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desmoface, 1. Don't do the "invisible jacket" thing. If you're wearing shirt + tie, a jacket is not optional (if you want to look good). 2. Don't use the double Windsor knot. It will never look as good as a simple four in hand, or a half Windsor. 3. Don't wear your company key card when posting on a public forum, if you don't want to give away who you are. 4. Size down on the shirt. 5. If you're gonna wear it with chinos, go for a light blue shirt instead. There's a clear...
^ Noodle thread
^ Yup, especially when it's good hand stitching like that.
If you come to Stockholm, and I'm at home, I would very much appreciate meeting you! PM me here or on Facebook if so.
Agree with everything but the swelled edges, but I'm well aware that's just my opinion.
Victor, I think we all agree when I say that we do enjoy your high quality photographing. I try and get good shots as well. I think good light and interesting surroundings enhance a good outfit. Lately I've been lazy though, and have mainly been taking iPhone pictures at home. I'll try and get some better pics next week on my way to, or from, the office.
May participate.
I think my pics have improved significantly. It has everything to do with getting a new, more easily managed, camera last year though. Also, I have taken some interest in photographing.
Congratulations Crusty! What's next?
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