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Of course it's easy sitting here having opinions about this whole business, but I'm still at loss for words on the desparation of hiring O'Shea. It's clear that Brioni needed (still needs) change, but O'Shea? He's probably a nice guy in person (or so I've been told by mutual acquaintances), and must obviously know how to talk the talk, but the fit of him + Brioni just seems so off. No matter what kind of suave image they started out with, Brioni grew into a brand widely...
Great idea!
Hah, that's pretty much me the other week!
From last week:
Well, it was easy for me. Rais came up with the most dedicated contribution, and it was totally in line with his style as well. Just awesome!
Instagram is a constant source of fuel for this thread:
Well, there's moleskin and corduroy.
Maybe try a cavalry twill?
As some of you may know, I like wearing hats. I strongly disagree with the hat being a thing of the past. These last few years I've seen more well dressed guys wearing hats than ever before. Most of these are under 75 btw. Sure, you can easily look like a 40s LARP player if you choose to, but I think it's just as easy making it look more contemporary. I know some of my own hat looks may be a bit costume-y, but that's because I don't really care about what most people think...
Turtleneck weather in Stockholm:
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