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I always listen to what my fiancée thinks about my clothing. She's one of the main reason I want to look good anyway. She's never claimed to know men's clothing, but she has great taste in general so I value her opinion + she's got the basics down pretty well. I give my opinion on her clothes as well. I don't really know how women in general are as guides to men's clothing though, I suspect it might be as you say.
Oh, "senior member" means nothing, it takes 100 posts or so to get there. If you stick around for a while you'll probably find out who's posts you gain any new intelligence from. If you're more of a fashion kinda guy there is the SW&D part of the forum you might like to check out as well, it's less conservative, but still quite snarky.
TM Lewin and CT are quite alright for what you pay.
I don't have any rules that I abide to, style wise. That feels pretty goddamn good. I'm not crazy about 6x1 DB's, cargo pants, leather jackets, suit + sneakers etc etc, but that doesn't mean I'll never try it, or change my mind if I see someone pull it off with splendor.
This is really the opposite of stupid, but it fits well in with a lot of the earlier stuff posted here:
So, what did they haul you in for?Srsly though, that is a nice fit.
this was my idea, it seemed to need this to not look too pale and washed out.
Cheers! I love it as well, but it wrinkles like crazy.The dog is an English Staffordshire Bullterrier, she's awesome.
Horrible iPhone pic quality, but you get it. Lots of cotton and linen today: [[SPOILER]]
Don't know if this qualifies as "peacock", but it's not very CBD either. [[SPOILER]]
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