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@mcobinad, check out @Treviorum just a few posts up. His DB suit is rather slim fitting, yet there is nothing straining or constricting about the look. I think that kind of fit would be both more flattering and comfortable for you. Oh, and since you seem like a guy who lifts, you'd probably need to go MTM or bespoke.
He looks like a mess. OTOH, he's young, his business is blooming and he dates models, so he's got that going for him.
LBM No name shirt Superga
X-post from the Friday challenge. Don't think this jives with general SF taste really.
Guess I'm stuck in a kind of casual rut, but this is my entry:
True, that's my better half. My much much better half.
I guess today's outfit qualifies: I'll see if I can come up with something a bit less casual later on in the week.
Nice one Foxhound! May just be in.
I cut voting shorter, because there was no ay anyone was gonna catch up with @Papperskatt. So, what's up for next FC?
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