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Coat weather:
Thank you JCM for keeping this thread going!Another, slightly smaller, batch:[quote name="DonCologne"...
Cheers! Jeans are Our Legacy.
It's been less regular CM, and more CM casual for me lately:
I've been dressing very CM casual lately. So this is what I can enter this week:
Even more drag.
Shaving ones legs could also increase the drag.
In your part of the world, I guess swimming trunks or bikinis would qualify. Here in Sweden, it's the kind of weather we have all year round.
Yup! Yes, I really like her as well. I think her paintings would be pretty SF approved as well.
My character is generally out of character (so far I've had avatars depicting Cthulhu, graphics from a Joy Division album, myself as a rocket ship, George Costanza with a three point light saber et c). I do love expressionist art, but I'll change it again, just for you.
New Posts  All Forums: