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Hard choice this time, so I broke my own record in number of votes. 3 of them have most votes atm.
For real? There have been a few shady dudes that have tried to befriend me on FB that seem to be into suited guys (even though it is made quite clear I have a fiancée), but your experience seems quite worse. I'm all into live and let live, until someone tries to rape me that is.
I believe so yes. Oh btw, don't check out his other items, unless you want an array of used socks with holes in them & other gems like (used?) underwear.
@Robs89, that's a stellar outfit!
Wearing my tweed while there's weather for it.
I really like the look of Italigente shoes. How's the quality?
Lots of watchers though, guess people are holding off their bids right up until the finale (that's how I usually do when buying stuff on auction). There might also be suspicion because this is my first auction, might need more feedback from buyers.
Well, take it or leave it. If this is how you respond to good hearted criticism then fine, be on everyone's ignore list until one of the forum mods ban you.I'm open to people giving their opinions on my pics, it's kind of what this thread is all about. Yes, sometimes there might even be people giving you completely non-constructive critique, like saying your fits would not be better at 2am in a bar restroom. If you can't take things like that without starting a vendetta...
Has there ever been a joint victory? Right now Stitchy, Pingson and Timo are all taking the lead.
"... I like wearing these with my suits and wear them very often when on location for photographic shoots for my modelling career...." - Yeah.
New Posts  All Forums: