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Haha, I actually think that's the reaction he was after though. One of the nicest/funniest guys we met all week, and he's a forum member.
My best bet would be that it is a Sartoria Corcos.
Last day in Florence yesterday. We did some typical tourist stuff, like visiting the Boboli gardens. Beautiful place, to say the least. Don't know if this new jacket will get much love here, I think it's awesome though (but am considering re-colouring it, I like DIY experiments like that).
Don't know if I ever commented on that Formosa suit when we met, but it is awesome.
WIWY. I guess this shirt + suit combo isn't particularly SF approved, but I like it.
^ Great pictures. As promised, before we head out on some tourist-y stuff, pics from last day of Pitti. I also got the chance to talk to @Mr. Claymore, really nice fella! There are some really non-SF approved fits here, so consider yourselves warned (includes a non-glamorous shot of the press room, for those who wants to see more sides of the fair): Bye bye Pitti.
We had some stuff to do near the fair today, so we checked it out and had a great lunch at the press buffet (really good stuff there all week). It was pretty much a ghost town by lunch time. The exhibitors were obviously tired and wanted to leave, since most buyers seemed to be done for the week. There were a few stray people walking about though, so I snapped a few pictures. Not much classic stuff. I'll see if I have time to post them tomorrow. It's been a great week here...
Might pop by today again, since we'll be close by. Say hi if you see us.
Also, no one seems to be inspired by Nyan cat. Weird, isn't it, how everyone's not inspired by random stuff on the Internetz that has no real bearing on the kind of lives they're living?FYI though, the people ending up in these pictures are not the only people on the fair. There are lots of really classically dressed men here, but they're usually inside the fair buildings doing business, and don't really look like they want their pictures taken. I think the Shibumi guys,...
New Posts  All Forums: