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It's a Luigi Bianchi suit. Bought it on Yoox last year. They haven't got the exact one I bought, but I can't see any differences between mine and this one (which is a great deal if you ask me).
Wow, I just looked at the prices. That's a great bargain!
Yup, Yoox. Got them for a steal. No brands I have ever heard of, I just went with the overall look of them. Don't really want to spend a lot of money on cotton jackets, so I'm a happy camper. PM sent with details.
Yeah, I'm exactly as tired as I look. Sorry about the dirty mirror BTW (it's been cleaned since).
Seems pretty standard to me. That happens on most, if not all, of my pants when sitting down.Yeah, it's on the short side, just barely covering my seat. I like it on this kind of very casual, slightly rumpled, cotton suit though.
Thank you @JapanAlex01! But I think there are a few fits in here that are on par, or better. I admit though, I have the best setting.
^ Sorry to hear that. Hope you've got some good nutritional food supplement to keep up the energy levels. I just placed an order for these. Not sure about the fit, but I "need" (i.e. want) some more cotton SC:s, so I took a chance anyway.
I second this. I guess you're the best judge atm though, since you're the only one who knows what they feel like when worn.
This is in my top 10 WAYWRN fits of all time. Everything's perfect about it, from colour and texture combinations to cut/fit. BnTailor does some of the most interesting stuff out there atm. I've seen some really great things from other Seoul tailors (e.g. Tailorable) as well. It seems as it's becoming a Naples of North East Asia (minus the Mafia and garbage).
Great challenge! Hard to pick favourites here. I went with Diniro, Parker and 3 Prague winter. For no other reasons than immediate synch with personal aesthetic preferences.
New Posts  All Forums: