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There's still time people. I won't post the poll until later today.
Like it though.
I think the leg opening looks great for the look he's going for, but I agree with MF about the thighs. There seems to be a bit of straining. It might have something to do with the pose. It's a great outfit though!
I didn't have this problem with my last pair, so it seems like they've fixed it.
Me wearing the standard BD: [[SPOILER]]
Are you set on brogue boots? Otherwise, I'd probably go for Carmina's jumper boots if I were you.
It's allowed, but frowned upon
Sorry to hear about that Crusty. SeaJen:
that's one of the best things I've seen on SF Cleav!
Just 2 entries so far, but they've really managed to set the bar high. I like this FC!
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