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Damnit Kulata! You can't just show us small teasers like that. That suit demands a full fit pic!
Great idea! Hope to see some great entries. I'll see if I come up with anything worthwhile.
Congrats Elio! We haven't had a MC casual challenge in a while right?
Did someone say creepy?
Yes, it's a great cut for suits. I'd say Liverano's cut is pretty close to my ideal for SC's though: Looks pretty awesome as suit as well:
Well for one, we've got extremely restrictive gun laws in Sweden. I'd take the GT any day though. I don't even care for cars otherwise, but that's an awesome machine.
Laser dawg & I.
Cheers! Seemed like it was due.
Big batch[quote name="Gerry Nelson"...
Ac, check out Tweed Country Sports (that picture actually look as it's taken in their store). Great quality shirts.
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