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[[SPOILER]] I'd also recommend the GNAT thread for inquiries about clothes and accessories.
nabilmust's fit is great, but I think the bird view camera angle in the first pic doesn't do it justice. A good angle and lighting makes a huge difference IMHO.
Yeah, both Erica & I get that a lot, people never think we're passed 30 (especially not her).We'll see, nothing's ruled out atm.
Yeah, I've heard about that, but I thought the risks associated with paternal age set in later than those connected to maternal age. Both of my brothers have kids though (& a majority of my friends), so I can always hang out with them. Well, we'll see. I have friends, both female and male, who had their first kid when they were passed 40.
I'm turning 36 this year, my fiancée is 6 months younger than me. We both like kids a lot, but are not sure we want any of our own. I mean, we haven't even found the time to get married yet, so I don't know how kids would even fit into our lives. As a guy I could technically have kids up until old age, but it's not as easy for women. It doesn't really feel like anything's missing from our lives though, so there won't be any regrets either way.
Lol, there are so many solid entries this week though (yours included). I wouldn't say anyone's safe.
Cheers! I've actually taken quite a lot of inspiration from old apparel art (as well as from more contemporary stuff), when 3 piece patch pocket suits were not uncommon. Classically, 3 piece suits were the norm, with flaps, bellows, besom or patch pockets. Patch pockets were often used on jackets/suits made for sporting and other practical uses. I quite liked the idea of putting patch pockets on this suit to underline its practical nature. It's made to be comfortable and...
I think the raw silk looks awesome. If you don't have a CBD dress code to adhere to, and you really like the suit, I think you should get it.+ As far as animated movies go, Miyazaki is an all time favorite for me.
^ I see a theme for the next FC.
Yeah, @spectre's gonna love that AAS.
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