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Damn, I wish I could have been in NYC for that. Looks like it will be quite the turnout.
I think that guy is pretty awesome. He's got a very cool & personal style IMHO.A good friend of @Braddock & @Sander's I think.
A great guy indeed. Looking forward to seeing him again in January.
Nice one.
I'm pretty happy living in Sthlm nowadays. It gets chilly in the winter, but never as bad as the north of Sweden where I grew up. I distinctly remember one winter when we had below -40C, that was extreme even for that town though.
Checked my wardrobe. Seems like I've cleaned out all my grey suits and SC's, since a lot of old stuff just don't fit me anymore. Seems too boring entering this with just grey trousers.
Welcome, nice to see you here as well! The Finns are really representing here today.
That suit's a real beauty Murl!
My guess is that you might have centimetres and inches mixed up. I have never seen anyone wearing Liverano (including Liverano himself) with as much as an inch of sleeve showing.Typical Liverano fit: [[SPOILER]] .
Iso, I wouldn't touch the waist. Looks great as is. Also, I only think you should extend your right sleeve (and only 1 cm at most), the other one seems good from this pic.
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