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Hmm, I own one green jacket, in tweed. Fortunately/unfortunately it seems to be the right weather for it.
I quite liked that one. If you work with something creative it's pretty fitting. Nothing I would wear myself, but I still appreciate it for what it is.
I suspect it might have something to do with price, SF likes expensive stuff . The quality is really good for the price IMHO, I own a couple of other Loake's shoes that I'm really happy with. It should be noted though, I'm no shoe guy, I'm way more knowledgeable about suits and sport coats (that's also where I spend most money).
I would probably go with red brown corozo.
Agreed! I was choosing between these and Carmina jumper boots, but went with these because these were significantly cheaper.
New boots to fill out a gap in my shoe wardrobe. Winter is coming.
Yes, that's plain silly.
I think it's safe to say Gerry won this one as well. I'm hoping for a corduroy challenge, but I understand this might exclude a few of my favourite posters who don't got any corduroy. Since I'm hoping to receive a new cotton suit that's very in between seasons, I could do that challenge as well. I'm sure you could do something on that theme Elio, even if there are no seasons in Jakarta.
Corduroy sounds like a great idea imho! BTW, FM, it would be great to see some shots of your C & D suit in better lighting.
Jeans are some old Acne model. Jacket is from a Swedish brand called Gul & Blå, who unfortunately went out of business some years ago.
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