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Florence in January & June is also a safe bet if you want to run into some SF people. [[SPOILER]]
Oh, that one's yours. Without a doubt. Also, best DB suit.
IMHO: Keep the Carmina's.
Not new, but it is E-F-V though. Had it made, as a one off, for last summer's Pitti. Will hopefully have a few linen suits ready by June, in a new model (very limited edition/limited sizes et c).
Tuesday blues
Now, this I can do. As long as I don't miss the deadline again.
Another purchase, from a Swedish brand:
@Chulillo, I love that safari style SC. Where is it from?
I'm pretty sure I've never given any clock related tips, I'm a total analphabet when it comes to watches. I only own 3 watches, and only really wear one of them regularly, it's a pretty basic old Omega (vintage from the 40s). I do however have some real watch geek friends who I turn to whenever I need to get a watch serviced. I'm considering getting a new watch next year. Most likely an Omega Speedmaster, for no other reason than liking the design.
New Posts  All Forums: