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Well, I guess I could enter with this fit from today's tweedrun in Stockholm (we sponsored the event): [[SPOILER]]
Great patination Cleav. There's no way to fake such a perfect worn in patina. Since my knowledge on shoes is limited, has there been a decrease in Grenson's quality?
I've actually heard that Danes often get hit with higher custom charges for some reason. It's weird since we're all part of the EU, and are so close geographically.
No, I sent them a pic of a shoulder I liked, to show the spalla camicia. It just happened to be from BnTailor, who's slant cut shoulder seam is sort of a hallmark.
No, actually not. It's just a 20 dollar shipping cost, I think.
Wow, some killer outfits posted here today guys! Would have loved to get a closer look on those boots Cleav, they look very nice.
Thistle grey chambray, same as these pants: [[SPOILER]]
Cheers! Believe it or not, it's from Luxire.
Cheers guys! I sent them a jacket for measurements, but changed a few things, like button stance and length. I gave pretty precise instructions on all the details, like lapels, shoulders et c. In short: I'm a happy customer. Also, I second Clap's statement.
This landed on my doorstep earlier tonight, I already have a pair of pants in the same fabric: [[SPOILER]]
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