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I'll see if I come up with something else this week. Otherwise this is my entry:
In. Just have to find some time when there's still daylight out to take pics.
Maybe these ones then?
Blekit, I like most of the details of your outfit, but they don't combine all that well. Those jeans just don't work with coat & tie, they're just too tight (I think they would look alright in a very casual outfit though). Also, that shirt needs longer collar points.
Cheers, no worries. I just felt like I could give a better representation. Anyway, weirdly enough (considering where I live), I have way more stuff for an S/S version of this. Added action shots for all the jackets.
I wanted to postpone my posting in this thread for a couple of days, since I've recently cleared out a bunch of jackets and have a few new ones coming in (I also have a few ties coming in). ATM, I don't think I have 5 jackets I deem optimal for the season. However, since I promised to participate, I'll post anyway.For F/W season (which Sweden is still in) I mostly stick to earthy colours, and the year-round appropriate navy. This is not very typical for Swedes I guess, but...
I think gray jackets can look really good, as well as navy/blue trousers can look good. Few people combine them well though. I have to agree with CM, that the examples blekit gave are not very good. The first guy is ok, but not much more than that. However, I think this thread had a few decent examples: http://www.styleforum.net/t/349873/the-dreaded-odd-navy-pants-revisited/30
Boring answer: I think mid gray flannels will work wonders. Also, bottle green or olive coloured cord trousers might work.
What's a cropped button down?
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