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I still haven't decided if I will be re-shooting my personal favourite fit, because I don't think my last pics of it really did it justice, or if I'll repost the fit that has received most praise from SF, or if I should wait for the new purple (!?!) SC that may or may not arrive this week. Anyway, I'm in.
Congratulations on the store! It is a truly awesome experience starting up your own business. Now to the second pair of pants posted (in the first 2 pics), they need to be longer (or tapered). That is all.
Braddocks last fit has 50 thumbs now, is that an SF MC record?
Got these in the mail today: Now, if it would only stop snowing....
I agree and want to remove my own post from my choices. Is that alright Clags?
Rest assured you're one of my favourite posters on this forum.These 2 made my top 15: 1, 2Honourable mention to this SC which I think does your complexion justice, but would probably never work on me.
I had the exact same problem. I had narrowed it down to 15 fits from which I honestly couldn't pick out a top 5, so I opened them in a bunch of windows and randomly x:ed out 10 fits. Sort of a sartorial roulette. Unfortunately Stitchy, Butler, Braddock and a bunch of equally great posts were x:ed. To my embarrassment one of my own fits stayed in the top 5 On the other hand, if you don't love your own outfits you're doing it wrong
That suit looks amazing! I think I speak for a whole lot of us when I demand a full fit pic.
1 of them is in mine as well.
Bumping this thread because it's an interesting subject.Going back through the (now widely available thanks to Google pic search) centuries of menswear you can find what people have considered silly fads in each era. It's best illustrated by actually posting pictures of the good and the bad of each era, by a highly personal sense of taste of course. Let's start from the 40's:40'sHasn't aged with grace: [[SPOILER]] Good: [[SPOILER]] 50'sHasn't aged with grace: [[SPOILER]]...
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