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Mine too, and that's no small feat, considering that the SeaJen list is pretty impressive.
Yeah, it's quite hard once you've become accustomed to a certain standard of living. I used to dream of going back to school and get a higher degree in Business/Economics, maybe become a full time academic, but the economic aspect of it scared me off from even trying. As things are right now, I'm happy I didn't follow that path though.
This. [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, everything's "easy" if you're a friggin style god. I'm probably gonna have at least one new light blue suit for summer though (from my own brand). Really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.
TBH, I'm quite happy growing older. Most (non-physical) things get easier, finances are better, et c. As you say, luckily, maturity is optional.
I like that on SF, I'm still considered a young guy. Being closer to 40 than 30, I usually think of myself as middle aged. I'll always be 25 at heart though.
^ yup, if it's generally a low contrast outfit, and the shirt is slightly lighter (like in Elio's picture), I think it can look very good.
I usually come back to the same combinations over and over.
Yup, congrats simian, you've just got yourself the closest thing to a One Tieā„¢ that you can find.
Interesting. I have never really thought about it. My grandpa did it all the time and I guess that's where I picked it up. For me it's a quite neutral look, so I am honestly surprised it's such an issue to anyone. OTOH, this is SF, and I guess we all have our pet peeves about stuff like this.
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