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May not be obvious in those cities, but if you walk around the central parts of other European cities I think it's quite obvious. I see a big change in Scandinavia, Germany, England, Netherlands, France et c. All of a sudden people actually care about tailored clothes again. Only a couple of years ago, the only suits you saw were black Hugo Boss suits, or something similar, worn by bankers who'd rather be in jeans and t-shirt.E.g. Why do you think Suit Supply is such a...
And I prefer it at the middle of the buckle
Nice one! I love DTO challenges.
We missed not seeing you there this time.
That's impressive, very generous Cleav!
I'd say it's vintage inspired, at least. Very cool looks though.
From GQ Japan:
Hey Clags, do you know whether the guys who needed shoes for interviews got any?
Leaves is a clever man!
Tack Andreas!
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