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Personally, I will vote based on which block shows the biggest number of great fits, and I hope I'm not alone in this. My allegiance is to awesomeness, first and foremost.
Yes! Now if we could get Butler, TTO and some other high-thumb-count-inducing non-Muricans to bring their flair to this thread I think we've got this.
They are from Meermin. Much below your price level. Seriously though, they've got some very nice loafers.
B & Tailor? Love the suit!
I really dig this, even though down vests generally are big pet peeves of mine.BTW, you should post your last fit in this thread, for team Foreigners.
What the hell, I'll go with this one: Team Furriners, Scandinavian division.
That lapel roll is pretty darn sweet. All-in-all this is close to perfect imho (I'm missing a PS). What shoes are you wearing with this?
Thank you Gianni!
No, for my first pair of tassels I went with a budget alternative, Meermin. Still very nice shoes though.
Another x-post
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