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I've been trying to learn since I was 8 (35 now), and I still can't do all of those tricks. It's a bit like CM though, you can become pretty good by just being tenacious and learn by mistakes, while others are naturals.
It is! But you'll have to make the choice if you want something you can wear almost daily, or something you look awesome in every other week. Also, both the other suits are, in fact, awesome.
Noodles, the flannel or shark skin will be easiest to wear fairly often.
I kinda agree, it can easily get affected. But since me & my partner both used to skate (I still do from time to time), we thought it a fitting way for us to show movability/durability et c in our suits.
WIWT, captured in a horrible quality iPhone pic: Also, something I've been working on for a while.
Nah, I'm no car guy. Plus, you can't really show the movability of a suit sitting in a car
Hey guys, i was going to post this with today's outfit in the WAYWRN, but there's some weird spam/troll attack on that thread, so I'll wait for the mods to clean that up.Anyway, we shot this video last year but released it today. Since I'm proud as fuark of the result I thought I'd share it with you guys (please tell me if I'm overstepping my limits posting this here @LA Guy). [[SPOILER]]
@Anden, a meetup would be great! I don't spend so much time in Malmö nowadays though, but let me know if you visit Stockholm. Great outfit btw!
Cheers! This would be awesome.Haha, thank you! But I'm just a happy amateur. I'd like to learn a few more pro tricks.
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