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Congratulations CD!
^ I've got a bunch of silk cream pocket squares with hand rolled edges. Completely new BTW. PM me if interested.
Why? Just stay away from them & you'll probably be happier in the long run. If they value you by the brands you wear or the car you drive, they'll probably leave you as soon as a bigger baller comes along. I'm pretty sure there are a whole lot of women who actually have taste and class in China.In what kind of setting would a man be wearing clothes with visible logos anyway? Not a business or even casual business setting anyway?
^ Definitely agree. I guess it all depends on what you like to see in a DTO challenge. There is straight up copying a fit, pose and background, there is the homage thing and there is your take on it (which was quite unique). I liked all 3 takes on the challenge.
Good thing you added "I think" at the beginning of the sentence. Because this seems to be some common misconception almost accepted as a rule around here. People seem to believe darker wash makes the jeans look more formal and thus more appropriate for casual MC. Jeans are jeans, there's no getting around this.So it's down to aesthetics, and as such, lighter colour jeans often look better imho, in the same manner as flannels or khakis look better with slightly darker SC....
Well, there's really only one HF of course. I don't know though, I think HF has some tough competition from Cleav in the smiling department.
Damn Stitchy, you even nailed the smile!
Oh, I don't know about that, it all depends on what take on DTO:ing SF prefers. E.G. @SeaJen's post was so similar to his DTO object that I mistook it for @Cotton Dockers at first.I'm pretty happy with my contribution though, as it's also something I could (and obviously did) wear. Thank you!
I don't know, your beard might be a bit matchy matchy with some of my favourite ties.
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