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Thoughts? Personally I really like the cut of everything, the colours and the fit.
Cheers for the love! Someone at Belstaff seemed to like my outfit as well.
Cheers @luxire, I will send these measurements for her next shirt.
Horizontal darts in the chest area. Women's shirts often have them.
Here are the specifics for her shirt: [[SPOILER]] It fit fairly well, but there is a slight problem with the chest area, due to the female physiognomy. It can be corrected with a few darts, which I will ask Luxire for the next time.This is what it looks like when she wears it:
Just got these, 2 pique cotton long sleeves polo shirts + an OCBD for my fiancée:
I wear fair isle all the time. #menswear cosplay FTW!
I like black coats, just not that coat.
Free drinks, meeting people interested in menswear, why not?
I remember it being awesome.
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