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New FC is up: FRIDAY CHALLENGE 8 Aug 2014: Action shot
Good ideas, but I think I'm gonna go ahead and copy the idea for this SWD challenge.Rules explained in the new FC thread.FRIDAY CHALLENGE 8 Aug 2014: Action shot
I got this idea from this SWD challenge. The rules are simple:1. You need to be wearing something CM (i.e. something that would be fit to post in the CM WAYWRN thread).2. You need to be doing something. Be creative (just look at Stitchy's contribution to the SWD FC). I know that a lot of the posters here are golfers, some like football etc, so there's probably something you can do.3. Saturday is the last day to enter submissions.The contestants:
Cheers! But nothing's settled yet. We could start thinking of themes for next FC though.
Yup, they'll do stuff from your fabric. I think they said it costs ~ $99, please correct me if I'm wrong @luxire.
Nothing boring about this, except maybe for the lack of a white linen PS in a TV fold. Excellent fit and great details!
Good choice of fabric! This SC is in the same fabric as the last pair of pants i ordered, so it can be worn as a casual suit as well.
I think cream coloured trousers are fine, but whenever I wear my white jeans I manage to spill something on them within the first hour of putting them on.
Great to see that this thread is still alive and kicking. Too bad I'm not able to edit the first post so I can get all the posted tumblrs in there.
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