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Hold on, did you come here to make this thread about you?
I agree about the pindots. Could also see the tie work with a navy blazer + grey flannel trousers.
I'm totally in love with the roll of Benedikt's collar.
I disagree with all of the above statements about Anden's picture. I think this is a very good mix of autumnal colours. The vibrant forest green of the cardigan (at least it looks forest green on my screen) + the light blue shirt keeps it from becoming too murky. I could also see this with a switch-around of the cardigan & tie colours, i.e. forest green tie + brown cardigan. IMHO, you don't have to let tie/PS reflect colours in other garments. Sometimes they can complement...
^Those shoes are much better, and casual enough for the other outfit. I think the difference is: A) Most people would consider that tie pretty bad, but they thumbed it because: B) The context of how it was worn - with a navy suit and light blue gingham shirt C) The photo quality/framing of the tie D) It was worn in a "bold tie" FC. I like bold ties, but the proportions, colours and balance have to be right. There is too much going on in this tie: Very light colours,...
If there is any room in your budget for purchases I'd get new trousers with a bit higher rise + nicer looking shoes (doesn't have to be expensive). OTOH, if you ain't got the cash, I think you can improve that fit by disposing of the tie. I don't think it will get much love neither here, nor irl.
Well, I got one our E-F-V overcoats that is cashmere blend as well, but I don't know if overcoats are allowed as part of the getup (+ it's more SWD than MC).
I might be in, even though I only own one cashmere SC & all WAYWRN regulars probably recognize it by now. [[SPOILER]]
I like it too, wearing it right now. I would like it just half an inch longer though.
Me too. I'm a bit surprised I got votes when I didn't even wear a tie & the competition was so fierce.
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