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Heading out to some rock bars later on in the evening. A full on black tie getup would be slightly out of place, so I just went with a black single button peak lapel velvet jacket. Not CM compatibel at all I'm afraid.
True.OTOH, what is?
Cheers, I guess you're right. I think you either have an appreciation for the casual side of CM or you just don't.Cheers, this is some random italian brand suit I picked up on Yoox a couple of years ago. It's not as structured as I prefer business suits to be.
Probably in.
I love suits with long sleeve polo shirts. Needs to be a casual style suit though (I think the pic MF posted looks stellar, but that's because of the tweed fabric in the suit and the great color combo).
Suits can be very casual. The corduroy suit I'm wearing in that picture is very slouchy, and you know... corduroy. If you guys want some examples of just how casual suits can be, check out the latest SWD challenge.
Very hard finding anything really good in that price range, but you may get lucky with Yoox though.
Dark solid brown corozo would work IMHO. If you'd go with buttons that match the jacket too much, there is a risk of it looking like an orphan.
I don't think so, it's probably the same kind of clothes you'd wear for any kind of church service (except funerals of course).
The last baptism I went to, I wore a tweed suit. Most people there just wore blazers (navy or tweed) + chinos or flannel trousers (very SF of me to notice right?). I don't think there is any etiquette for baptisms today really.
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