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Cheers! It's a very rough and sorta chunky linen cloth. I really like it as well, this is currently my favourite suit.
It's a mix of light brown and grey, so it's quite understandable.
It's all a matter of taste of course, but I reasoned like you when getting dressed this morning. Both the SC and pants are shades of brown, adding brown shoes would be monotonous, which works quite well if you go all blue or all grey. All brown is kinda tricky to pull of though.
Not feeling the brown loafers, but you might have a point about the buttoning point, it could be a cm lower or so.Edit. The length is also a bit shorter than I generally prefer, but it doesn't bother me. I want my jackets to at least cover the seat, which this one does (just barely though).
I actually planned to be there the last minutes to make sure I got it, but I dozed off
Damnit! I missed the end of the Capelli auction. Was it an SF:er who got it per chance?
A bit more casual today. Trying out a new SC.
For a great finish: Use one of your wife's old nylon stockings as polishing cloth.
Try this: Or this:
Just my luck BTW, posting just before Cleav drops an A-bomb (A for Awesome, that is). And FM
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