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Day 1 mother load:
Well, I was going to get to the press room to find some faster wifi, but time really ran away, and when we realised that the clock actually was 5:45, it was too late to get it done (they closed at six). I have taken a LOT of pictures, so there will surely be some material to keep this thread going. It's a mix of really great stuff, and of course a bit of... well, other stuff.
I'm not really entering with this, because I feel it's kinda cheating using props.
When in Rome...
Already said it on Instagram, but that's so frickin' great Garry!
Super small batch from day 1: More to come.
Seems about right yes.
Thank you guys! Erica sends her best to you and yours as well Cleav
Pitti picture thread is up now.
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