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BTW, Cleav, I love that you're wearing Chelsea's. Keeping The Look alive.
If you want versatility, grey is hard to beat. I think a pair of grey fresco trousers for spring/summer, and a pair of grey flannels for autumn/winter, will take you a long way.
Cheers! It's their most basic flannel. I wanted to experiment with some details and measurements, but for the money, these are pretty brilliant.
New Luxire trousers in action:
X-post FC: [[SPOILER]]
My humble entry: [[SPOILER]]
I'll see if I can produce something worthwhile.
Wow, so many of the regulars at the top of their game in that batch!
Ah, you looked to be about the same height in those pictures. Naturally, my first thought was: " nice, double the wardrobe to chose from!"
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