ever come close to their sense of flair. I really appreciate LK and Barim's unconventional styles though. To some extent, maomao also wore some less than classic combinations with success.
I'm too old to be embarrassed by stuff I used to wear. I won't be embarrassed in 7 years either, even if my taste in clothes may have changed. Also, I don't revere all the old posters as others seem to do. Admittedly, there were some really great dressed fellas here who stopped posting, but I'd rather point out the likes of LK, Barims, Vox, maomao et c.
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