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It has, it's made by SF member @RoSaCe.
I might as well add a few other of my most recently taken photos:
Lots of people with opinions here huh. I think it flatters you more if you end your posts with a simple "IMHO". Personally, I think the whole idea that no one under 60 can wear a hat is BS. I wear hats all the time, lots of my friends do as well. If it works or not depends on whether you look comfortable doing so, and if it's appropriate for the lifestyle you lead.
Haha, this is so very accurate.
I've heard that Rome is suppose to be worse than the rest of Italy, as far as rudeness goes. I haven't been there, so I can't confirm.
Sir, you are truly one of the most remarkable people we have ever met in Florence (well, anywhere actually).
It was a real pleasure meeting you guys as well! We will try to find some time to come to Turku to see you guys and your shops there. Pretty perfect, since Erica has a lot of family living so close by.
Thank you all for the comments during the week! Actually, Erica is equally much to thank for the pictures taken. We take about 50/50 of the pictures (when I've been in the press room to upload stuff she's been taking a lot of the street style pictures). Now we're gonna pack up and maybe take a quick stroll around Florence before going out to the airport.
All of the above. The easiest thing is of course always to buy rtw stuff, but as you've noted, the quality/cuts are often lacking. So on the odd occasion when she finds something decent looking in the women's section she gets it. The tweed jacket she wore on Pitti is actually from a vintage shop, and was originally a boy's jacket. We have a brilliant tailor who completely re-cuts the garments brought to him and makes them fit pretty well (if you're located in Sthlm I can...
I don't know if we dress that similarly, but yeah, we pretty much dress like this all the time.
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