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Yes, I can see them looking great on Bestetti's Perfetta last.
"Jelly shoes"
I guess the thing about Cappelli is the beautiful fabrics, other than that they're not that impressive.
Still tweed weather here, otherwise that's a challenge I would love to participate in.
Hilditch & Key - Striped Shirt w. French Cuffs & Spread Collar Sz 16.5 Hackett - Yellow tie with neat pattern Charvet - Vintage Tie ~1930's Facconable - Blue, White and Red Striped Tie
If you're a 38, be sure to PM me first Always looking for a great deal.
Hahaha, Stitches FTW!
Thank you Gianni!
I hear you, and would usually agree. 9 out of 10 times, the difference in formality between jeans & tie is too great to combine them in a congruent way. I'd usually go for a knit tie, which I think works just fine. They're as informal as ties go.Yesterday I went with a pretty casual wool tie instead. Did it work? Well, I wanted to try it at least, and I kinda liked it.
Nah, where we live it's not that uncommon. "The woods" are actually just a few minutes from central Stockholm.
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