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Yup, canvas. Had it been leather it would be very cheap for a vintage shop. They tend to put a price tag that's at least 10x what you'd pay in a thrift store (on the other hand they do the work of finding and selecting the stuff they sell).
Good idea! the USP for this jacket is the patina it's gained by actually being worn and used in military training (Sweden hasn't been in war as a country for the last 200 years or so). Edit: Found it.
This is a vintage Swedish military jacket from 1942 that I found in a vintage shop today. It was priced ~ $250, so I passed on it. I really liked the model though, so I'm thinking on going back and getting it, even though it's a bit overpriced. What do you guys think?
So much WIN Stitchy!!
This would make a great pocket square.
Sure,It's #6560. My new order have some tweaks, as I mentioned. I'll see how it works out before I recommend anyone going with that order number. [[SPOILER]]
Ebay is my best bet, but you risk making a substantial financial loss if you set the starting price low (and risk never selling your stuff if you set it too high). Otherwise there are always consignment shops, but they tend to take a pretty big chunk out of the profit.
I think you get a pretty good idea of the fit from the blue 3 piece suit I wore in my first post in this thread. Then of course, it depends on your build. I'm a pretty slim guy at 80kg/186 cm (roughly 6.1"/176 lbs) and am wearing a size 38 here. The jackets is very lightly structured.
I think, to get an idea of colour matching, look up both the good taste thread and the 20+ thread. Between them you can get some good ideas as to what works. When in doubt, I'd recommend going with the basics: Navy or grey worsted suit (2 or 3 buttons with flap pockets) + black oxfords + light blue or white spread collar shirt + basic tie (check out the soporific tie thread for ideas). Navy non worsted blazer (I prefer patch pockets but YMMV) + light to mid grey non...
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