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Another assorted batch, with some random pictures of Florence:
Yesterday, from our last day in Florence. What you can't see in this picture is that I have a bad cold, but forced myself to do one last day of tourist-y stuff. Cropped the pants out because they'd been worn too much last week and started to loose their crease, it was mid grey flannels though, with medium brown suede chukkas.
While we wait: Some bonus pictures in crappy iPhone quality from the SF dinner:
She had a hearty laugh at this comment
There are more pictures coming, but it'll have to wait until we get back home. Now we'll just enjoy Tuscany for awhile before heading back home on Sunday.
Oh man, this is the best thread in ages!
Super nice & interesting fella as well.& day 4 (+ every other day from here to infinity IMO) :He is! Genuinely nice. Almost every person we've met during Pitti has been super nice. Of course, some of them are just "professional nice" people, but you can always tell the difference.Also, thank you guys for the encouraging comments! Makes it feel worthwhile trying to find good wifi, in a country where it's as uncommon as wearing socks with loafers.
Day 3:
Day 2:
Day 1 mother load:
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