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Another jeans fit from me. RL Polo BD shirt collars doesn't roll very good, so I kept it unbuttoned:
Even if the percentage of great fits was equally great in in each block, we win by numbers (25 furriners vs 20 Muricans). If we had picked out the greatest fit from each team I think it would have been more even.
Understated perfection (a white linen PS in a TV fold would have looked smashing with this).
^ Agreed, but I think it's gonna be kinda hard re-shooting those pics now
Those shoes are pieces of art. BTW, I follow you on instagram but didn't know you posted here.
Our team right? Love it!
Spoo seem to have left the TF stuff behind. From what I've seen lately he mostly dons Euro stuff, like Boglioli, nowadays.
Haha, I did actually want to exchange myself in my top 5, I would prefer to post this one instead. Anyway, yes, I like tweed suits, probably more so than most other posters on this forum (hell, I'm starting up a new brand with only tweed suits in the first collection). I chose the stuff I'd wear myself, except for Tira's outfit, which would never look as good on anyone as it does on him.
This challenge was an awesome idea Stitchy, great having so many brilliant fits in one thread. This and A Curated Best of (with extra curation!) are currently my favourite threads on SF.
New Posts  All Forums: