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Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the thread.BTW, I've actually worked "in the pit" with underpaid physical labor to get through university. Going by your attitude, I get a feeling you haven't.
Getting our Stockholm showroom in order:
I'm sorry Verne, but that shirt will never work with anything, ever. At least not in a CM context.
Cheers, I don't know if I own any floral ties myself. I guess it depends on what you call floral. I've seen some people refer to neat ties with flower like neat patterns as floral.The idea of using skateboarders came from my own background as a skateboarder (I must say I'm quite surprised at how many other skateboarders I've met in the classic menswear business). It's also a good way of showing the mobility in the suit. Plus, the guys fell over quite a few times shooting,...
There are a wide variety of floral ties, could you give an example of which you dislike?
I'm a lucky guy in many aspects, one of them being that Erica really can't say much about my high rise pleated trousers: [[SPOILER]]
I haven't actually watched a football game since 1994, when it was mandatory for all Swedes to watch. I will watch how this FC turns out though, and maybe even participate.
Bonus pictures from our trunk show in Miler's affiliate thread
Found a folder with pictures from day 1 that never got published, so here are a few bonus pictures:
Idea: go back through FC history and dto one of the winning outfits.
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