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It's my favourite, but may be too busy for the (new!) SC I have in mind. A real FU piece if I ever saw one.
Yeah, I'd say that's more green than blue, i.e. it qualifies.
Choices choices... To be honest though, the third from the left on top row is not a choice (it was a gift from a friend and has since went through some rough times).
Oh, forgot about specifying this. I gathered, since they always include the waistband in the rise, this would also apply here.
Yes, all shades of green are allowed.
Yep, I definitely don't want them to soften up too much (I think this model will look slightly "off" without a crease). Looking forward to your review.
Of course. Should I remove it from the OP?
Correct, it is chocolate duck canvas. Yeah, I'm not expecting them to drape or fall as great as the "target" pants, since the cloth is probably lighter as well. I can't imagine the fabric being so flimsy that they turn out a complete disaster though, since it's described as sort of rough. I like this pant model and I need summer pants that work with a lot of the stuff in my wardrobe.
New Posts  All Forums: