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Thank you @Beatlegeuse!
I think that if you're gonna go saturated shirt, you've gotta go all the way. Like maomao:
Good ish? Try excellent-ish!
X-post from FC, presenting my view in the DM debate:
New tie.
I'm also wondering, since I'm waiting for a pair myself and would like to see a pic of how the fabric looks when worn.
Could you post a fit pic?
Lubiam 1911 - Gray Window Pane Sport Coat Sz US 44 Mabro - Blue Super 120s Handmade Suit Sz US 46 Valentino Cravatte - Green Paisley / Floral Patterned Tie
Of course I do And when I think about it I realise I've got a whole bunch of SC's that work just fine in this challenge (the one I'm wearing in my profile pic among others).
Subscribed, don't know if I can participate though since you pretty much excluded everything but my CBD suits, and it doesn't look like I'll have a reason to wear them this week.
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