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^ Good man, paying it forward. That's one of the things I like about SF in general, lots of great people on here.
That's a great price you're selling it for! I think you could probably list it at $500 and get it sold fast, if also listed on eBay. I'm still trying to sell my Kiton SC for $1000, but haven't had much luck on B&S. It's only been worn by me a few times though.I've made a few purchases lately, but this is the most recent, from a Swedish brand:
Cheers Cleav! So it's das leben. I don't really think I would have stood a chance against some of these stellar entries anyway. Edit. Left out your real name in case you don't want it posted public.
Yeah, I can see why. It's hard getting pictures with accurate colours when using an iPhone camera IMHO, especially when taking pictures indoors or when the light washes out lighter colours.
They are not white, they're beige/off-white, slightly darker than the trousers.
Just realised I missed this one.
My entry:
FC stuff:
The biggest (and only IME) problem with Luxire, the endless options...
Well, I need to figure out exactly what I'd like.
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