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I love Clark's desert boots, but it's mainly due to nostalgic reasons. They were the sh*t back in the early nineties when I first started looking for a personal style (this is not to say I had style). They're a Mod classic and comfy as hell.
They didn't delete the thread, which was a good choice imho. But surely you can see why it's a good idea to change the title?
Wow, this is every small business owners nightmare. @LA Guy, is it possible to delete this thread or alter the thread name? Since the OP and the business owner have settled this.
That's minor league, someone once posted a fit wearing crocs.
Yup, it's been around since the early 1900's (perhaps earlier?). Favoured by both American trads and Italians (and of course, iGentry).
I have never found a Kiton suit or SC (of recent model) under $1000. It should be noted I'm a size 38 though, my size always sells out very quickly.
Cheers! You are absolutely right. The thing is, the shirt is made from pique cotton/linen, which stretches quite a bit and I pulled it down way too much, which makes it look tighter than it actually is (it's pretty standard sized irl).
Lolz! I was serious though, where we currently live, this is pretty much how girls look. It has a lot to do with the socio-economic status of the neighbourhood (I could never have afforded to live here if we hadn't had a ton of luck when selling and buying apartments in Stockholm). People around here lead a pretty healthy life style + well, it's pretty common knowledge that good looking women (to a greater extent than good looking men) usually have a greater chance of...
Jacket - Hand made by me (still not quite finished) Pants & shirt - Luxire Shoes - Meermin Hat - Hand made in Ecuador
Actually, they look like the girls next door in the area I'm currently residing.
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