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New challenge is up - The tweed jacket!
New challenge is up - The tweed jacket!
I love tweed, I don't think this is news to anyone who knows me. I'm also a fan of odd jackets/trousers combinations. I think it ups the level of difficulty, and gives you an expanded palette, on which you can display your personal style.The rules:1. Outfit must be worn this week.2. Outfit shall contain a tweed jacket/SC + odd trousers/pants (all levels of formality allowed).3. Outfit can be either CM or SWD.4. Outfit must be posted Before Saturday evening Swedish time.I...
Thank you for the votes guys! New FC will be up later today.
Welcome to WAYWRN shoelover! I'm looking at a way too small screen here, but besides the sleeve length I noticed these issues: - trousers need to be hemmed. Even if you like a full break, these are too long. - shoulders seem a bit wide. - lapels are bowing out from you chest. In my experience, this is often due to jacket being a bit tight, or the button stance being a bit high (ask your tailor). - collar points on the shirt could be longer, so they hide under the lapels...
Thanks for putting in the work Cox!
Welcome back tchoy! You were missed.
I do, but I'm a CM guy, so I probably don't count. Also, I think @NickPollica does.
Don't know if this qualifies:
I've always thought of it as a test, to see how dedicated they are. If they can't/won't solve the Neapolitan trouser pussle, you're not putting out.
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