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FWIW, Bradock, I love the combo. Seeing how many of the clothes we wear actually have their origin in military style, I don't think the clash is as big as some of the other posters here. I'd rather go by how it looks and if it's visually pleasing to me, than strict rules.
Hmm, in Stockholm I would definitely say the trend is to own rather than rent. OTOH we do exist in Europe's periphery.
If it's a close friend I don't have any secrets about the cost of stuff I get, and I would ask them about the price if they had bought something I liked and would also like to get ahold of. I think the rude-o-meter goes up depending on how distant an acquaintance we're talking about. What I wouldn't do though, is to judge them on how they choose to spend the money they've earned. A friend doesn't do that.
My fiancé hangs out quite a lot with one of my exes. Me and that particular ex were together almost 15 years ago now, so it's never really been weird.
I used to run an online vintage store & bought up a lot of dead stock from old haberdashers. I found this one in a really old store. It's a really nice six fold without any lining.
Paging @TTO & @Tibor
Agreed. I order stuff I can't get ahold of anywhere else. That's part of the USP for me, that and the prices.
Nice Tristram! You should post more often.
Nice one Clinton! Could we see a picture of the jacket when it's buttoned?
Re: the air tie. It seems to originally have been a working man's getup. It can be seen in pictures of working class men, dating back to the early 1900's (maybe even earlier?).
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