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X-post from FC:
What I wore today: Outdoors:
Depends entirely on the kind of business you're in.
Probably in.
Erica today. Obvious breach of the country-city spectrum:
Oh yeah, had almost forgot about that thread. So much awesomeness!
How could I have missed to congratulate you on the affiliate thread. Miler is truly a brand I like to endorse.
Don't I know it! She, otoh, believes she's the lucky one, hahaha.I would normally agree, different levels of formality etc. It seems like women tend to get away with more of these faux pas. I hadn't even thought about it before you called it. We will have a serious talk about "country" vs "city" tonight.
Since I'm currently working from home, I'm not getting properly dressed today. Erica on the other hand:
Wow, thanks for all the votes guys! Congrats to Cruz! I think navy pants would be fun.
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