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I guess today's outfit qualifies: I'll see if I can come up with something a bit less casual later on in the week.
Nice one Foxhound! May just be in.
I cut voting shorter, because there was no ay anyone was gonna catch up with @Papperskatt. So, what's up for next FC?
Thank you duderinos! It's a vest.
^ humble brag Seriously though, I experienced the same thing a couple of years ago when I started taking my training more seriously. RTW clothes started to fit me much better. I've let myself go this last year. I've got my reasons for that though, and am now starting to get back into shape.
Had it not been for the slight downward angle of the lapel, and the slightly low placement of the notch, this suit would look very contemporary. As Clags said though, it looks good regardless. The ad is from -69 btw.
Cheers Cleav!
FC poll is up. Place your votes!
FC poll is up. Place your votes!
New Posts  All Forums: