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Didn't know this was a single vote challenge. I just posted a vote for the last of the 4 fits I thought was best. If I would have known, I would probably have voted differently.
There's never been anyone opposing buttoning all the buttons on a DB right? I've always seen it as the kind of jacket where you can go either way.
I don't agree with very often, but I agree about the cream square, it works with most jackets IMHO.
I think the PS works well with the jacket, but needs a smaller puff (which you already knew).
Needs an x-post in "Creepy sartorial images".
A nice camera is a good investment IMHO. I certainly didn't buy my camera for SF purposes (even though that's it's main use atm )
Iso, put the camera at a lower point and step back a little. Right now the proportions look completely off. Other than that, sweater is no bueno with DB & those lapels need a little width. I have nothing against narrow lapel SB (even though I don't wear them myself), but DB requires width IMHO.
That suit is perfect Cleav!
Wow, that's ridiculous. A very big chunk of that shipping is "service cost" I take it, because DHL don't charge more than half of that, at most, for 3 ties.
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