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Cheers! Hah, just had them shortened slightly. Oh well, you can't satisfy everyone Edit. As soon as we can get it up on the website. My business partner is the website guy though, and he's leaving for Berlin and won't be back until Monday the 28th. Also, we're still waiting for labels & tags.
Cheers! I'm not a affiliate vendor yet, so I try not to take up space advertising here.A hint: it's in my signature
Another suit from my own brand. I tried out our new tailor's custom service for this one, so this is made from a cloth I bought separately (a Brioni fabric if anyone´s interested). We went to a friend's photo studio and started shooting a lookbook today as well, so I've added some pics within spoiler for anyone who´s interested. These pictures are taken by my better half, with my regular camera though: [[SPOILER]]
Better pic of my outfit, although I'm wearing a non-denim shirt here, so I don't know if I can use this in the challenge. OTOH, the pents are high rise + pleated (and I'm only 37), so I guess they qualify : Bottle green socks are quite #menswear approved, right?
#menswear item: denim shirt. Excuse the horrible iPhone quality pic (and for some reason the jacket sleeves are hiked up).
Still from last year:Most thumbs: me (46)CJP: Claghorn?Best CM casual: UrbanComposition
Naturally. However, it is the idea of high rise trousers being particularly #menswear that I object to. That's like saying that classic length jackets are #menswear, just because they seem to come back in style now.I say all this as a self professed #menswear poster.
Today, wearing a new suit from my own brand (more pictures of this suit will be posted soon), with shirt, tie and tweed cap from @Tom Miler's brand (Miler menswear):
This week:2 shirts from Swedish MTM service Shirtonomy: [[SPOILER]] 2 suits from my own brand (yes, I pay for it, so I'd consider them purchases):1 tweed cap, 1 shirt and 1 tie from @Tom Miler's brand Miler menswear:
Hey Dennis, I like all the details in that outfit. I just have a hard time appreciating when the vest and the bow are so similar in pattern/pattern size.
New Posts  All Forums: