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I'll have to wrap up the FC in 20 minutes from now. I was going to keep this open a couple of hours longer for Cleav, but since he can't participate I guess it's alright to post the poll?
Alright, I'll have to wrap up the FC in 30 minutes from now. Anyone else want to participate?
So many great entries, this is gonna be a bitch to compile and post though + impossible to pick out favourites to vote for. 34 participants so far.
I really enjoy different beers for different seasons. Right now, the weather and mood is perfect for ale. I'm gonna try Marston's Pedigree if I come by it. We have some pubs that carry a whole lot of different great beers from GB.
The best beer is the tenth I have that morning.
Definitely not earlier than 10 am GMT tomorrow.
There are no rules about level of formality, and even if there was you're wearing a tie, so you'd pass.
So many great fits today gentlemen! I can't help but feel I've had a hand in this (thanks to this week's FC topic)
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