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Yup, it was down to SB and Don for "best country", but Don just does the country colour/texture stuff so well.
I've never paid any duties on any of the things I've sent to India, but I think that's a question better directed at @luxire.
Nothing. You just await the forms for DHL, which Luxire will send in a separate mail once they've sent the order to DHL.
Sent a bunch of PM's, but since I'm on the fence (unsure of the sizes) I might as well share the link to the shop where I found the coat it's a Swedish shop called Spiga 3: http://www.spiga3.se/en/clothing/outerwear/ They've got a really good sale going right now, with a lot of high quality Italian brands.
Nope, not one of ours. I like to wear stuff from other makers as well. PM sent.
So, I'm lacking a good navy coat atm. What do you guys think of this one?
Orange and green are normally great complements to each other, but I agree with Master-Classter that they're fighting here. A darker/deeper shade of green in the shirt would have looked great IMHO.
Unfortunately not. I've got something quite nice on the way though.
Way to necroquote. BTW, as far as we know, he's not bedding her, they both work for Porsche though. This is his wife: Other than that you're probably right about him not caring. Edit. To be clear, I'm not saying his wife is less of a catch than that model. If she landed an ex-F1 driver she's probably a pretty cool lady.
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