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From http://instagram.com/laser_lapel
In other news, the "upscale men's fashion accessory" we've all been waiting for has finally arrived:http://instagram.com/laser_lapel [[SPOILER]]
I haven't worn coat and tie this week. Tomorrow I'm going out for beers with a couple of old friends at a rockabilly bar, so I probably won't be wearing anything MC then either.
QFTIf we sold our apartment now and moved back to the north of Sweden, where I'm originally from, we could do this as well. They actually sell mansions there at the same price as 2 room apartments in Stockholm. The down side of this is that you'd have to live in a place where almost everyone's moved away and where it's freezing cold and pitch dark almost year round (except for in the summer time when the sun never sets).
Politicians don't have much to gain from instilling fear of financial collapse into the public, but I don't think any minister of finance is unaware of this. The general public is still too groggy from the last recess to even want to acknowledge it could get worse.
I guess I didn't count the entire bulk of posters. I still wouldn't put myself in the top percentile though, that's reserved for the hall of fame guys, plus some newer posters. I would place you there as well, considering all the great BnT stuff you wear so excellently. This is not false modesty on my part, nor is my estimation of your level exaggerated.
Voted, far less cocky than most it seems.
Me too, I mean, it's pretty damn awesome.
Oh, missed the discussion with Don. Come on man, don't leave, you're a valued member here.
Agreed, for some reason this thread always circle back to city shootings though. Also, for some reason I seem to like using the fraise "for some reason".
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