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I'm in!
The best thing on the internet today.
So, the shirt can't have any blue in it?
^Are they cut as chinos?
I wouldn't use lining on a pair of chinos. They are casual pants, on par with jeans imho. I would use lining for suit pants or odd dress pants (flannel, tweed et c) only.
I hang out with a lot of people who are quite well dressed, some more so than me IMO (both SWD people and CM guys). Of course, their opinions (and my fiancées) carry a whole lot of weight. But as far as average Joe's opinion goes, I'm with you Stitch.
Wow, great batch, but unexpectedly few green jackets.
^ wow, I'm jealous!
Cheers! I wouldn't feel bad loosing to Betel, that is a stellar outfit!
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