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Ah, this one's from Alan Paine.
Nope, these are, believe it or not, Levi's 501 (bought in San Fransisco in -99 and heavily worn since).
Wearing a lot of really worn in stuff:
I couldn't see those X-posts from the challenge. So here they are again: [[SPOILER]]
I'm in! Will come up with something different than what I wore in that example you posted though.
I'd like a brown, blue and grey challenge. I actually suggested it for this challenge, but we went with Gino's suggestion because suits + loafers sounded like a difficult, and therefore interesting, challenge. I think brown, blue and grey would bring out everyone's A-game though.
That's very nice Cleav! Were you ever to replant the flower garden in Italy, I bet you'd put the indigenous industrialists to shame.
For me, this was a tie between Gino and Adolesco.
^ that's a pretty awesome first post!
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