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Who said I wasn't? A very frugal billionaire.
For some reason, it seems like this is frowned upon. PRL jacket, right?
I'm lucky to have an SO who has made more money than me for almost our entire relationship. She doesn't really care about what I do with the money I make, as long as our joint posts are covered, i.e. mortgage, bills et c. OTOH, I don't really spend that much money on anything but business reinvestment atm. When I occasionally splurge (2k or more), like every 6 months or so, she's usually happy if I'm happy with my purchases.
Depends on the climate you live in. Over here, flannel is very much a staple, since it's often flannel weather from August to May.
They ARE more casual, but do you seriously think you'll encounter a lot of people who are aware of the different levels of formality in pocket types on a daily basis? If it's alright to walk around without a jacket when wearing a tie, patch pockets shouldn't be a problem. It all comes down to what you prefer I guess. Personally, I always prefer patch pockets to flaps, but it seems like you don't. I think you've gathered enough basic knowledge to be able to go with the...
Why would you sell that awesome suit Murl?
Thank the lawd!
There will be SF wife discounts of course
I just realized that I haven't bought a suit or SC/blazer without patch pockets for the last 2 years. OTOH, I haven't worked within a CBD setting for as long.
^ this! Could we all please refrain from crotch shots, it makes surfing SF even weirder when in public.
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