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In case you missed it, this week's Friday challenge has been posted: http://www.styleforum.net/t/480415/friday-challenge-may-15th-2015-suit-and-loafers
Not quite spring yet:
Congratulations Gino (and me, I guess)! I hope you have an equally great idea for this week's challenge.
This challenge has been a real treat to follow. I like my outfit, but think there are others that are better, and deserve to win this more than I. Everyone really brought their A-game!
I hadn't noticed it wasn't multi choice, so I clicked a bunch of great fits, and only the last one got checked. Oh well, it was as good an outfit as the rest.
Can't be changed once the poll is up, unfortunately.
Fuark! I forgot to make it a multi vote!
Poll is up in the FC!
Poll is up in the FC! You should have entered that in the challenge mossrockss!
New Posts  All Forums: