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Some small items I've picked up here in Florence:
You're welcome!
Cheers, it is very Swedish. Right now I'm sitting on a very German chair though.
Hey Stitchy, did you get Derek to take those pics, cause they look a whole lot like the stuff he's been posting on his tumblr.
Waiting for a flight. I basically wore all this stuff to be able to get the rest of the stuff I'll need into my bag. A bit overdressed for traveling really.
So many good fits today. I'd like to single out Don though. That's a perfect country colour outfit!
Roughly the same. Actually not as cold as it usually is in January. Pretty good weather to dress nicely.
Well, I exaggerated a bit. In northern Sweden, where I'm originally from, it's probably less than 4 hours of sunlight every day right now. Here in Stockholm we actually have 6 hours (just checked). Sun rises around 8 and sets around 3, so it's still during business hours. The days are starting to get longer now. In February we'll hopefully get to see the sun again (and of course I'm hoping for great weather next week). We live more or less in the dark during 4-5 months a...
We have ~4h of sunlight every day, and they're during business hours. Yeah, it seems Pingson stopped posting WAYWRN's after he became a father. Hopefully, like DerekS, he'll start posting again soon.
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