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hardly. It's just that I'm getting a new suit tomorrow that I'm very excited about.
Nah, gonna try and do better.
Yeah, it sucks. I'm gonna try and come up with something better for the challenge (picking up a new casual suit tomorrow).
This. I took the picture in a road crossing where there is a lot of traffic (just outside the Pitti fair), so I couldn't take it from a proper distance to get the proportions right. Believe me though, it looked great IRL.
Weird, got stopped by a couple of street style photographers today. I guess that means I either did decently, or horribly wrong, when getting dressed this morning.
Congratulations to the publication!
Lol, too many solid MC casual posters for that to be entirely plausible. I'm definitely in though, especially since I'll mostly be wearing tie-less outfits this week.
I'm sorry, I can't remember the brand. I picked it up in a small shop, just to have something to travel home in when I was in Florence last week. I think you could probably find a similar fabric if you check out Luxire's linen options though.
That would be kind of a DTO challenge, since most of his sketches are based on real people (or so it seems). E.G. I know that Dirnelli has been in a few of them.
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