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That pretty much sums up the look I'm going for, every day.
Cheers, it's a Travelmaster I bought from a good friend who currently owns 2 other Belstaff jackets, and couldn't justify keeping them all. I actually don't know how old this model is, but it's only used a handful of times, so I got a pretty good deal (on the other hand I've passed on some stuff to him, so we're about even).
Doesn't look dated IMHO, needs to be at least an inch lower for that. There are currently a few brands who makes their jackets with approximately this gorge height. I have seen some current English jackets with even lower gorges. Anyway, x-post from WAYWRN casual:
Typical gray autumn day in Stockholm. Great opportunity to wear this Belstaff that I got this weekend.
The gorge height is perfectly fine, perhaps Pliny was suggesting something other than the height of them? They look good to me FWIW.
Hmm, I don't own any lapel ornaments. I'll enjoy watching this one though.
Cheers, they are! But they're both hooded, so I guess I'll keep this one, for versatility.
Bought this Belstaff off a friend. Not sure if I'll keep it or sell it, since I already have 2 waxed jackets in my wardrobe.
Very nice first WAYWRN, but I have to ask, is there no breast pocket on your jacket?
Oh come on, stop teasing!
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