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ISO, I really like that suit colour on you. If you like black, I think a black velvet jacket is a good option. Especially considering your line of work. I have one that gets a lot of wear when going out to clubs etc. I have no idea if that's SF approved though.
I said I was going to post this week. I wonder if everyone's ok with me posting next week instead, since I'm awaiting a new jacket that better represents what I really like than some of the other I was gonna post? Also I'm expecting some new ties by then that I may or may not include.
+1 It's always refreshing seeing people being comfortable with not being super serious all the time.
Checks on checks is freakin' awesome. That dude posted by Testudo don't pull it off very well though.
I think burnt orange, navy, deep purple (preferably a not too saturated version of purple) would all look good with that.
Sounds like my kind of challenge!
Well deserved Gerry!
Gonna try and find some time to do this next week. So many great posts so far!
With no hopes of winning:
That looks like the type of outfit I wear 4-5 Days a week Gerry (jeans, cardi, OCBD, jeans and SC). i.e. I like it
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