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Iso, as sugarbutch noted, the trousers are too long. Also, I agree with DavidLane, the pockets look a bit unbalanced. I also think this is due to them being too far from the hem. For patch pockets to look balanced I think they should also be in line (approximately) with the bottom button. This means that you should either increase the height of the pockets, or (which I would prefer) move all the buttons down a bit and also increase the distance between the buttons just a...
Snowed in.
You've got to visit Norman Vilalta. A true shoe artist and overall great guy.
Cheers! "Unfortunately" they come cuffed, but as you noted, this is an easy and quick fix for any alterationist/tailor.
Cheers! It's these, but in a prototype model that was slightly less tapered.
Casual Friday I guess:
I am a country boy at heart, always been
I'm pretty happy with how well my grandfather's rig fits me without any changes:
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