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Love this look! I need to get me a biker jacket right now.
Wow Victor, that's really great!
Well, there are probably a lot of nits to picked. I was comfortable wearing it anyway
It's a knit, polka dot, but still knit.
Mullets are awesome!
X-post FC:
Something old: M51 field coat Something new: headphones, which I bought today Something borrowed: tie, which I borrowed from Erica Something blue: shirt + SC
Dennis. Love your getup, but please use spoilers when you quote posts, it makes scrolling easier for those of us who read this thread on our phones.
Hmm, interesting. I have some ideas.
Agreed, a pair of olive cords would make this outfit too murky. The orange trousers compliment the top well, while providing some much needed contrast. All of this is of course IMHO, YMMV et c.
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