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Got myself a new hat, decided I need one and that I am indeed a hat person.
I know a lot of people around here think this is silly, because a certain member ( ) posted a whole lot about it, but I think a cream coloured silk square is one of the most versatile squares you can own.
While mid grey flannels are certainly the most versatile odd trousers, I don't think they're always the best. A brown tweed jacket can sometimes look much better with deep forest green corduroy trousers IMHO. It's F/W casual perfection IMO. My favorite cotton trousers in falling order (to wear with SC's): 1. Corduroy, the essential partner for a lot of tweed jackets. 2. Moleskin, actually just as versatile as corduroy, but not as big a personal favourite. 3. Rough...
Right back at you, your flower garden and the duchess.
Looked in this thread about two hours ago, then checked it again now and BOOM: Braddock, Adolesco and Cleav post some real SF gold!
What Elio said + people are usually not even aware of some of their major flaws.
RTC, congrats! Well deserved, since you seem to have been working really hard for it. Also, congrats on the kop Noodles, that suit is a beauty.
Would a patchwork tartan tie count? [[SPOILER]]
Hmm, don't know if I actually own any real novelty ties.
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