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Thank you for the votes guys! New FC will be up later today.
Welcome to WAYWRN shoelover! I'm looking at a way too small screen here, but besides the sleeve length I noticed these issues: - trousers need to be hemmed. Even if you like a full break, these are too long. - shoulders seem a bit wide. - lapels are bowing out from you chest. In my experience, this is often due to jacket being a bit tight, or the button stance being a bit high (ask your tailor). - collar points on the shirt could be longer, so they hide under the lapels...
Thanks for putting in the work Cox!
Welcome back tchoy! You were missed.
I do, but I'm a CM guy, so I probably don't count. Also, I think @NickPollica does.
Don't know if this qualifies:
I've always thought of it as a test, to see how dedicated they are. If they can't/won't solve the Neapolitan trouser pussle, you're not putting out.
I think now, I probably do.
Awesome outfit, but I'm afraid I couldn't make out half of those SFF's.
So, just to be sure. Dark suit + 1 colourful item? No SC + trousers?
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