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We woke up way too late on day 4. The night before was spent in the good company of old & new friends. Dinner and drinks. Maybe a few too many of the drinks. I hurried off to the fair while Erica got ready. I sat down in the press room at the fortezza to upload the pictures to yesterday´s post from Pitti, while simultaneously saying goodbye to all the people who popped by to say they were going home. Usually, day 4 of Pitti is a real sad ordeal, it´s very empty of people...
It's a vintage m51 jacket.QFT
Yup, that's mr Claymore, one of the guys we've spent most time with here. Thank you for all the comments. We've had a really fun week. It's always nice going to a place where you can actually enjoy menswear nerdery 24/7 for 4 whole days.
What I wore Yesterday: And of course, more pictures from Pitti 89 are now posted.
Pictures from day 3 are now up!
Day 1 and 2 passed by us so fast we barely noticed that day 3 was here. Pitti goes on for 4 days, but unofficially, day 3 is kind of the last day, since most people don't actaully stay for day 4. The buyers are usually done, the peacocks are moving on to Milan for the fashion week. The people who stay are the exhibitors, who are notably tired by then, and of course Erica and I. More on that tomorrow. We started day 3 by looking through booths. The rain was coming down...
What I wore yesterday: And more importantly: Pictures from day 2 of Pitti Uomo 89 are now posted.
Pictures from day 2 of Pitti Uomo 89 are now posted.
Pictures from day 2 of Pitti Uomo 89 are now posted.
First, let's start off with some pictures from the evening of day 1. were I probably had one too many drinks, because I woke up missing the lenscap to my camera (here's hoping I wont scratch up the lens): And then we're off to day 2. In short: Chaos. By my layman's estimation there were at least 30% more people than day 1, and day 1 was busy. From the looks of it, it could just as well be a music festival. Bright colours everywhere. Everyone seems to be outside,...
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