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Pictures of my new Luxire pants in action: I need to wear braces to pull them up high enough, to avoid bunching of fabric in the seat, until I have corrected the back rise (which was due to me sending Luxire measurements that were slightly wrong).
So, this isn't a particular outfit my DTO object has worn. The pose is somewhat generic and is widely used among all SF posters. I wanted to do an outfit I think my DTO object could have worn.The composition of the picture is somewhat typical for this poster though.I'm interested in seeing if anyone recognises who I'm DTO:ing without me giving anything away who it is. [[SPOILER]]
So, which members have standard poses?
It does hold a crease well when the pants are new. They're almost stiff as cardboard when unwashed (which I like). They will be used as casual trousers (just slightly dressier than chinos).
Choc duck canvas, $115 including shipping. It's so crazy cheap I really have to restrain myself from just ordering another 10 pants right away (have to visit my tailor to see what he thinks should be changed before next order).
A somewhat varied batch. I guess it's got something to do with the denim challenge + the progress of spring. At what date did you cut this one off?
Sweet! Too bad I don't check in on this side of the forum more often, I might have some stuff that would have worked in this challenge.
I bet Cheech's got whatever you're looking for:
The fabric is very casual, I think I'll wear them with very casual jackets, maybe a knit tie.
No, I emailed customer service, asking for a rough estimate, and were told that they were sorry for the delay (as stated before I hadn't expected them to come earlier), and that they would be shipped ASAP.Haha, that was my first thought when seeing the amount of buttons in the fly. I will get the back rise slightly adjusted, as it was the only measurement I got wrong.The fabric is chocolate duck canvas & I freakin love it! Stiff as hell, but that's perfect for these pants...
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