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Hey Clags, do you know whether the guys who needed shoes for interviews got any?
Leaves is a clever man!
Tack Andreas!
Thank you gentlemen! What say you Garry?
Pretty frickin' awesome if you ask me, but then again, I'm kinda biased.
Could anyone do the next FC? I've come down with a horrible cold and am not really in any shape to post a good & well thought through FC.
Purse forum?
WTF? I checked this thread last night and there wasn't much activity and now there's like 75 new comments. From what I can see, with the exception of a few voices of reason, these comments bring nothing new to the table. On every blog with a comment field, on every forum discussing Pitti, there are people saying the EXACT same things, year after year. What is it that makes people keep banging their heads to the wall? Writing about how much you despise Pitti peacocks won't...
I haven't won yet. Also, I don't think I deserve to win with that picture, since I actually didn't post it. Thanks for posting it though, because it's one of the best pictures of that outfit IMHO. Really, Garry is the true winner.
Thank you for posting Don!
New Posts  All Forums: