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Thank you blekit, it's from a really nice Swedish mtm brand called Shirtonomy.
WIWT Thank you @Jussi Hakkinen for this awesome tie!
I truly believe that age has nothing to do with whether you look good in a garment or not. Neither does body type etc. it has more to do with the fit and how comfortable you look while wearing it. With that said, I think you wear the cardigan well @Mr Knightley. Although a slightly less padded/extended shoulder could have jived even better with this outfit IMHO.
I have tried out some new brands recently. I'll be back with some reviews.
I think these are good options, if you like those particular styles. Bntailor's stuff is cut differently. I suppose it all comes down to what style you prefer. If you like Bntailor's house style, you'd be hard pressed to find something in that price range that equals them in terms of craftsmanship and quality. Even though Robin is a friend, I can honestly say that the suits he's taken measurements for and fitted are second to none of the tailors you mentioned, fit wise.
Yup, x-posted it there.
Earlier today:
Earlier today, dog walk in the woods:
Dog walk in the woods:
This grandpa is probably in.
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