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I've seen some beautiful trousers from BnT, NSM and Corcos. They're all less expensive than Ambrosi.
Why do you want the pleats removed? It's classic, and it's also coming back in fashion (if you care about such things).
You would definitely be a contender for the 1st place chocosa!
Cheers, I need to re-press the lapels into a proper 3roll2 again, after being folded up though.
I guess I'm kind of weird. I have this view in front of me, and I'm in here reading about bathroom improvements:
X-post from FC:
X-post from FC:
I don't know if this is better than what I posted in the MC casual thread yesterday, but it will be my submission nonetheless:
Yes, I think Greg's suggestion of striped shirt is a great option for combining with ties though.
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