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Oh, I don't know about that, it all depends on what take on DTO:ing SF prefers. E.G. @SeaJen's post was so similar to his DTO object that I mistook it for @Cotton Dockers at first.I'm pretty happy with my contribution though, as it's also something I could (and obviously did) wear. Thank you!
I don't know, your beard might be a bit matchy matchy with some of my favourite ties.
Cool! Is that a DTO of a particular fit or did you do the same thing as I did and pay a more general homage?
Well, it doesn't. Even if I hike them up.
Hmm, not sure I understood your question. When lifting them with braces I get a decent fit in the seat. They don't ride up too high. I want to be able to wear them without braces though, so I will shorten the back rise a bit.
It is rather thick. But the weave is not so dense, so it permits ventilation. I think they will work in temperatures below 25 °C (77 °F).
Oh that. That's just our summer house
Cheers! Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with proper beard growth like Theo.
That obvious huh?
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