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Peacocking in tweed Bow tie in dire need of adjustment Breeks and whatnot
No, it's light blue.
Thank you! The last pic is most accurate, colour wise.Holdfast, the bow is handmade by me, from Cerrutti light wool/cashmere fabric.
SC - Harris TweedShirt - Stenströms (Swedish brand, obviously)Cufflinks - Stockholm UniversityPants - Oscar Jacobson (yet another Swedish brand)Socks - FalkeShoes - Suede brogues from LoakePS - No nameBow tie - Hand made by me
Wow, the WAYWRN thread really stepped up today. Here are some crappy instagrams of my outfit today. The sleeves of the SC are not short BTW, even if they do appear to be in these pics. The shirt sleeves are a bit on the long side though.
Still, it's yet another baby pic on FB. If you've seen one, you've seen them all. The upside is that this pic throws in a bit of "WTF-did-she-just-flash-the-world?-ness".
DB + tie + suit = fully acceptable in many places of the world, everything else is a matter of taste. I don't usually wear DB's with suits, but I think it looks great when done right. 4 in hand works with any collar spread, if it needs to be bigger there is always the double 4IH. This is also a matter of taste, but I have never seen an outfit with a Windsor knot that I don't think would have been improved by switching it for a 4IH. Not trying to preach here, it's just...
Thanks for replies + thumbs up, here is another pic of the last combo I posted + the knit sweater in the second pic + 1 of my awesome dogs. The details that someone asked about: Jacket: Aquascutum (got one almost like it, except that one's a hard three). sweater: Handknit wool/cashmere. Tie: Altea. PS: Hand made by friend. Pants: Boglioli. Shirt: Stenströms.
Some recent stuff, no full body pics though. Last one is WIWRN (a try at a 4 patterned combo).
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