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Wow SeaJen! I would have loved to see a full length pic of this. Perfect colour combination.
Quote worthy. New favourite Stitchy fit.
It's my favourite, but may be too busy for the (new!) SC I have in mind. A real FU piece if I ever saw one.
Yeah, I'd say that's more green than blue, i.e. it qualifies.
Choices choices... To be honest though, the third from the left on top row is not a choice (it was a gift from a friend and has since went through some rough times).
Oh, forgot about specifying this. I gathered, since they always include the waistband in the rise, this would also apply here.
Yes, all shades of green are allowed.
Yep, I definitely don't want them to soften up too much (I think this model will look slightly "off" without a crease). Looking forward to your review.
Of course. Should I remove it from the OP?
New Posts  All Forums: