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You did it better.
I'm considering getting a M43 as well, but I'm afraid it wouldn't go over well with Erica, who already thinks I take up too much closet space.
Cash rules everything around me: CREAM, get the money.Dollar, dollar bill y'all.
Cream silk is the most versatile PS you can find IMHO. I know a lot of posters will hate it because Foo was so positive about it, but I'm definitely with him on the cream silk PS though.
If that's how security guards dress where you come from, you live in a much better dressed place than I.Cheers! It's a M51 vintage field jacket. I have a few Barbour coats as well, but this is a new favourite Autumn jacket.
I like a close fit, but not tight. You are right about them looking too snug in the first picture, I can assure you they are not that tight though.
First day of real autumn weather in Stockholm:
Well, I won't have time to get back home and change now. Will enjoy seeing contributions.
I'm not so sure about that, at least not here in Europe, where ticket pockets are quite usual. Also, I don't think random people walking down the streets look at what people are wearing, unless they A) wear something that looks nice or B) wear something outlandish (which, honestly, ticket pockets don't qualify as).
From Instagram:
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