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Even more drag.
Shaving ones legs could also increase the drag.
In your part of the world, I guess swimming trunks or bikinis would qualify. Here in Sweden, it's the kind of weather we have all year round.
Yup! Yes, I really like her as well. I think her paintings would be pretty SF approved as well.
My character is generally out of character (so far I've had avatars depicting Cthulhu, graphics from a Joy Division album, myself as a rocket ship, George Costanza with a three point light saber et c). I do love expressionist art, but I'll change it again, just for you.
^Right on the money. Next time (if I'll ever get to host one of these again) I'll let you write the OP.
Why? Too monochrome for you?
We're off to an awesome start!
^ Sweet! Now go post it in the FC: NEW FRIDAY CHALLENGE IS UP!
New Posts  All Forums: