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I really like this one: http://www.shibumi-berlin.com/Ties/7-Fold-Mohair-Silk-Cashmere-Grenadine-Tie-Blue-Brown-Striped::1598.html
Damn! I thought you would have at least one, being a banker and all
NEW FRIDAY CHALLENGE IS POSTED! This one's got your name written all over it Cleav!
Thank you for all the votes guys! I honestly didn't think I would stand a chance against Olof's great outfit. Well, anyways... I guess I have to do this again: NEW FRIDAY CHALLENGE IS POSTED!
Dennis Walter gave me the idea for this challenge with this post:I think quite a few of you have at least one pin- or chalk striped suit in your wardrobes (a SC is fine, but very hard to pull off). So the challenge of the week is simple:1. Wear a pin- or chalk striped suit/SC.2. Post it before Saturday evening (Swedish time).3. The outfit must have been worn this month (to get more interesting submissions).4. All levels of formality are welcome. I'd really like to see...
It's actually not over yet. But if everyone's alright with it, I'll post a new FC tonight. I'm open to suggestions.
That green jacket looked brilliant irl. Quite unique shade.
Agreed. This one was beyond hard to pick a favourite in. I ended up with voting for Olof, because he successfully combined so many tweed pieces.
Poll is up in the Friday challenge!
New Posts  All Forums: