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I think the other SF guys (some of which we had the pleasure of dining with last night) can do a better write up of the event, so I'll just stick to posting pictures. Due to a slight hangover (may or may not have something to do with said dinner), and crappy wi-fi at the hotel, I'm posting this a bit later than I had originally intended. Anyway, here are some un-commented pictures from Pitti Uomo 87, day 1: Ok, that's it for today. The WiFi is so slow...
Oh, that can't be denied, and probably is as it should be.
What I wore yesterday: Will post a Pitti picture thread as soon as I have slightly better WiFi.
Some small items I've picked up here in Florence:
You're welcome!
Cheers, it is very Swedish. Right now I'm sitting on a very German chair though.
Hey Stitchy, did you get Derek to take those pics, cause they look a whole lot like the stuff he's been posting on his tumblr.
Waiting for a flight. I basically wore all this stuff to be able to get the rest of the stuff I'll need into my bag. A bit overdressed for traveling really.
So many good fits today. I'd like to single out Don though. That's a perfect country colour outfit!
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