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Wow, that's f****ing horrible! I can understand your aversion. The Swedish branch only seem to use the same name, but have their own suppliers from pretty good Milanese manufacturers. It isn't as good as Hober, but definitely better than budget stuff like Tyrwhitt et c.
Looks blue on my screen, and damn awesome as well!
Iso, have you just tucked one of your pockets or does that jacket have one besom and one flap pocket?
It should be noted that the Swedish branch use different makers than the American stores and there's a huge difference in quality. These are definitely on par or better than a lot of mid price range stuff.
I can highly recommend the grenadine ties from Andrews ties. Hand rolled edges and good thickness of the lining. Unfortunately they run out of forest green and chocolate brown really fast, but they'll probably restock sooner or later. The price is great too (~$64): http://www.andrewsties.se/index.php?cPath=74_62_76
Hmm, the sleeve length looks just about perfect to me, but that's just how I prefer them. I'm no fan of 1 inch of shirt sleeve showing under the jacket sleeve. IMHO 1/4-1/2 inch hits the sweet spot. This looks like ~ 1/4, but the watch prevents one of the sleeves from showing.
Just to be clear. I didn't suggest Iso to cut his hair, just comb/style it differently to fit in with the general vibe of his CM outfits. It's NOT like talking about weight, age, religion et c. He can just comb it back if he's wearing something that fits better with the style. Not that different from telling somebody to loose a tie that's not jiving with the overall look IMHO. Anyway, I'm sure you didn't take my post about long hair style suggestions the wrong way Iso, I...
I think long hair can look really good with CM, but not when worn in a Bieber-ish manner. Incontro, Nick and Luigi do it quite well IMHO:
If you have lighter coloured trousers, grey odd jacket isn't that hard to do right. As we see from UC's, Greg's and Pingson's examples, it's possible doing it well even with quite dark trousers.Two of my own fits, wearing the same jacket. With light and darker trousers. I'm quite content with these, although the pants in the first pic could have been a tad less snug (I've given them away to a friend with even skinnier legs than I): [[SPOILER]] Yes, I actually check my...
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