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I thoroughly enjoyed this.
Thank you for all the comments guys! Sarto is certainly entitled to his opinions on Pitti. It's just that, I think we all know them by now, and it's not exactly what this thread is about. There will be a lot of people from outside of SF visiting this thread, and it would be nice if they can find the pictures. I will, after Pitti is over, try to have them all gathered in the first post, under spoilers, though.
Cheers!This is actually a linen cloth from Armani (I don't know from which mill), I bought it to have made up as a prototype model for my brand. Still a few minor kinks to work out, but I think this suit model is starting to look nice.
What I wore Yesterday: A lot more pictures here
Alright, a bunch of pictures from day 1 at Pitti: http://www.styleforum.net/t/495199/efv-goes-to-pitti-picture-thread/30#post_7948777
So, day 1 was pretty nice. Slow, but nice. We spent the better part of it meeting up with people and browsing around. The main idea was to get a bunch of Street style pictures and then head off to an event in the evening, hosted by a Swedish magazine called Plaza Uomo. Most noteable on day 1: Davids new suit was awesome The lunch buffet is still one of my favourite things about Pitti Swedes are way over represented here Wearing a 3 piece suit in the Tuscan heat is...
Cheers! I guess these pictures actually turned out decent for being iPhone pics.
A taste:
If you guys don't follow the Styleforum Instagram account, I strongly urge you to do so. There will be high res pictures posted here tomorrow, but if you want a minute by minute update from Pitti, instagram's the place to be: Instagram.com/styleforum.
Whether you like or hate Pitti, you can follow our Pitti thread. Starting Tuesday, there will be pictures and updates from the fair, and events surrounding it. Just for you TM79, I'll try and get some pictures of the more conservatively dressed visitors of Pitti, because there are a lot of them (though they're mostly inside the main building, and the light there is horrible).
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