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I wear BD:s most of the time. If I had to choose one type of shirt to wear all the time it would be an OCBD, but spread looks better with the more uniform looks + more formal stuff (of course).
Thank you all for your votes! I'm quite flattered. Now, to counterbalance this FC I'm giving you: FRIDAY CHALLENGE 29th AUGUST: THE 'ALL BLUES' CHALLENGE
Since last week I think we all long to bring back our beloved blues. Therefore this weeks challenge will be to put together an outfit consisting of only blue garments. This, of course, includes SF's favorite color: Navy.There will be 2 acceptable exceptions: Pocketsquare and shoes (if you can successfully pull these two off I will be very impressed however ).All other garments + accessories must contain the colour blue.This challenge ends on Saturday and voting ends on...
Brown, that's a beautiful coat!
Foxx & Spoo, nice kops!
You've got a time machine buddy?
Cheers! Also, thanks to everyone who keeps posting these lists, to keep this thread alive.
Cheers Anden! And welcome back.
I emailed Luxire last week asking about ETA for an order and Theresa answered my mail within the hour.
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