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I placed my 3rd order with Luxire today. I went with the same style pants I did last time. [[SPOILER]] But in this fabric:Thistle-Grey ChambrayAnd a semi-spread collar shirt with 3.9" collar points in this fabric:Linen-Cotton: Blue Knitted PiqueI did some small changes to the measurements. I'm quite positive they will turn out great, especially considering the fact that Luxire have re-cut their pattern for pants (to avoid the dreaded bunching/wedgie problem) since my last...
I like the idea and hope I'll find something suiting.
Perfect way of doing patterned odd pants.
You would have been in there if it had been a multi vote as I thought it was though. That was an awesome fit that hasn't gotten enough votes imho.
This is what happened, I clicked 4-5 fits and then submitted. No harm done though, my vote landed on Shen, who really deserved more votes anyway. It was an overall great framing of a soporific tie.
Y no multi vote?
Our web shop will be up by August, since we start out with a A/W collection. You can check out our website though, I'm pretty happy with it: http://e-f-v.comI hope it's ok for me to post that here, but I'd rather like it if I could get some thoughts on the site in general. i'm not trying to push our clothes on the forum (yet ).
You mean our suits? Yeah, I think so. I mean, I talked to a lot of people, handed out a bunch of cards and we got pictures of the suit I wore on a lot of well visited blogs and magazines. With a small start up budget it's hard getting good exposure like that elsewhere. This year was mainly a re-con mission though.
Very nice meeting you and Niels as well. Unless something unforeseen happens we'll be back in January. I hope to see you and a bunch of other SF guys there then.
Not the best pictures, as I didn't snap pics of everything folded/unpacked, hence pics of me wearing stuff. Linen jacket: Linen SC + linen pants: OCBD: Denim shirt: Sunglasses:
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