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Thank you! Very observant, I was just wondering when someone would notice these things. On the trouser issue: they actually are high enough, this was midway through dressing, and I hadn't adjusted the braces to pull them up high enough. On the vest being borderline too long: this actually didn't show in any of the other pictures I saw from the evening. And yes, I pulled the tie in front of the wing tips before leaving the house (it got crooked again later on in the...
Went to a club in Stockholm with a special dress code.
Freakin' iPhone quality: Anyway, wearing my grandfather's tailcoat for a party tonight.
Too nice! I could give you a list of a several people who wear high waist + pleats well, and never look frumpy.
Participating, if thereĀ“s time!
Posted about this thread on my Instagram and got this message: It's a good offer. Any idea how we should follow this up?
This tie: & these shoes btw:
I have a pair of Oxford brogues in U.S. 9,5, dark brown suede, that should fit him. The soles are pretty worn, but I think they might have some life still. With a bit of tlc the shoes will probably look almost new. Edit. Also, I have a brown grenadine tie in pristine condition that I could part with.
Could you ask him about sizes?
With the risk of sounding too non-critical for the current mood in this thread, this is my all time favourite outfit of yours.
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