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Yes, now go collect that buttery scotch fresh GQ cash yo!
It is indeed a great suit Stitchy. When are you getting your next Panta?
What FM said.
Can't beat autumn as backdrop.
Yeah, my initial thought was " who the f**k would buy this crap?" But then I remembered the sad cult of "PUA's" that The Game spawned & realized that they may even have a potential market for this.
Swedish pre-teen boy band, true story:
^ brilliant!
Followed me too, that's how I found it. I think wearing this would probably attract all the wrong kind of attention to oneself. My mind is just boggled as to how someone thought this up, and then actually followed the idea through as a business venture.
From http://instagram.com/laser_lapel
In other news, the "upscale men's fashion accessory" we've all been waiting for has finally arrived:http://instagram.com/laser_lapel [[SPOILER]]
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