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I've found that purple goes quite well with autumnal colours, such as green, brown, orange in different shades. I wore a purple tie at last Pitti in a combo I was pretty satisfied with: [[SPOILER]]
New trouser model from my brand + I got myself a linen cap today:
Awesome post-apocalyptic-genetically-enhanced-super-human vibes Rais!
Prepare for some great stuff coming next week.
Congrats Crusty!
Totally un-bike related post:
I can go without sweets for months at a time, but it's pretty damned hard turning down gelato when in Italy.
Will you be going to any of the events? Anyway, we'd love to stop by and get some pictures.
Cheers! We will! Too bad you're not coming, but I'll promise to try and take pictures of the good times you're missing out on.
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