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A later deadline sounds like a good idea. Also, I'd like to suggest a "What are you wearing on Christmas eve" challenge.
Some kind of business venture jrd?
As per usual, Erica looks hella lot better than I. How it should be I suppose.
Don't know if it's good in your opinion, but here's one of me ~2 years ago. [[SPOILER]]
200+ ties (of which I don't use much more than 20 or so) + ~20 squares (of which I don't use more than 5 -6 regularly). Also, JRD, is it a bespoke project?
Got myself a new hat, decided I need one and that I am indeed a hat person.
I know a lot of people around here think this is silly, because a certain member ( ) posted a whole lot about it, but I think a cream coloured silk square is one of the most versatile squares you can own.
While mid grey flannels are certainly the most versatile odd trousers, I don't think they're always the best. A brown tweed jacket can sometimes look much better with deep forest green corduroy trousers IMHO. It's F/W casual perfection IMO. My favorite cotton trousers in falling order (to wear with SC's): 1. Corduroy, the essential partner for a lot of tweed jackets. 2. Moleskin, actually just as versatile as corduroy, but not as big a personal favourite. 3. Rough...
Right back at you, your flower garden and the duchess.
Looked in this thread about two hours ago, then checked it again now and BOOM: Braddock, Adolesco and Cleav post some real SF gold!
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