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Sartoria Corcos, a very florentine cut. I guess it looks unbalanced if you compare it to very different styles, but I think it does what really good tailoring should always be about: it flatters the wearer. The low buttoning creates a nice V-shape, which is a quite masculine trait. The shoulders are actually probably quite soft (though a bit extended). I think the "strong shoulders" are indeed his own shoulders. The cut away quarters are more about personal taste I guess,...
He is a really nice guy and has a really healthy approach to the whole #menswear thing, even though he's sorta part of it.
Not what I was wearing, but what my buddy Andreas was wearing the other week. I'm not a professional photographer, but I think I'm kinda good at capturing details. Thought I should share it with you guys anyway, since some of you will probably appreciate it: [[SPOILER]]
Thought it was spelled
The annual shave.
As much as I love this jacket, I'm hoping I can put it away for the season soon. The other day it was linen weather, but today it's back to flannel:
Great 1st fit pic! On selfies: you could always download a timer app for your phone. That's the best way of getting decent pictures of the whole outfit IMHO. Very awkward getting caught doing this though. Another tip is to do as Roycru and just ask a stranger to take your picture.
Currently switching out all socks for otc. They're just so much more comfy + I hate when I get skin showing between trouser hems and socks.
Timeless and classic I love it!
So, what do you think of contrasting socks then (not crazy socks, but solid colours)? I've seen them worn well by a lot of well dressed men, like prince Charles and Beppe Modenese to name a few (I do it myself sometimes as well).
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