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I guess it's obvious it was sort of a half lame pun on my behalf.
What MF said. You're a great guy, but your selfie game sucks (maybe not the worst thing in the world to suck at ).
This is awesome and need more love (guess it's a bit casual for MC and perhaps a bit too MC for SWD though?)! I love that SS x NMWA.
80s Paul Weller in loafers disproves all claims of loafers being lame:
I've also considered this. I actually have a pair already, and they're great. As Murl pointed out (and Betel is doing), they should have some texture to them. Cavalry twill is one of the most classic versions, but I think tan flannel looks pretty great as well. If I'm not completely mistaken I think @Pingson owns a pair.
I don't even bother with the dry cleaning bags, though that's probably safer. I just lay my jackets/SC:s in the bottom of the suitcase and wrap the arms and bottom around everything else that goes on top (err, kinda hard to explain). Anyway, if you unpack as soon as you get to the hotel and hang up the suits and coats they shouldn't have any wrinkles. Oh, and if they do, there's always the steamy bathroom trick (though some say that it can harm your jacket, but I've never...
Should render some really good entries.
If you're not throwing your shoulders back, this SC needs a slightly fuller chest. I think the lapel width is objectively alright (if there was such a thing as objectivity), but your frame is more flattered by the Formosa lapels, i.e. fuller cut lapels. For RTW though, this is really good.
I've sent them stuff from Sweden, and plan to do so again. I think you can be quite confident in both DHL and Luxire to handle your jacket and bring it back in the same manner you sent it.
Hey Noodles, doesn't your wife have family in South Korea? If so, why not try out BnT when you go to visit them?
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