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Unfortunately some earlier owner decided it was a good idea to seal it. It can be reopened but we never deemed it worth the cost.Probably one of the major reasons we're selling it right now is that my better half wants a garden.Cheers! Hadn't sen that blog before.
Necro posting I guess. Our place: [[SPOILER]]
Why? It's a good MC casual look, and not exactly "out there" for being an AAS fit.
My FC entry. I have to admit I only popped the collar on the lapels for the picture. I just don't feel that comfortable with the look, even though, as you see in the bonus pic, my grandpa did. Bonus pic of gramps:
#menswear details: - The pose - Long sleeved polo shirt with collar spread on the lapels (TBH, I didn't wear them like that outside my own apartment) - Suit with crazy wide lapels - Trousers with side adjusters, 2 inch cuffs, pleats et c - Blue tassel loafers In all honesty, besides the shirt collar popping, I like a lot of the #menswear-y stuff. Bonus pic of my grandpa doing something similar back in the 40s:
Lol, I don't stand a chance.
I'll see what I can do.
Brough out my Miler tweed cap yesterday, a sure sign that autumn is here:
Just like Clags, I too want to place an additional vote for Mossrocks.
For some reason I didn't end up wearing any brown this week, but I've thoroughly enjoyed following this FC.
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