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Yes, that's plain silly.
I think it's safe to say Gerry won this one as well. I'm hoping for a corduroy challenge, but I understand this might exclude a few of my favourite posters who don't got any corduroy. Since I'm hoping to receive a new cotton suit that's very in between seasons, I could do that challenge as well. I'm sure you could do something on that theme Elio, even if there are no seasons in Jakarta.
Corduroy sounds like a great idea imho! BTW, FM, it would be great to see some shots of your C & D suit in better lighting.
Jeans are some old Acne model. Jacket is from a Swedish brand called Gul & Blå, who unfortunately went out of business some years ago.
This was definitely a fun FC to follow.
Off to see a friend's band.What I wore earlier today: [[SPOILER]]
Lolz, I'm a pretty cheerful guy irl, but I couldn't do a genuine smile for a picture if my life depended on it. Someone has to catch me off guard with a camera.
Pretty standard for Fedex imho. We've used them for our company as well and they're always very fast.
Thank you! Yes it is!
Cheers!It felt kinda chilly this morning, and I was stupid enough not to check the forecast. 19 degrees C here, which is still too warm for flannel.
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