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Crappy lighting, with iPhone. You get the picture:
Naturally I have a whole closetfull of them. For this one I'm considering going with the pirate coat.
Ah, so that's where my beard went. Looking good!
I just might enter this one.
Wrinkly casual stuff today:
Love the denim shirt! Is it summer weight?
Cheers, it's a custom piece from E-F-V.
Sartoria Corcos, a very florentine cut. I guess it looks unbalanced if you compare it to very different styles, but I think it does what really good tailoring should always be about: it flatters the wearer. The low buttoning creates a nice V-shape, which is a quite masculine trait. The shoulders are actually probably quite soft (though a bit extended). I think the "strong shoulders" are indeed his own shoulders. The cut away quarters are more about personal taste I guess,...
He is a really nice guy and has a really healthy approach to the whole #menswear thing, even though he's sorta part of it.
Not what I was wearing, but what my buddy Andreas was wearing the other week. I'm not a professional photographer, but I think I'm kinda good at capturing details. Thought I should share it with you guys anyway, since some of you will probably appreciate it: [[SPOILER]]
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