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^ did you take these measurements for your wife's shirt? Reason I'm asking is that I didn't do this for my fiancées shirt, and it created a bit of flare in the chest area.
Brilliant in all it's simplicity!
I'll try and get Erica and the dogs to agree taking another picture like this, but I can't promise anything: [[SPOILER]]
And a great mustache. It will be missed.
Probably in, depending on UPS.
A later deadline sounds like a good idea. Also, I'd like to suggest a "What are you wearing on Christmas eve" challenge.
Some kind of business venture jrd?
As per usual, Erica looks hella lot better than I. How it should be I suppose.
Don't know if it's good in your opinion, but here's one of me ~2 years ago. [[SPOILER]]
200+ ties (of which I don't use much more than 20 or so) + ~20 squares (of which I don't use more than 5 -6 regularly). Also, JRD, is it a bespoke project?
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