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Tuesday blues
Now, this I can do. As long as I don't miss the deadline again.
Another purchase, from a Swedish brand:
@Chulillo, I love that safari style SC. Where is it from?
I'm pretty sure I've never given any clock related tips, I'm a total analphabet when it comes to watches. I only own 3 watches, and only really wear one of them regularly, it's a pretty basic old Omega (vintage from the 40s). I do however have some real watch geek friends who I turn to whenever I need to get a watch serviced. I'm considering getting a new watch next year. Most likely an Omega Speedmaster, for no other reason than liking the design.
Yeah, I've respectfully ignored his wishes of "no thumbs" for that exact reason.
That was awesome! Speaking of awesome, we have seen far too little of @tchoy and @Pingson lately.
Congrats Clags! Some sort of linen challenge perhaps?
Congrats Justin! You guys look awesome together!
You forgot plumbing.
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