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Creepy or just... a bit off?
Oh, I obviously missed that it was Pliny's birthday as well. Have a great one! Edit. Just saw that it was your daughters engagement people were congratulating on. Indeed a cause for celebration.
Too bad! That would definitely have gotten a vote from me.
Congratulations Cleav! I wish you another 50 (at least) glorious years! I hope you had a great time with your friends and loved ones (sure seemed like it)! We went to an annual art exhibition that's held at Liljevalchs in Stockholm. I always enjoy the diversity of this exhibition, since it's mostly up and coming artists. I wore the only pre-SF suit that I still have in my closet.
I sent a price request on a Sashiko jacket in my existing Luxire pattern yesterday, while the deal was still on, but didn't get an answer. Would be sad to hear that I missed out. Oh well, I'll be sure not to miss out on the next deal.
I have seen some of BnT's suits for women on Incontro's Instagram. They look great! Too bad it's such a long way to travel if Erica and I should like to order suits from them. Might just do it one day though. Their house style is just brilliant!
Casual Friday, wearing a pair of olive cords I picked up whilst in Florence. Edit. Adding this daylight picture for colour reference:
Wow! 85 posts since yesterday. Thank you for the lolz! The funniest moment was when a guy who posts on SF accused someone else of being elitist.
Welcome, I think we need a better lighted and slightly bigger picture to give any feedback worthwhile on this outfit.
New Posts  All Forums: