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I'm wearing swim trunks this week (a heat wave hit Sweden), but I'll follow this FC with great interest.
My vote lands on Estitchy though.
Too bad I missed this one. Action shot from last week: Old Acne tank top (I think) + really high rise pents.
Did we win yet?
Cheers guys! @Cotton Dockers It's going ok, we're setting up meetings with some local shops before A/W. Our web page is up and running (we'll launch a web shop and some campaign stuff in the middle of August). Since we've got a quite small collection for the first season we'll only sell through a small number of shops (with the choice of producing more if there's a demand for it).
Sorry for the weird posing, don't know what that's all about:
Cheers! They are darker than the jacket, but the light was uneven so the colour representation isn't perfect in this picture. They're milk chocolate brown (if that makes any sense).
Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out why some posts are such "thumb rockets" whilst other, really excellent fits such as this haven't passed 20 thumbs after more than one day. I know thumbs aren't always indicators of quality, but it still baffles me.
Hahaha, love the Pitti pose! I saw a guy standing in this rather unnatural pose for at least 5 minutes straight at the first day of PU86, while photographers were swarming round him like moths. It took me a while to realise it was some kind of "thing".
I've been guilty of this myself a few times. My excuse is that I mostly buy RTW pants, and have long legs and the pants often shrink with the first wash and become slightly too short (then I ususally just wear them with boots and it all works out just fine). These guys probably do bespoke though, so I don't think that applies to them. On the other hand, they're mostly there to sell something. This style is still widely popular among the GQ fans, so maybe they're just...
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