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Still from last year:Most thumbs: me (46)CJP: Claghorn?Best CM casual: UrbanComposition
Naturally. However, it is the idea of high rise trousers being particularly #menswear that I object to. That's like saying that classic length jackets are #menswear, just because they seem to come back in style now.I say all this as a self professed #menswear poster.
Today, wearing a new suit from my own brand (more pictures of this suit will be posted soon), with shirt, tie and tweed cap from @Tom Miler's brand (Miler menswear):
This week:2 shirts from Swedish MTM service Shirtonomy: [[SPOILER]] 2 suits from my own brand (yes, I pay for it, so I'd consider them purchases):1 tweed cap, 1 shirt and 1 tie from @Tom Miler's brand Miler menswear:
Hey Dennis, I like all the details in that outfit. I just have a hard time appreciating when the vest and the bow are so similar in pattern/pattern size.
In! However, I object the notion that proper waist height and pleats are #menswear (even if they are popular with the #menswear crowd ATM). This would mean that my grandpa was very #menswear.
Looks a lot like the fabric I had this suit made from: [[SPOILER]]
Ah, I just scrolled past it. Didn't realize it was several ideas. The #menswear idea.
Anden's idea sounds like something I'd like to watch, and probably take part in.
Grattis @Anden!
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