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Subscribed. Don't want to miss a good SF meetup!
Haha, I'm hoping to secure a Swedish victory.Very nice Olof!
Great entries so far! And yes, I can definitely extend the challenge until Sunday.
That jacket is beautiful!
Damn you aussies and your awesome weather! We've got 3 degrees Celsius here in Stockholm today.
I met up with some of Sweden's finest at Robin Petterson's trunk show in Stockholm. As some of you know, he's BnT's agent in Sweden. This means that he makes all the fittings and send the measurements/garments back to BnT for all the actual tailoring. I photographed the first measuring of Andreas Weinås (manolo.se) for a new sport coat in a lovely blue VBC hopsack fabric. I will try and make it to the first fitting and snap some more pictures. From what I've seen so far...
Only if worn as separates
Off to a great start!
Agreed! I love Jamie's ability of catching all the awesomeness in his pictures!
Something for all the tweed lovers: New challenge is up - The tweed jacket!
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