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I like solids, sometimes. I think it's easy though, for the most conservatively dressed crowd, to forget that we're not all here for the same reasons. CBD rules doesn't apply to what I do for a living, so I have no need to always dress in navy suit with navy tie. In fact, since I stopped working in a bank, I never "need" to dress in that manner any more. What did you think spectre? That you'd come back to the forum a few years later, and everyone would be wearing all...
[/quote]SS should fire their entire advertising department and just have Timo walking around getting photographed in their stuff. He wears the hell out of their suits.
Is that Formosa?
My favourite batch so far! So much win in each and everyone of those pictures.
+1 Especially purple on grey.
Great idea for a thread, I will follow it closely (and hopefully contribute sometime in the near future).
I could do pith helmet. I won't though... but you know, I could.
Would have been awesome, but the brown suits I own are all very A/W. Me and L2BR will have to see what common denominators our wardrobes have.
L2BR, I'll be in your team if you're up for it. Are we going for 2 or 3 participants per team?
I usually like the DTO challenges. Because they often take you out of your sartorial comfort zone and may even give you a few new ideas as to what fits you. My idea for a challenge: Everybody DTO Claghorn. - Why? Because Clags usually posts solid stuff, like blue jackets and grey pants, solid suits and ties etc. Even though we might not have stuff of the same cut or the exact same colour/fabric, I think most of us could find a Clags fit we could (probably with less...
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