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Green, purple, brown and orange are some of my favourite colours to combine for F/W getups. There are muted varieties of each colour that won't look garish when worn together.
Subscribed. Hopefully I can contribute with something.
Happy birthday Justin!
I guess this kinda belongs here. Inspired by Urban Composition:
I got inspired by @UrbanCompositionĀ“s outfit the other week, wearing a shawl cardigan with vest + trousers from a 3 piece. I wore boots with this earlier today BTW.
Still in Manchester? I don't know if Private White V.C. have a shop there as well, but all their stuff is made in Manchester. In that case, they're definitely worth a visit.
Gerry, I will travel to Australia, I will find you and I will steal that jacket. Now, please tell me your home address, work schedule and whether or not you own a menacing dog/handgun.
I never even considered holding someone's bag an issue. I'll hold Erica's bag if she's tired, because... well, I care about her comfort. I can't recall one single time when someone's questioned my manliness (lolz). I think that not being considerate of your SO, because of an overwhelming fear of appearing feminine, is a pretty un-manly trait. Otoh, she almost never carries a regular handbag.
Unfortunately not. Send him an e-mail if you're interested in specifics:
Ok, I just got word from Robin that he can do trunk shows in London and do fittings for BnT there. If there are enough interested SF:ers maybe that will be enough to put together such a trunk show? N.B. I get no monetary benefits out of posting this.
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