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Every photographer on site loved him.
Hey guys. Just back from Florence, and with a working wi-fi(!!!) The last couple of days there I just dressed very comfortably, so I guess this is more of MC casual fit: Anyway, go check out my post of Day 4 at Pitti, with some pictures of Tira's new collection and a lot of other stuff.
Back in Sweden. Unfortunately, the wi-fi in our hotel was sketchy at best, so we had to wait to upload these until now. This is an assortment of pictures from day 4 (aka "ghost town" day of Pitti), when most visitors have started to clear out, and left are the exhibitors. That means that this is a pretty good day to walk among the stands/booths. So we did. We took pictures of a LOT of products and stands, only to realize that the horrible light inside the pavilions make...
Cheers! I'm not sure about Erica's, I think maybe Stetson. Mine is from an Ecuadorean shop on eBay. I have no idea what the name of the shop was though, and there ar no tags in the hat.
Definitely one of the most enjoyable evenings this week.
Do check out the SF instagram account though, there is still some things happening there. And check out David's threads at the #pitti88 tag.
BTW, I have some more pictures, from day 4, but I will have to wait until I can find reliable wifi until I can post them. Some pictures from the stands/booths et c.
This. He always looks great. A nice, clean, style in dressing.
WIWY: More Pitti stuff here.
We spent day 3 at Pitti slightly hung over from the Tailors Symposium party and Gilli afterwards. Gilli is the place most of the thirsty crowd from Pitti heads for drinks after all the evening events. As the photos show, we spent the day both taking pictures of people outside the fair, and looking at some stands indoor. I would have really liked to show more of the stands, but unfortunately a lot of them have a no photography policy, due to the (percieved, and perhaps...
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