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For easier accessability to the Pitti pictures I've decided to post every day in a different thread this time. Jasper tried explaining why tyhis is a really good idea to me in an email, something about searchability from outside the forum. All sounds like technical witchcraft to me, but it does make it easier to get directly to pictures from each day without having to search through this thread. Links to all days of Pitti will be collected in the first post of this...
Ok, so after arriving 5 hours after schedule to Florence, we were a bit tired to say the least. Too late for dinner, so we headed straight to bed. Day one was chaotic, but we expected nothing less. We spent it meeting up with friends and taking pictures of people wearing stuff. That was pretty miuch what happened on the fair, we got back to the hotel for a while, just in time to change and head out for dinner. I wish it had been more of a culinary experience for me to...
A bunch of different people, there for a bunch of different reasons. Some of them are designers with their own brands, others are bloggers, and some of them seem to be full time peacocks (I seriously have no idea what they do).
Cheers Gus! Since I'm nervously punctual, I arrived at Arlanda airport 2,5 hours before our flight to Germany (and then on to Florence) was due for take off. We are still at Frankfurt airport, or is it Munich? I really don't know, these German airports all look the same to me. Anyway, in an hour we're Tuscany bound. Things to look forward to this week for us, and by proxy, for you: - Lots of interesting exhibitors and meet ups with interesting designers and tailors from...
Don't forget to follow the styleforum Instagram account, we've already started posting:
Sounds like a plan, let's do it!
Collecting an odd vest at my tailor today, and plan to wear it at Pitti next week, so I might just be participating.
I went through the WAYWRN thread between the first and last post of the last batch and I couldn't find one fit from you there. This thread is still ~ 2 months behind the regular WAYWRN.
Doing this on my iPad, so there's no chance of me editing the posts like Clags did above. I fear this thread might die if we don't keep it going though. Since it's one of my favourite threads I'll try and do my part:
^ love it Cleav! Happy New Year everyone!
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