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Cheers Cleav! I've got some new stuff I've picked up here in Florence to post in this thread. Will probably wait until we're back home though. The wifi in the hotel isn't the greatest.
Carrying on "the Look". I love 'em as well!
Damn I feel bloated from all the wine, pizza and gelato. Well, anyway, WIWT: More pics from the 1st day of Pitti can be found here.
Well, right now even I don't sweat. Rain and stuff in the forecasts for all of the week. All good though, as there is no problem wearing a 3-piece suit.
The angle enhances these features heavily. Looks pretty awesome to me.
^ Agree, it's awesome! Maybe it shouldn't work, since that kind of fabric is so closely associated with typical super structured hacking jackets and what not, but I'd love to have one cut like that though.
Great stuff @LA Guy! I gave the SF tumblr a heads up on my own. Hopefully a bunch of my followers will be interested in this.
Congratulations! Long process?
I think you should pick up a pair of AE's. Don't lie to your dad (of course), but tell him the virtues of buying decent quality shoes. He will likely wear out 5-6 lower quality shoes in the time it takes him to wear out these (i.e. the kind of sound investment you'd like to see your minister make). Also, AE's don't look like luxury shoes, and therefore doesn't imply him being particularly indulgent and/or vain.
Ah, even better job on your part then!
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