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Pingson and Uunnottaja - Holding the Northern banner high!
Please elaborate. The only thing I would change is the BD collar (and maybe go with a plain white PS), but that's just a matter of taste.
Unfortunately not. They were immensely popular.
Yes, they are from the 40's. I bought a bunch of these shirts from a dead stock and sold them in no time at all. Sweden's got some dedicated vintage shoppers.
Hacking pockets are awesome with window pane tweed. Go for it!
Horrible instagram quality pics, but you get it. The pants are of course the ones that inlandisland made for me last year. [[SPOILER]]
You're looking great, but would look even better with higher rise imho. I've tossed all my pants with mid to low rise (except for jeans and casual chinos) for higher rise pants, and will never look back. I think we're about the same build BTW.
Some Instagram shots of WIWRN's from the past week: [[SPOILER]]
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