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Yeah, me too. Fortunately he's still on instagram, so I follow him there.
Green tie challenge offers prizes for the winner. Now come on and post your emerald favourites!
A-game fits and Star Wars references. The force is truly strong with this one.
Pants are from my own line of tweedy stuff, more to come A/W 14-15
If you run into him, tell him it's open to all SF members.
Cheers, trying to keep all items but the SC sedate so I don't steal this guy's schtick:
I have grown it for some months now. Kinda needs a trimming though.Oh, the SC. Yeah, it's from a discontinued(?) Italian brand called Bianconi. Got it for a steal from Ebay (NWT).
X-post from FC. New SC arrived just in time [[SPOILER]]
New SC, purple as hell! [[SPOILER]]
This is correct. It lacked in Jean-Luc Picard quotes.
New Posts  All Forums: