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I hear ya! It's long due for a trimming.
X-post from FC: [[SPOILER]]
I'll play:
Limited closet space?
I think most of us know what kind of red he suggests. It's the kind usually shunned by SF, as being too bright and hard to wear. In other words, AAS gave us a real challenge.I own an olive green sport coat with a red over check, is that too easy?
Don't think I own anything red anymore, but I'll check.
Great post Cox! Keep 'em coming!
Cheers for posting a link to my B&S thread! I will probably not list anything near that Kiton in baller status though. It's the most expensive jacket I've ever bought, but I got such a good deal when I bought it I couldn't pass it up. On ironing shirts: it takes me about 5 minutes if I'm in a hurry (then mostly collar, cuffs, placket and chest). 10 minutes if I want them really crisp.
Put too much stuff in my coat pockets, doggie bags and whatnot, so there's a bit of skirt flare. Oh well...
Not exactly the pinnacle of good taste, but I'm not gonna try and sugarcoat it: [[SPOILER]]
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