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Poll is up in the Friday challenge!
Poll is up in the Friday challenge!
Poll is up!
Haha, too kind! I'm quite happy if I make it to the top 3 though. The competition this week is tough!
Love this challenge! So much tweedy goodness! Anyway, here's my contribution (the jacket is actually dark green, don't know why it doesn't really show in this picture):
WIWT:Oh, and I met this guy today: [[SPOILER]]
Frank, that's just awesome! CM casual perfection IMHO.
Sure, and I've got friends who are very into that. DB's on the other hands have been all the rage with people who are more fashion oriented for the last couple of years.
I don't wear DB jackets much myself, but I can't agree with sprout at all. I think the style is very contemporary, and I mostly see it on younger people really. Hardly a relic.
In planning on posting tomorrow.
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