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Cheers Stitchy! I live in central Stockholm and this is a 2 minute walk from my doorstep. The closeness to nature is one of the things I love about this city.
From the FC. [[SPOILER]]
Pretty basic stuff from me today: [[SPOILER]]
Lol, what does my hair have to do with anything? I've never claimed to have great hair, nor have I claimed he has bad hair. The haircut on the other hand... I don't know which Asians you're referring to, but the guy I posted a picture of doesn't have a tight jacket.
With that tan and haircut?
Why wouldn't he be serious?
With that particular outfit or just with the jacket?With the jacket I think a large scale paisley with green brown and rust in it would look great.Edit: This one could work: [[SPOILER]] With that particular outfit I think cream silk is a good choice. I bought a lot of 10 such squares a year ago with the intent of giving away as gifts or selling them on. I've still got a few. So if you pay for shipping I'll send you one, because the SC deserves it
I'm with Stitchy on this one. It would have looked great with a forest green or dark brown tie IMHO.
Lol. So, when will the new challenge be up?
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