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Inspired by this article, that I contributed to recently, I thought a jacket/coat challenge would be appropriate for the season. It seems like autumn has hit most of the western world, and on the other side of the equator I see guys like Gerry Nelson donning jackets, so I guess it's pretty appropriate there as well. If you're one of the lucky bastards who live in a place that's more or less always hot, I guess a linen jacket can work(?).The rules:- Outfit has to be worn...
Thank you Cleav! I'm considering a jacket/coat challenge, since it's in-between-season in a lot of places around the globe. I'm open to suggestions though.
Here you go:
Love this look! I need to get me a biker jacket right now.
Wow Victor, that's really great!
Well, there are probably a lot of nits to picked. I was comfortable wearing it anyway
It's a knit, polka dot, but still knit.
Mullets are awesome!
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