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Thank you! Yeah, I've been super busy preparing for our trip to Pitti Uomo (we're doing a trunk show with SF affiliates @MILER Menswear), working with some new manufacturers for my brand and other related stuff. I will be posting a great deal in the week to come though, since we'll be covering Pitti for the forum.
Hey guys, we're currently staying in a really nice little place in Tuscany taking a bit of downtime before Pitti on Tuesday. I'm hosting Styleforum's Instagram account, where you can see more pictures of bike rides in the hillside villages, food and other niceties. Anyway, today we walked around the courtyard of the place we're staying, taking some pictures: More to come...
Reality schmeality... Just do it!
I really like that safari jacket @ammanati, hope to see it irl next week!
There is a certain hive mind in Sweden when it comes to certain things, for good or bad.
Regular blogs/sites: http://manolo.se http://shoegazing.se http://toquote.se http://blueloafers.com http://stylefellow.com http://svenskaherrar.se (sneaking my own blog/site in here) http://dresslikea.com
Wow, time flies by fast. I still think of that as a recent movie. I'm in the non goatee camp though, I think your current look is a great one @upr_crust.
I'll see if I can whip something up.
I'm not trying to be an asshole here, but I think you should probably try to refrain from handing out advice until you've mastered the basics.
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