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Congratulations Cleav! I wish you another 50 (at least) glorious years! I hope you had a great time with your friends and loved ones (sure seemed like it)! We went to an annual art exhibition that's held at Liljevalchs in Stockholm. I always enjoy the diversity of this exhibition, since it's mostly up and coming artists. I wore the only pre-SF suit that I still have in my closet.
I sent a price request on a Sashiko jacket in my existing Luxire pattern yesterday, while the deal was still on, but didn't get an answer. Would be sad to hear that I missed out. Oh well, I'll be sure not to miss out on the next deal.
I have seen some of BnT's suits for women on Incontro's Instagram. They look great! Too bad it's such a long way to travel if Erica and I should like to order suits from them. Might just do it one day though. Their house style is just brilliant!
Casual Friday, wearing a pair of olive cords I picked up whilst in Florence. Edit. Adding this daylight picture for colour reference:
Wow! 85 posts since yesterday. Thank you for the lolz! The funniest moment was when a guy who posts on SF accused someone else of being elitist.
Welcome, I think we need a better lighted and slightly bigger picture to give any feedback worthwhile on this outfit.
iPhone quality pics. Wore mid brown single monks today, I never wear outdoor shoes indoors this time of year.
NSM is definitely less expensive and look really good, but I'm surprised that jfrater isn't more into the idea of BnT, seeing he really seem to like L&L. BnT probably have the most similar house style to L&L, of all the tailors available in Oceania.
^ Certainly silly, but not particularly creepy IMHO.
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