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There will be SF wife discounts of course
I just realized that I haven't bought a suit or SC/blazer without patch pockets for the last 2 years. OTOH, I haven't worked within a CBD setting for as long.
^ this! Could we all please refrain from crotch shots, it makes surfing SF even weirder when in public.
@CruzAzul, is that the standard pullover front placket?
Jason Marshall FTW, but there were quite a few awesome fits in this batch. Nice seeing some of the old guard still posting such great outfits, Urban Composition & ctp wear the hell out of those sport coats.
That's a great looking suit. Luckily, my SO wants to step up her suit wardrobe, since she got promoted a couple of months ago and want to signal more authority (she's my age but looks 15 years younger). We're gonna try and make a new E-F-V suit for women and I guess she'll be the test pilot. The BnT suit looks a lot like the model I had in mind.
Today's outfit would have worked here. But I posted it a couple of weeks ago, so perhaps I'll try something new.
Probably perfect for Sweden though.
@RCAsia please use spoilers:
Good on you SB! That chest works better on you than Noodles. So, good on you both.
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