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What's next is that Crusty wins this thing, so I don't need to choose what's next Otherwise I was toying with the idea of a "changing seasons" challenge.
Kgfan for me. That outfit is just brilliant.
Cheers! No, do they have trousers with this kind of waist? I think I got the inspiration for the waist from Tailorable in Korea.
Cheers all! I've seen $600 Neapolitan bespoke trousers that didn't fit as good as these do (I won't name any of these tailors).
Trying out some new linen pents from Luxire. First time I've tried double forward pleats (I think). Might just offer that from my own brand in the future:
I actually didn't, for some reason they just follow the curve really well anyway. Weird huh?
These are from a local Stockholm store, called Ströms.
The honor is all mine Crusty. FWIW, I think you deserve to win this one.
Cheers! Just continually kept changing small things for every order, like adjusting the rise, adding more fabric to the front of the hips than the back (since I've got a small seat). Luxire made some changes to the pattern to avoid the bunching problem that a lot of people seemed to have initially (including me), that made a huge difference. I think I nailed down this fit with my 3rd order. I guess most would suggest sending in a pair of well fitting trousers. I never did...
New Posts  All Forums: