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Cheers Cleav!
I place a vote for GW, FWIW. N.B. I also placed a few votes in the poll. I just believe that Guido would have been a serious contender for 1st position.
I wouldn't say that I agree with every outfit posted in this thread. Erica took a lot of the pictures as well, and I guess we were both looking for a wide variety of outfits, from outlandish to (by Pitti standards) conservative, from streetwear to CM. we wanted to get pictures of both women and men, both old and young and of every body type. I think we succeeded in getting at least a few outfits for every taste. It's pretty much a smorgasbord were you can take what you...
My comment was actually directed at Spectre, because I do welcome a discussion. I mean, yeah, there are some outlandish outfits worn at Pitti (my windowpane 3 pc might be one of those), but there is also some truly brilliant stuff that is a bit les peacock-y. Just look at the Shibumi guys, the B & Tailor crew et c.
If you want a serious discussion about why someone might find something appealing. Pick out a few outfits to discuss. I don't think you can lump every picture posted in this thread together, there is quite the variety.
Seriously, can someone explain to me why people post the same replies every year? It's not as if Pitti is something new. Everyone knows pretty much what they're likely to see if they choose to visit a thread like this. I think a lot of people would be a lot happier if they just stayed away from things that so obviously annoy them, yet have no real impact on their lives.
Maybe in.
iPhone pic:
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