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I'll see if I can produce something worthwhile.
Wow, so many of the regulars at the top of their game in that batch!
Ah, you looked to be about the same height in those pictures. Naturally, my first thought was: " nice, double the wardrobe to chose from!"
Hey Crusty, I see that you and your man are about the same size. Coincidence? I think not.
Unfortunately, I had hit the ISO knob on the camera before handing it over to Erica, so this picture is grainier than usual.
Don't do it. Send in a pair of well fitting jeans instead. Dress trousers (and even chinos) are totally different creatures than jeans. If you have the same size in jeans and trousers it means that, either your jeans are baggy dad fits or your trousers are nut huggers. Neither is a good option.
I own one SS tie. It looks nice, but doesn't tie good knots. I didn't notice the knots being particularly small. I really like small knots though, like prince Charles knots his ties. Those knots are really small, but look really nice.
What I'm wearing today:
Turtle neck weather:
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