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People who have sent clothes to Luxire for replication/measurements. Did you use DHL or send the items via regular postal services?
Pictures, or a thread? There has certainly been enough good pictures posted post-2010 to make such a thread. Actually some of the people in this thread have posted even better stuff after 2010.
Great job DonC! I was actually meaning to do this myself, but you beat me to it.
Well, You're helping NickP in making his label more visible, which of course is a kind act on your behalf.I'm always fast in removing all brands, pins et. c. on all my newly purchased clothes. The thought of actually purchasing a pin to stick to one's jacket for show, is just bizarre to me.
That is a sweet sport coat, but I'd probably remove the Isaia pin from the lapel button hole before wearing it.Edit. Just realised that I echoed spectre's post.
Has anyone saved enough pictures to start a Hall of Fame: post-2010 thread?
Ok, so I'm necroposting in my own thread. I had forgotten about this one. Thank you for the compliments though!
PM sent, but for anyone interested in the details, the order number is #7756. [[SPOILER]] I sent an email to Theresa about making a matching jacket for the pants today BTW. Eagerly awaiting response as to how to go about it!
No doubt, I wouldn't pretend to ever come close to their sense of flair. I really appreciate LK and Barim's unconventional styles though. To some extent, maomao also wore some less than classic combinations with success.
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