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I don't care for it much. It feels a bit "cowboy cosplay" imho (which is fine if that's what you're going for of course).BTW, Kylerton's vest looks like it's of appropriate length, but the pants needs a higher rise.
Yay! Happy birthday Stitchy!
Got a package waiting in our office. I'm hoping it will contain a new linen 3-piece suit from our tailors. If so, I might just enter this one.
The good thing about the production of accessories is that it's easily altered if needed. Let's hope the market (or a substantial enough part of it) will start demanding slightly wider ties
That's sad. hopefully they'll come around and start making them again. Since we can see that the lapel width is increasing, even in the fashion world, we will hopefully see the same thing in ties. I generally like my ties to be 9-10 cm wide.
‘Homage to Britain’ challenge is a brilliant idea Ac.
Not even the Pink Attolini cashmere unlined™?
Hmm, the weather has changed for the better in Stockholm, so it's really not vest weather any more. Here's hoping for a chilly day
Yup, same for me. Annoying.
@Holdfast Buttoned, with a Nehru jacket @KylertonDouble vents, usually.
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