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Tie and dress shirt are optional. Although, considering this is MC, you're more likely to get votes if you stick to (at least casual) dress shirts.
Remember, technically you could go with moleskin or corduroy (classic F/W fabrics) as they're also (usually) cotton.
Wow, great first entry! Love everything about that fit: collar roll, lapels, colours and textures.
Then Sir, I suggest you go out and kop some. What better reason than an SF FC?I don't own any Dockers. Yes, but more cotton than linen. All rules in the threak.
Cheers GMMcL! Here it is: FRIDAY CHALLENGE 20140509 - COTTON
This week we embrace spring and one of the materials most suitable for the season, Cotton.I expect most of you guys own at least one cotton SC or suit, now is the time bring them out.Rules are simple: Cotton SC or suit. Cotton blends are allowed if they contain more than 50% cotton. Fits have to be worn this week. Poll will be up on Saturday and ends on Monday (Swedish time).Examples (BnTailor, vannikorea): [[SPOILER]] Participants:
Has the poll expired yet? It looks like I have at least a fighting chance of winning this anyway. Therefore I'm announcing next weeks FC, sort of a tribute to Cotton Dockers (far fetched?) and his bundle of joy: Cotton jacket/suit challenge. Seems appropriate for the season and feels pretty inclusive. All MC posters should own at least one SC or suit made out of cotton. If you don't, now is the time to go out and get one. Thread will be up tomorrow.
I seriously didn't know you could do this. Thank you for the info.
Congratulations CD!
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