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Horrible iPhone pic quality, but you get it. Lots of cotton and linen today: [[SPOILER]]
Don't know if this qualifies as "peacock", but it's not very CBD either. [[SPOILER]]
Will be following this thread with interest (and maybe post something)
Nice! the thread lives on. I'll go through it & put full list in the 1st post. Edit: Doesn't seem to work. Guess the thread is too old or something. I'll make a new list in this post instead: EFV: http://sowhatelseisnew.tumblr.com qbessi: http://qbessi.tumblr.com TTO: http://giantbeard.tumblr.com/ IST66: http://da-i-net.tumblr.com/ Phat Guido: http://mostexerent.tumblr.com/ A.J.V: http://dresslikea.tumblr.com/ banis: http://banis.tumblr.com/ Fantastic Mr Foxx:...
Almost forgot about this. How's everything going?
If you want the picture to get a fair judgement you should really post a pic that shows the entire outfit. 4-in-hand is always the best knot imho, regardless of collar spread.
Red might be a bit strong in contrast if you're wearing a suit that is almost black and a white shirt. If you still have time, go get a dark blue/grey tie to go with that combo.
The colours are quite muted, it's not like there's a pattern/colour bonanza going on. Gingham is quiet enough and the belt is hardly visible. The major impression given when standing up with the suit buttoned will be quite subdued, with the spectators giving it a personal touch. As a casual outfit this is great imho.
Thank you!It's quite alright to walk around in, linen is your friend if you gotta wear suits in this heat. Retrospectively, I think a white PS would have been a good choice.
Thank you! I agree about the PS, but I love them wide ties.
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