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Well, now you just threw a tie in the mix as well. Now that I can agree on, is damn near impossible to do well.
Well, let's agree to disagree. I think it's an easy look to pull off, just wear the jeans with rustic SC + OCBD and you're good to go. UC:s fit was exceptionally good though, but I wouldn't expect any less from him.
Nah, y'all haters.
I do wear a lot of odd stuff, but I'm no fran of the denim dress pants.Edit. I do wear regular jeans + SC all the time though.
If no one else in the office is wearing it you've gotta be either Alpha As Fuckā„¢ or kinda quirky to pull it off. I wear 3 piece all the time, but it's a bit more natural, due to the arctic climate.
I know the wearer of the suit, he likes his clothes very classically cut. I really love it, even though it's not the jacket style I go for myself.
We're a bunch of guys posting pictures of clothes and discussing endlessly on topics such as breast wallets, button holes, patination of shoes et c et c. To the general public we're all clowns. Some of us have just learned to embrace it.
Wow GMMcL! That is definitely my favourite outfit from you. Great fit and really nice colours!
Yay Crusty, well deserved!
I was pretty happy with the colour combo in this one. Autumn, but not "murky": I love how this suit came out, but didn't have enough time to wear it before cotton suit weather had past: From the "No blues" challenge. Didn't realize how dependent I had become on blue items before I tried this (and failed due to blue windowpanes in the SC): I like this one even though I hadn't shortened the sleeves yet (helped a friend out for a pictorial in the Swedish wedding...
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