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Nice one Stitchy!
The dreaded navy odd trousers, worn with a grey/brown herringbone SC:
Great idea for a challenge.
No one picked up on that one, eh?
Congratulations Anden, and thank you all who voted for me! Herringbone sounds like an awesome idea.
I don't think I have seen many straight up shirt + chino outfits that have ever wowed me. 99/100 times it looks like half an outfit. For this combo to look good, the chinos and shirt should be exceptionally well cut. I'm sorry to say your outfit is sorta bland. One area that could instantly improve your outfit is the pants, they need to be hemmed. See how they pool around your feet? That's something that instantly makes an outfit look slightly sloppy. Not that you can't...
Hey Clags, congratulations to your feature on Manolo.se.
I mainly do it to show a bit more of the tie, if I wear one. Silly? Yeah, maybe.
Cheers! It's from a Finnish brand called Herrainpukimo. I believe this tie is cashmere, handmade somewhere in Italy. I think @Jussi Hakkinen or @Tuukka can probably tell you more about it
Thank you blekit, it's from a really nice Swedish mtm brand called Shirtonomy.
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