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Cheers! The shirt is actually less saturated than in the 2nd pic, pretty standard pale blue hue. I'm looking into buying some more saturated, non SF approved, blue shirts atm though.
I actually started out trying on a yellow tie with today's outfit, but it looked off, so I'll sit this one out.
There was a time when I would have broken the bank in this shop, had I stumbled upon it. My first love of coat and tie probably had a lot to do with this movie:
Stole this from Clags, posted in FC thread:
Nice stuff Stitchy & Steffen! Here's wiwrn: Edit: Mazel tov Stitchy!
He looks pretty bad ass.Lino is Lino.
Yellow tie done right ^
Got an email from Theresa yesterday that my pants will be shipped next week + an apology for the order taking so long to process. By my standards 1 month really isn't that long time to wait for online MTM, especially at this price point. I hope the pants come out as great as my last order.
I generally don't disagree with what you're saying.But...Dirty sock fetish is pretty creepy by most standards, whether it's straight or gay. It's unsanitary and, imho, sartorially off-putting.+A man with a stocking over his head sitting on a bed in that manner looks pretty menacing by any standards. If you add the story about one of the posters here getting harassed and stalked by a couple of guys, in this particular fetish community, who fantasises about raping suited men...
I miss that thread.
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