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501's are the original mom jeans. Obviously I'm aware of the unorthodox mix of formal/informal items in this outfit, but I wanted to try it out and see how it felt. I actually think it looked quite decent, so I wore it for coffee at my mother in law's place. She also liked it, so I guess it all worked out for the best in the end.
Tried out a new DB jacket, and breaking all kind of rules:
Love this! Now tell us the truth, you decided what your husband was gonna wear right?
Yeah, I have no idea why this mirror is so dirty. Shop changing room obviously. I'm wearing a pair of 501's I bought in San Fransisco back in the nineties. These jeans have been worn as work/lounge/skateboarding pants since, and still hold up. That's some pretty decent quality.
Oh, I'm sure it works well for him, and yes, some men really need a bit of extra padding in the shoulders. His suits still look like crap though. Actually, I think if he wore suits that were tailored to fit him well, he wouldn't be as popular among his target voters. To them it would probably come off as "fuzzy", i.e. "feminine" - a trait his voters seem to loathe.
This thread is getting so much easier to read since I started using the block function on everyone who quotes full picture posts without spoilers.
In their minds, sure. It's two completely different worlds it seems, those who dress to signal "power" and those who dress to actually look good. I've hardly ever seen full windsors worn by anyone I'd call well dressed though.
You can have one made by Luxire.
Those look like hidden BD's. Can anyone confirm or deny? I've been meaning to give this type of collar a try.
Maybe he can be hailed here, @Despos?
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