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Picked up my order from the linen deal today. 2 pairs of trousers, 1 grey herringbone + 1 off white. Both with double forward pleats + 2 inch cuffs. I'm a happy camper: N.B. These are straight out of the box, so they'll need a good pressing (e.g. The pleats almost look like they flare, even though they really don't).
Damnit! Missed the delivery guy today. Have to wait til tomorrow to pick up my new linen trousers. Double forward pleats, never tried that before (I think). I'm always like a kid before Christmas when waiting for deliveries.
You can dress like this. You're not forced into CBD, but your position allows you to wear suits, or sport coats, whenever you feel like it.
yesterday, in before beer binge:
That's pretty much like saying "Italian pasta sucks" or "French wines are horrible".
Heading out to some rock bars later on in the evening. A full on black tie getup would be slightly out of place, so I just went with a black single button peak lapel velvet jacket. Not CM compatibel at all I'm afraid.
True.OTOH, what is?
Cheers, I guess you're right. I think you either have an appreciation for the casual side of CM or you just don't.Cheers, this is some random italian brand suit I picked up on Yoox a couple of years ago. It's not as structured as I prefer business suits to be.
Probably in.
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