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odd vest today:
I'll enjoy watching this. I don't have any white shirts informal enough, nor do I have any SC's or Blazers formal enough, to pull this look off with any kind of success.
Would be funny, it atm there weren't actually a bunch of awesome, not particularly affected, stuff when I clicked that link.
well, those certainly are silly. We need a "Silly menswear trends" thread.
Not to me, my fiancée is friends with one of my exes. Granted, it's 16 years since we had a relationship. Still though, doesn't have to be an issue if you're cool with your ex.Also, much like SeaJen's ex, she's also friends with my parents.
Olof, of Swedish Manolo, via Drakes diary:
From Tailorable:
Yup, that tie knot can't be unseen...
desmoface, 1. Don't do the "invisible jacket" thing. If you're wearing shirt + tie, a jacket is not optional (if you want to look good). 2. Don't use the double Windsor knot. It will never look as good as a simple four in hand, or a half Windsor. 3. Don't wear your company key card when posting on a public forum, if you don't want to give away who you are. 4. Size down on the shirt. 5. If you're gonna wear it with chinos, go for a light blue shirt instead. There's a clear...
^ Noodle thread
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