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A somewhat varied batch. I guess it's got something to do with the denim challenge + the progress of spring. At what date did you cut this one off?
Sweet! Too bad I don't check in on this side of the forum more often, I might have some stuff that would have worked in this challenge.
I bet Cheech's got whatever you're looking for:
The fabric is very casual, I think I'll wear them with very casual jackets, maybe a knit tie.
No, I emailed customer service, asking for a rough estimate, and were told that they were sorry for the delay (as stated before I hadn't expected them to come earlier), and that they would be shipped ASAP.Haha, that was my first thought when seeing the amount of buttons in the fly. I will get the back rise slightly adjusted, as it was the only measurement I got wrong.The fabric is chocolate duck canvas & I freakin love it! Stiff as hell, but that's perfect for these pants...
Got my pants today: They fit as good as you could ever hope a pair of online MTM pants should fit. More pictures will be posted in WAYWRN later (I'm waiting to get done with a jacket, that I'm making myself, to wear with these.
Thank you for asking around. I really like the look of them, and it seems like (South) Korea has become a country to be reckoned with when it comes to classic menswear. The trickiest part is the sizing, which is quite incomprehensible to me. It looks like this:
I found this online shop for a Korean company called Atelier Spalla. I really like the look of their collars. Is there any fellow SF:er who's tried them out and can tell me anything about their quality and sizing?
Cheers! The shirt is actually less saturated than in the 2nd pic, pretty standard pale blue hue. I'm looking into buying some more saturated, non SF approved, blue shirts atm though.
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