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Probably my favourite colour for a jacket, even more so than navy really.I'll keep the rules as simple as possible:1. Wear a green jacket/SC, doesn't matter if it's a sport coat or as part of a suit.2. Wear it this week.3. Post it before Sunday (I won't be home before that). [[SPOILER]] The contestants:
Thank you for the votes! Suggestions for the next one? I'm considering a green jacket challenge, did we do that recently? Sorry, my memory is not what it used to be. Also, I'm travelling this week, so I won't be able to put up a poll before Sunday.
Well, to each his own. It's a pretty classic detail, fwiw.
I forgot to button it. Not intentional.
I took some pictures of Andreas Weinås' first fitting with Robin Pettersson for his new blue hopsack sport coat yesterday. Robin is also wearing a really nice BnT sport coat BTW:
What I wore yesterday:
I changed the tie later in the day before heading out:
Thank you, but no. They're RTW from Oscar Jacobson.
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