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Wishing you a speedy recovery Crusty.
Texture is always interesting.
You can e-mail him for appointments at robin@rp-tailor.com.
I'd say two of those guys are quite blond, but it doesn't show that well in this picture.Most of us do
Had a great day of shooting clay pigeons with a Swedish shirt company, ending with a black tie dinner: [[SPOILER]] Edit. Much better pics, courtesy of August Dellert.
@Mistraldpec welcome to the forum my friend! @Coxsackie that suit is pretty damn awesome!
Piece of a person picture from me this time. Military green jacket + new blue tie (actually just got the tie in the mail and wanted to try out how it knots. Would probably wear it with something else).
Good idea for a challenge.
Smoking hat eh? I thought it was a plain old Dumbledore hat.
Cheers! It's a vintage M51 jacket.
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