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We all have our pet peeves You and Stitchy seem to have similar feelings about it.Tira: Looking forward to the hat challenge. I'm afraid my latest purchase from Ecuador won't be here until next week (if I'm lucky).
This is directed at no member in particular and it's not intended as snark. When you quote a post with pictures in it, you make the thread easier for everyone to read by using the spoiler tags. You highlight the part you want to hide (often starts with [IMG or [URL ) and then click the spoiler icon like so:
Regarding collars. I wouldn't be happy with a wardrobe that didn't contain shirts with BD, classic turndown and spread collars. I've also considered getting at least one with a pin collars, to satisfy my inner dandy.
I voted for a whole bunch of you guys this time. No matter how this goes it's pretty safe to say I picked a winner.
Poll is up in the FC! Please place your votes.
Poll is up! Please place your votes.
Cheers guys! I'm saving this jacket for future challenges when it's finished.
Ok, since you asked for feedback.The suit is decent fitting, not great, but passable. There is a type of pulling at the chest that suggests the buttoning point might be slightly high. Your pants seem a bit long. Cream and brown don't work very well with your complexion I'm afraid. It's either that or the lighting in the room where this pic is taken is horrible, because it makes you look kinda pasty. The lapels could be wider. The tie is too pale for this ensemble, which,...
Cheers! It took me a couple of weeks, but I haven't been working more than a few hours every now and then, when I could squeeze it in. I actually went without canvas. It's completely unstructured, as I thought that would be the easiest way to do it for my first jacket. Next jacket will be canvassed though. Oh, I'm pretty proud of the accomplishment, seeing it's my first try.
In short: Acrid's SF noob life cycle.
New Posts  All Forums: