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Bonus score if I can work this into a fit?
They're buried in his backyard.
It is tempting, mostly due to the great looking collars. I have zeroed in on the measurements I want at Luxire though. Since they haven't let me down yet I think I'll just keep on using them. They can make a collar following my exact demands.
And SB & Stitchy.
SF will be SF. It's all part of the fun posting here imho, opinions will differ on every little detail in your outfit. FWIW I really liked your post.
I also don't hate them. They're harmless enough. I prefer buttoned braces though, it's the only kind of braces I'll ever use myself.There are very few things I hate when it comes to classic menswear. There are some pet peeves of course, like full windsors et c.That reminds me, I still haven't watched the latest episode.
^ 99 out of a hundred times fedoras + casual wear ends in disaster. I would like to see people try it though, would be awesome if you managed to pull it off.
Subscribed. Great idea!
We all have our pet peeves You and Stitchy seem to have similar feelings about it.Tira: Looking forward to the hat challenge. I'm afraid my latest purchase from Ecuador won't be here until next week (if I'm lucky).
This is directed at no member in particular and it's not intended as snark. When you quote a post with pictures in it, you make the thread easier for everyone to read by using the spoiler tags. You highlight the part you want to hide (often starts with [IMG or [URL ) and then click the spoiler icon like so:
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