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In fact, I'm wearing all these colours today, when going out to celebrate my birthday. Pictures will be posted later.
Green, purple, brown and orange are some of my favourite colours to combine for F/W getups. There are muted varieties of each colour that won't look garish when worn together.
Subscribed. Hopefully I can contribute with something.
Happy birthday Justin!
I guess this kinda belongs here. Inspired by Urban Composition:
I got inspired by @UrbanComposition┬┤s outfit the other week, wearing a shawl cardigan with vest + trousers from a 3 piece. I wore boots with this earlier today BTW.
Still in Manchester? I don't know if Private White V.C. have a shop there as well, but all their stuff is made in Manchester. In that case, they're definitely worth a visit.
Gerry, I will travel to Australia, I will find you and I will steal that jacket. Now, please tell me your home address, work schedule and whether or not you own a menacing dog/handgun.
I never even considered holding someone's bag an issue. I'll hold Erica's bag if she's tired, because... well, I care about her comfort. I can't recall one single time when someone's questioned my manliness (lolz). I think that not being considerate of your SO, because of an overwhelming fear of appearing feminine, is a pretty un-manly trait. Otoh, she almost never carries a regular handbag.
Unfortunately not. Send him an e-mail if you're interested in specifics: robin@rp-tailor.com
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