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Not feeling the brown loafers, but you might have a point about the buttoning point, it could be a cm lower or so.Edit. The length is also a bit shorter than I generally prefer, but it doesn't bother me. I want my jackets to at least cover the seat, which this one does (just barely though).
I actually planned to be there the last minutes to make sure I got it, but I dozed off
Damnit! I missed the end of the Capelli auction. Was it an SF:er who got it per chance?
A bit more casual today. Trying out a new SC.
For a great finish: Use one of your wife's old nylon stockings as polishing cloth.
Try this: Or this:
Just my luck BTW, posting just before Cleav drops an A-bomb (A for Awesome, that is). And FM
Cheers!What's the dress code at your work place?
^ Cheers! Luxire pants? Looks great!
There's still time. Go get changed
New Posts  All Forums: