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I like this idea.
I'd really like to see a challenge. Not that it's always easy even given uniform challenges, but it's funnier seeing what people come up with when there's a real chance of train wrecks.
^This.I kinda get why though. It takes some training for the eye to recognize the great fit, quality and pattern/colour coordination of Tchoy's posts. I think it drowns in the feed of stark colours, patterns and cuts (I myself am guilty of posting such items) posted here + he isn't as regular a poster as for example Pingson, who also posts some soporific but great stuff and is finally recognised for it.
Corneliani - Navy Fresco hopsack Sport Coat Sz US 38 Corneliani- Blue and White Patch Pockets Summer Sport Coat Sz US 42 L Sutor Mantellassi - Black Cap Toe Derby Blucher Sz US 8.5
Do you have any off-white pants? I think that would make a great summer-y combo with this SC.
I'm in!So many great fits in this thread, but damn Stitchy, dat suit Details?
Cheers! It's half canvassed.
I get where you & your wife are coming from Clags. I use indoor slippers most of the time.
Cheers! It's olive. The collar is not BD, just classic turn down. I stay true to no collar model, I kinda like them all.
I would, but I've already changed into leisure wear + had no way of setting up full pic today. I will be back with more pics of all these pieces further on though. I will get some adjustments done to the sleeves of the SC first (never really liked how short they sit).
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